22 thoughts on “What is Finance?

  1. Honestly this video helped me a lot. A clear explanation of finance for a 14 year old commerce student. Just felt like learning about finance because I'm really curious about it.

  2. What would you say is the difference between personal economics (micro economics) and personal finance? what is the difference between economics and finance?

  3. Hello. I’m a senior in High School and I am planning to Major in Finance and Minor in Accounting. Would you say this is a good choice?

  4. 0:49 – I will say that finance is the art or techne of managing money.
    I think that the purpose of business is money and of finance is that one's money is ordered.

  5. Hi. I would like to know. Are management accounting and finance related? Or how does the first one relate to the other? Thank you

  6. change your background appearance it's not attractive, ofcourse it's need not but attractive video appearance good for your videos.and one more thing you have good knowledge about finance I liked that.

  7. I'm doing management and marketing for undergraduate. But I'm still in the position to switch to Finance and marketing. I have interests in Marketing but kinda want to do Finance to give math another chance. Should I switch?

  8. I'm an undergraduate student majoring in physics and people keep telling me that all the physicists (well, a lot of them) are getting into finance… now I'm curious. Is this true?

  9. i actually think accounting is a lot more complicated than finance. i feel if you have a solid grasp of math then you can get a handle on finance concepts which tend to flow and jive much more easily than accounting

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