2 thoughts on “What is Populism and is it a Threat to Democracy

  1. Any kind of secrecy is repundiant to a free society https://youtu.be/5cB73d03gWc is just the latest. A Freedom of information act probably is the only rule which can stop populisme .. naturally we want to see bankers and bureaucrats go to prison for intent to abuse the rule of law. That is true democracy. True transparency is the only way to prevent abuse, and promote cover my-ass politics. However trustworthy politicians also seek input from their constituence and avoid any kind of doubtfull sponsor.. if the politicians are moving faster than the people, they are performing a poor benefits and consequences campain, or it is NOT to the benefit of the free people. Eg bureaucracy is a cost, whereas e.g. transparency and safety are benefits and bring value to those who share it. Wealt redistribution must bring less crime, otherwise it is a pain. Likewise public survailancy must make life safer by law. What happens if we dont trust the law? We wont tolerante survaliance. Like we dont trust government making bonds our children must repay if the send the new money to the banks or to the bureaucracy, instead of new public roads, schools, water, heat, sewers, light, secrity for bread on the table tomorrow. Maybe we want choice over mandatory healtcare .. maybe we dont like to be hireded like a flock, and want more choice and transparency. E.g. how can we be sure our pension will be worth the same while adhering to the rules as not adhering to the rules? Maybe it is safer for us the have the government pay old timers rent than to force everyone to save what little they may have.. You hit those who save by producing more money than needed because the banks abused the housing bouble promoted by a change of realestate credit policy… if you cant predict that, then shame your selves.. we want fewer rule, or rules that work. Tell us the consequences of every rule or rule change, otherwise we just need to feed yet an other lawyer with our taxes and that is robery

  2. This is a threat to democracy, things like this in the European Union.

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