What is Your Political Knowledge?

What is Your Political Knowledge?

We are in beautiful Sydney, Nova Scotia I am here with Rod today, lifetime resident I am Stephen and we are going to do: What is your political
IQ? There are six policies. We are going to go
through each one. Rod if you are not sure what they mean we will explain further and then you match the party you think it is with. So the first one is a 75% reduction in foreign
aid outflow ($5.6 billion reduction to $1.4 billion a year) and
savings to the Canadian people. Which of these parties do you think it is? Liberal. Ok. The second one: encourage larger traditional
family and this includes tax incentives for larger
traditional families. Liberals again. Ok. The third one is a major reform of Canada
Pension Plan: projected 3x increase in annual benefits. Liberals again. Wow. The fourth one: 9 amendments to the Canadian
Charter including property rights, self-defense rights. I will say Conservative. Ok. The fifth one: public binding national referendum on withdraw from UN within 6 months of forming
government. Conservatives. A public binding national vote of no confidence
on any sitting government. So this would be legislation to allow the people of Canada to remove a
sitting government through referendum. NDP. What if I told you all these policies are
just one party? Yea, probably liberal. Ok. I am going to share the truth with you
now Rod. These are all NCA written policies on their
website. Ok. Do you know of NCA? No I don’t. National Citizens Alliance. It is registered
federal party. Do think policies are important? Certainly. Why? Well considering the shape of our healthcare
is in I think there is room for improvement everywhere. What if some parties don’t really have policies?
What does that mean? It means they are not considerate of the public. So that is a real concern? Is it? Yes. Thank you very much sir for your time.

5 thoughts on “What is Your Political Knowledge?

  1. OMG! They are screwing with the audio and showing that this video was taking down by the creator when accessed from notification pulldown. They must hate whatever you are talking about. More of this please, because it pisses the Narcissists off and that warms my heart.

  2. This is a good illustration of how people don't really pay attention to policy but likely have preconceived notions about what various parties represent. It looks like most of those notions are based on fantasy. The mainstream parties don't actually have solid policies on much of anything.

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