What Is the Alt-Right?

What Is the Alt-Right?

What is the alt-right? Everybody has an opinion about it, but nobody
seems to know exactly what it is. So, I took it upon myself to find out. I took a deep dive into alt-right culture. I read their books, listened to their podcasts,
watched their videos, followed their blogs, and spoke personally to their leaders. Here’s what I learned: First, they’re really small… like, your
high school reunion small. That “big” national alt-right gathering in Charlottesville, in August 2017? Yeah—that attracted all of about 600 people…and that’s on the high end of estimates. And that infamous torch rally on the evening
of August 11? There were maybe 100 tiki-torch carriers. But however small it is, the alt-right does
have a belief system—a worldview. It’s right there, in their name. The alt in “alt-right” means “alternative.” The alt-right is an alternative to American
conservatism. So, it’s no surprise then that the alt-right
has far more in common with the left —another alternative to conservatism—
than it does with the traditional American right. Let me try to untangle this. Both the left and the alt-right are obsessed
with race and identity politics—the belief that a person’s value is linked to their
racial heritage. The left wants special status for racial and
ethnic minorities. The alt-right wants special status for the racial and ethnic majority. Since America, according to the alt-right,
was founded by white Europeans, and was built by white Europeans, it should belong to white
Europeans. America’s success, in their view, is a product
of race and geography—or, as the alt-right likes to put it, of blood and soil. So, in the alt-right’s view, the moral ideals
of the American Founders —like, “all men are created equal”— are naive
and misguided. The man who coined the term “alt-right”
is a white nationalist named Richard Spencer, who runs alternativeright.com as well as the
National Policy Institute, the self-described think tank of the alt-right. According to Spencer, the movement is “dedicated
to the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent in the United States.” Jared Taylor, the editor of the white identity
website American Renaissance, holds that, “Any attempt to create a society in which
race can be made not to matter will fail.” Other alt-right leaders include: Sam Francis, the late syndicated columnist
and forefather of the movement who famously called for a “white racial consciousness.” Theodore Beale, the blogger known as Vox Day,
who, in his manifesto, “What is the Alt-Right” cites the white nationalist motto, “We must
secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” And Paul Ramsey, a white nationalist who produced
and starred in a video entitled, “Is It Wrong Not to Feel Sad about the Holocaust?” Another area of agreement between the alt-right
and the left is that both ultimately reject God. The alt-right admires Christendom for uniting
the European continent, but rejects Christianity for its offer of salvation to all people,
irrespective of race. The movement’s favorite philosopher—just
like the Nazis of yesteryear—is Friedrich Nietzsche, who famously claimed, “God is
dead.” Spencer himself is an avowed atheist who,
like leftists since Karl Marx, longs for a new ideology “as robust and binding” as
Christianity to replace traditional religion. That brings us to the most glaring similarity
between the alt-right and the left: their disdain for the individual. The constant focus of both the left and the
alt-right on group identity means that they downplay the value of the individual. This stands in stark opposition to the fundamental
American value, which conservatives have long championed, that places the individual, not
the collective, at the center of society. The pioneer spirit, entrepreneurial drive,
the acceptance of personal responsibility —these are uniquely American ideas, uniquely conservative ideas. But they mean little, if anything, to the
alternatives to conservatism: the left and the alt-right. Put simply, the alt-right has three core beliefs:
the promotion of white identity politics, the rejection of God, and the subordination
of the individual to the collective. In other words, the alt-right has nothing
in common with conservatism, and is in fact much closer to leftism. Except, of course, that the left is much,
much larger. I’m Michael Knowles, host of The Michael
Knowles Show, for Prager University.

100 thoughts on “What Is the Alt-Right?

  1. “Since America according to the alt right was built by white Europeans”. Wdym according to the alt right???

  2. This vote pretty much nails it
    The left is collectivist, the right is individualist. The alt-right, being collectivist, is therefore on the left.

