Fascism, it’s a word that’s thrown around
a lot these days. Everything seems to be fascist:
Suggesting that we not use certain slurs- Fascist
Being Banned from twitter?- Fascist Being denied a paid speaking gig- Fascist
With that word being thrown around so much, it can be hard to understand exactly Fascism
is, but luckily, i’m here to clarify. Fascism is a form of government generally
headed by a dictator… or an Oligarchy. Fascist States utilize Authoritarianism, which
demands strict obedience to a central power. This limits the personal freedom of its citizens,
often under the guise of submission being for the common good. This notion often translates into Nationalism-
which is simply a pride in one’s country. Nationalism sounds almost harmless-and even
understandable, but under a Fascist government, the actions of the state are always correct. So whether its building a school or slaughtering
immigrants, decisions made by the state are always the right decisions. Nationalism tends to breed Xenophobia, which
is the fear of foreigners. Fascist States see their Nation as virtuous
and and foreigners as the largest threat to that virtue. People who support them or do business with
them are seen as enemies of the state. In these situations, Xenophobia is often closely
tied to racism and prejudice. Fascism, as we know it, has its roots in Europe-
specifically Italy. Ever hear someone refer to person as “Machiavellian”? Well Niccolo Machiavelli was an Italian political
philosopher who inspired Benito Mussolini, the leader of The Italian Fascist party who
would later become an Italian dictator in 1925. Machiavelli was a Renaissance era political
philosopher and strategist, who wrote a book called The Prince. The Prince was was written to advise monarchs
on how to pursue political power and favor- not through kissing babies, but often through
brutality and deception. He’s said to have coined the old adage that
it is better “to be feared than to be loved”‘. Machiavelli asserted that there was a distinct
difference between the personal and public morality of leaders; and that being a “Prince”
often meant making harsh decisions that were contrary to what many people would see as
morally just. He often suggested the use ruthless violence
as a means of eradicating competition, intimidating citizens and curving dissent. He believed that all the above must be done
in the interest of the state–or at least that’s how it should seem to its citizens. Machiavelli had some… interesting ideas
and while some of them seem extreme and even frightening, his writings have provided guidance
to leaders… and some business men to this day. His advice often seems extreme, but isn’t
necessarily bad advice and people have interpreted his works in various ways. When a young Benito Mussolini read the Prince,
he was convinced that he qualified for that role- and so he used much of Machiavelli’s
advice when pursuing control. Fascism is a tricky thing to nail down, especially
when it’s conflated with so many things. Fortunately, many fascists have actually written
outlines for their fascism and Mussolini just happened to be one of them! Mussolini wrote extensively and gave several
speeches defining fascism. He published a Fascist Decalogue in 1934
1. Know that the Fascist and in particular the
soldier, must not believe in perpetual peace. 2. Days of imprisonment are always deserved. 3. The nation serves even as a sentinel over
a can of petrol. 4. A companion must be a brother, first, because
he lives with you, and secondly because he thinks like you. 5. The rifle and the cartridge belt, and the
rest, are confided to you not to rust in leisure, but to be preserved in war. 6. Do not ever say “The Government will pay . . . ” because
it is you who pay; and the Government is that which you willed to have, and for which you
put on a uniform. 7. Discipline is the soul of armies; without
it there are no soldiers, only confusion and defeat. 8. Mussolini is always right. 9. For a volunteer there are no extenuating circumstances
when he is disobedient. 10. One thing must be dear to you above all: the
life of the Duce. If you’re hearing these points for the first
time, they may feel very extreme and even surreal. You might even wonder what sort of atmosphere
was created that allowed something like this to become empowered. Well, Italy after the first World War was
chaotic. The unemployment rate was extremely high and
people were starving. Italy had suffered steep casualties in the
war and many Italian citizens ultimately felt that they got the short stick in the aftermath. As Russia’s successful Communist revolution
grew, there was hysteria around the idea that communism would spread internationally. Many thought the only way would be through
extreme measures. Mussolini emerged from the war as a wounded
veteran with a drastically different world view. Once a strong Socialist, but now a staunch
anti-socialist- he began advocating for an Italian dictatorship. He’d move into that role when he rallied forty
thousand Fascists in Naples in the March on Rome in the October of 1922. The march was in response to the Italian government
siding with Socialist interests. He effectively became a dictator and would
be one for the next 21 years. By 1926, Mussolini started censoring the media,
banning books and de-legitimizing certain the arts. By 1929, despite his personal distaste for
the church, he began showing support for Catholicism, even giving the Vatican City to the Church. On the flip side, by 1938 he introduced anti
semitic laws that banned Jewish people from much of public life. Especially when it came to people of Jewish
descent intermingling with “pure” Italians. That precedent of racial purity was also translated
to the Italian Colonization of Ethiopia. Aaron Gilette recorded Mussolini saying the
following in his book “Racial Theories in Fascist Italy” “The singular, enormous problem is the destiny
of the White race. Europe is truly towards the end of its destiny
as the leader of civilization.” He expanded. “the White race is sickly,” “morally
and physically in ruin,” and he further warned This all being said, it’s important to note
that fascism isn’t an officially racist perspective- though racism is often a side effect of fascism. Frankly, nailing down what fascism is exactly,
is quite hard and i’m just brushing the surface of it and the extensive history of Mussolini. There have been many fascist leaders since
and we generally know what fascism looks like and how it impacts the nations that it’s materialized
in. But something to keep in mind is that Fascism
can seem very seductive under certain circumstances to certain people. Mussolini managed to get the most support
from disenchanted veterans and a middle class that feared for the future of their success. Fascism requires a weakened and fearful base
inspired by lies and fear of the unknown. Fear of an uncertain future has stoked the
fires of extremism time and time again, but in the end what we do know about fascism is
that it always collapses.