  3. Prageru has convinced me that the alt right are just closeted homosexuals and leftists.
    Altright= Antifa 2088

  4. This guy is a retard…but to expect from jewish pro black.prager u. White nationalists are not against god, there are plenty of.christian white nationalists. And christianity is for white.people, it is our religion. And only a retard would.compare far right or.alt.right to the left, we all hate the left.

  5. Wow and mainstream media (CNN and other left-wing) makes the comparison of Alt right to God fearing people. And the 2 are instinctively different- knowledge is power thanks PU 😊👍Now when I'll see/hear such a narrative I'll cut that 💩 off

  6. Nice bait troll perfect ideological spin into making the Conservative view the "default American values" .. 10/10 great troll over 9000 super effective to brainless people also the Alt Right are super religious too…

  7. Not your best video… the fact you had to mention God is what hurts your fan base and what made you unpopular before the rise of SJWs.

    You will always lose the moment you start talking about God. It will always come across as narcissistic.
    Focus on just the politics. Not religion.

  8. in my opinion the alt right are republican nationals the standard right are republican socialists

  9. I think America was always east Asian and still is despite whiteness. America is browning but not just from blacks and Mexicans and not by the inclusion of foreign laborors. when the cities coronally eject men it balances popular dilapidation. that's America browning correctly.

  10. On a scale.. LEFT Starts far left(Left Extremist), an to middle left; on opposite is middle right, to alt right(right Extremist) https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/prageru/ . Sorry i do not catch replies; i hope help this stops some the argument;of what they mean in video. To me being in middle, is liek riding the proverbial fencline;an you cannot make up your mind which party to be in.

  11. Thumbs Way Up Prager!! Don’t pay any attention to the head-in-the-sand haters! The fact is: The farther you get from the center, you become full of hate! That is how the Alt Right is EXACTLY like today’s Left! Haters full of hate! Every one of them!

  12. I am going to take all of this at face value like most of you and not research anything. I identify as a member of the sheep group. Just like many of my fellow Americans my beliefs are fed to me by mainstream media. Also just like most of you I have no original thought.

  13. He is 100% correct, the alt right is more like the left(collectivist, norights) than the traditional american right(individuality, freedom)

  14. Alt right was a term stolen by racists,truth is alt right is just more conservative libertarians.

  15. I've never considered Sam Francis anywhere near the left. In fact, Sam was a paleoconservative…true conservatism. I knew Sam. Sam was anti-neoconservative, who are part of the Deep State, Never Trumpers, and former Carter Democrats like the late Charles Krauthammer.

  16. the point is nor the race or minorities as such, the point is colectivism, clasify people according to their group, to think of yourself as part of a group and subordinated to it and not as an indiviual who can acctually choose different

  17. I object, I’m conservative through common sense, not god. It’s not that I disbelieve in a higher power, but no one knows who “god” is. So why should I be forced to pick a religion

  18. Excellent analysis of the alt-right. While many in the comments are confusing what you said regarding the alt-right having more in common with the left (they seem to think you said the alt-right and left are the exact same thing, lol), your concise explanation of the fact that the alt-right is literally an alternative to the traditional right is spot on! Truly, with its emphasis on racial identity, collectivism, and disdain for the principles of America, the alt-right has much more in common with the left than it does with the traditional right that values the liberty of the individual and the founding principles of this great nation. Again, great job with the analysis👍

  19. Individualism can be selfish when applied wrong, but it is something we all have to accept. We can try to intervene and guide others, but ultimately lasting change has to be accomplished by an individual. If you reject individualism, you inevitably get frustrated when people don't listen to you.

  20. Why can't we all agree that using race as some sort of indication of your status in society is stupid? Can you tell if someone who comments on the internet is black, hispanic, asian, even man or woman, just by looking at their words? Of course not! Just accept the fact that people of different ethnicity or gender are very similar, enough where we can't discern between them from words alone. That should mean something to the left and alt-right.

  21. I can understand that Jewish people (like that Prager chap) are afraid of the rise of white advocay and white survivalism (whites not wanting to get extinct, lol). However if they leave us alone, we will leave them in peace in Israel. We got no problem with the Jews. Many white nationalists like www.amren.com not only like Jews,they often feature articles written from Jews who ally with white advocates. Jewish People have many traits to be admired. However, judging from this vid, the Jews have a problem with white advocates. Mr Prager please explain why.

    Also, please explain that rather wild assertion "(the alt right) rejects christianity". That's a lie. Most White Identitarians are interested in the topic of spirituality, and many are Christians.

  22. You marginalize and trivialize the alt, but look at the thumbs on this video, there are many more of us than you think.

  23. I Am John Rodriguez: Prior Service USMC and US Army, a Catholic Christian, a Conservative Pro-Life Pro-American Man, and a US Citizen of Puerto Rican ethnicity. I want no special status because of the aforementioned. Just accept Me for who I Am, not on My Religion, Politics, and Prior Service Military Forces career.

  24. America was founded by Englishmen, with a goodly leavening of Scotsmen. The Germans, the Italians, the Irish, the Bohemians, etc, had nothing to do with. They are honorary WASPS.

  25. I think what makes the alt right most similar to the left is they both value pride.. There are many ways to be a fool.

  26. " By 2050, the share of the world population living in the currently less developed regions will have risen to 90 per cent ."


    That's not counting the hundreds of millions already living in the West. And the rest will all need a safe place to live, amirite?

    Soon Whites will be so marginalized that they might as well be extinct. And then there will no more racism or hate, right?

  27. One more agonizing attempt to slander the "Leftists" of the Alt-Right, with childish and moronic arguments, by the state-sponsored ideologies of Marxism and Capitalism that indoctrinate children to the fairy tale of Right vs Left while you are the opposite sides of the same coin!

  28. Nice video but please, please, everyone who watched it, do not think of Atheists as all leftwings or alt-rightist

  29. PragerU trying desperately to paint the alt-right as more similar to the left so they can conceal the fact that their channel is actually just a pipeline to more alt-right and Neo Nazi propaganda.

  30. I watched a lot of Jared Taylor and Richard spencer after seeing this video, what they say actually makes a lot of sense, I disagree with some of it, but I think it’s wrong to just brush off their ideas

  31. Their r more layers of fear than just centrist .conservatism .liberalism .hard left .hard right .exstreamist socialist leftist fascists alt right??..did I forget any..

  32. I would like to know where the presenter said the alt-right and the left are the same. I must be watching a different video than all these commenters wow

  33. The Pharisees ask Jesus should we pay taxes to Caesar? Jesus Took a coin and ask them whose face is on that coin? Whose face is on the dollar? If you spend that white man's dollar you are a white supremacist.

  34. Yeah i have all of this Jewish game figured out. They call everything they don't left because they promote right wing politics and nationalism now. They use that to hijack Europe (again) so they even call Hitler a leftist and say he's NOT a NATIONAL socialist.

  35. He claims Nazism is Leftist and socialist ideology..😂🤣
    Bitch please Socialists fought off and defeated Nazis long back in 1945 so your ass is here to say this..😁

  36. This video is the visualization of the dumb quote:
    The Ultra left if keeps treading the path of leftism will becomes Ultra right..😂

  37. Well said Michael. I've always said the nazis and commies are just two sides to the same coin. Both assholes.

  38. What is "Prager U"? it seems hypocritical coming from someone, who is a collectivist himself and don't try to deny this, for your SUPPORT of another nation as a GROUP of people makes you collectivists. I'm not "alt-right", "alt-left" anymore than a so-called "conservative" or "Liberal" and I am sure NOT a collectivist(I identify as an iconoclast), but let me ask you Mr. "conservative" what exactly have "conservatives" conserved in the U.S.A? your bank accounts? because from where I'm sitting that's about it!

  39. The modern radical socialists in the Democratic Party in the USA and fascism are very similar. I think that’s the point made here. Alt-right does not equal fascism though, that’s where they went wrong.

  40. These white "nationalists" realize the plight and unnecessary problems that threaten our race and simply want us protected from them. That doesn't make them white-supremacist. It simply means that they want to protect those who really are racially oppressed.

  41. Of course since this video doesn't fit the left's narrative, they will begin screaming illogical insults at it. "See below comments"

  42. One of the biggest lies told by the left is that Nazism is a right win philosophy. This is why they label not only Trump as a Nazi but all 60+ million of his supporters are Nazis, even the Jews, blacks, and women. The truth is, Nazism is socialism. There is nothing even remotely conservative about Nazism which a lot of the alt-right subscribe to. Hell, the word socialism is contained in Nazism: National Socialism. Nazism, Socialism, and Communism are 3 sides of the same coin. The only difference is while Socialists and Communists are globalists(as in they want complete global control under their type of rule), Nazism was to benefit Germany and Germans. Otherwise their philosophies are identical.

  43. I used to call myself right-winged. Then I realized that when you do stuff like that. You find yourself defending people you may disagree with from your side. And also that if you call yourself alt right,right,left etc. You will be labeled because identity politics.

    When I realized how foolish I was to restrict myself like that, I decided that I'd rather just be me, an individual. We can have desires and preferences when it comes to food,video games,sports,music, and movies. Why should politics be any different?

    You know what I think when I hear the word democrat? I think of some powerhungry guy that thinks he has all the answers to life's problems. Want to know what I think when I hear the word republican? A bunch of old guys living in a bubble who don't know about current tech.

    So yeah, just be yourself and agree to disagree.

  44. The Alt-Right are white rights advocates and activists who want freedom for white males in the United States.

  45. the alt right believes in everything PragerU does, except for the one thing elephant in the room that Prager naturally never talks about – that modern jewish consciousness is the modern left. Prager would rather side with the marxist Jews that are destroying America, than a right winger who can't stand the Jews for trying to destroy America.

    Why? Because blood is thicker than water and Israel is their true loyalty. Blood and soil.

  46. The left would never throw another part of the left under the bus. But the right does. That is a weakness. Basically, the only voices on the right that are allowed to represent the right are Jewish voices or zionist voices. That way, the opposition to the marxist left, much of which is Jewish, is controlled opposition. That way they make sure if any government comes to power on the right, it will be a zionist government. Sure enough, Trump came to power, and as soon as he did, the right wing nationalists were dismissed, Flynn, Gorka, Bannon, and the Jewish conservatives took command – Kushner.

    I like Prager's videos. But at the end of the day, he is a Jew first, and does not have a right wing bone in his body. His whole opposition to the Left is based on his religion and his zionism, not on any inherent right wing worldview. Remember that, people.

  47. The alt right movement is trump driven with racial and hate driven politics…period…its not small but quite large. This is obviously trump approved misinformation.

  48. I love how he quotes alt-righters saying obviously Nazi things, literally quoting Nazi catchphrases, but refuses to call them Nazis and says Nazis are "of yesteryear." I guess those guys chanting "seig heil" at Charlottesville were just history buffs, huh?

  49. wtf?! this is absurd. The ALT right have more to do with he left? Oh right national socialism is left too I guess? talk about a piss poor attempt at semantics

  50. It's one of the reasons why my own personal use of words. I've decided to call the (left) The covert left, and the alt right, the open left. The reason for this is because the modern left Is racist, they just try to be more quiet with their bigotry. And the alt right is more open and admitting of their racism just saying. a Yale study is capable of proving that leftists and liberals are more likely to dumb down their speech when talking to blacks. As opposed to conservatives who don't do it.

  51. There is cringe propaganda… and then there is this video. I hope this Michael Knowles fellow is getting alot of sheckles for selling his soul to Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro

  52. Lol, I can’t believe I used to watch this garbage. You people are a disgrace to right wing politics. Have fun watching your own civilization rot while you hide and cower behind your Jewish overlords in Israel.

  53. i am a strasserist wich is an "alt right ideology" AND THIS IS RETARDED
    alt right reject religion????????????????? there are many alt right ideologies its not 1 ideology…

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