100 thoughts on “What Is: FASCISM

  1. Fascism is simply a form of communism, with a national focus, instead of "workers united world wide", why didnt you mention Mussolini was a Socialist before creating fascism?, like many US commentators/vidoes this video was very bland and elementary school level stuff.

  2. Oh God , do we really have to do this again ? Really ? Please tell me no , we learned , and we don't ! Tell me this with this joy for those with whom you would like to share a meal and a glass of spirits. ❌⭕️. . That's all I got right now .

  3. Wow, now if you look at it, National Socialism and Fascism are nothing alike.
    Fascism is not looking good. National Socialism for the win!

  4. Great video… Can you make one that explains why ANTIFA and BLM use violent tactics to shut down opposing views?

  5. Clicked this not fully thinking this would be worth my time, it was okay. I've seen some of your other content that I have to say I couldn't disagree more.

  6. I love how you explain what Fascism is in the first few seconds and then go off on tangents to try and make it sound less like Communism… Even though Communism requires Fascism. Communists are ruled by a dictator or a small group, they have complete obedience to their government for the greater good, under Communism all rights and morality come from the government… And if you want to see how xenophobic Communists are you need only look at antifa and how they react to those who have a different opinion.

  7. It was horrifying to see all the similarity between state of affairs and the symbols of fascism, it was alot reassuring to hear (even it may not turn true) that Fascism falls. Long live democracy, long live rationality!

  8. Seriously Excellent video, thank you SO MUCH!

    Could you perhaps also do a video on how examples of racism can be seen within all groups and not only white people? I realise it is a very sensitive topic and yes whites have brought forth the most spectacularly horrible examples of racism. I absolutely acknowledge that.

    However Speaking as a South African I can attest that there is a very dangerous tendency for racist non-white groups to shout that ONLY white people can be racist and that their prejudice is somehow by default not prejudice. This coupled with a deep sense of anger and feelings of being owed compensation for past injustice has given rise oppressive regimes like we see in Zimbabwe today. In South Africa it is tremendously worrying to see how fear of whites taking over again and the idea that black people by default can't be racist is giving power to an increasingly racist, oppressive government and directly undermining the incredible success and dream of equality that Nelson Mandela brought to fruition!

  9. Nazi is a word that is thrown around like crazy. I'm glad you touched on the conditions that created the ideals, which is something we take for granted in the US. We Americans condemn those who deny that the holocaust happened, but forget that that US itself put Japanese people into concentration camps. But the horrors were not the same, you may argue. We take our reality for granted. A simple twist of fate when have made those horrors real. Had the US started losing battles and find the Japanese invading US territory, you think those in the camps when have been okay? As soon as the enemy touches US soil the economy would freeze and panic ensure. Food and supplies would be harder to get, you think food would be wasted on prisoners? The US dropped two atomic bombs on a Japan that was losing. Consider what extreme actions that would have happened had Japan been winning. those in camps would have been starved, tortured, murdered, and left to die on US soil. So go and call others a Nazi if it makes to feel more human in the moment. But the reality is that we are all self preserving beasts.

  10. Maybe i'm desperate, maybe i'm just sick of current tropes regarding one race or the other, but I feel that Fascism maybe could work if given the chance. Maybe i'm wrong but who can honestly say what would have happened to Italy, Spain or even Britain(if Mosley had his chance before the outbreak of German aggression) If Germany had just left everyone alone?

    I believe that maybe Fascism could work unlike what she says (I didn't downvote as everyone is entitled to their opinion).I'm not white, but Leftist ideologies grip the world already, what's one more?

    (Fascism is a part of the left,though has been popularized as far right when that's not true by the left in general,Communism had its chance and does fail when left alone)

    Fascism is not racist
    Fascism is not anti-Semitic
    Fascism doesn't always fail
    Fascism is a deeper love for ones country, remember that.

  11. Machiavellianism makes sense of you're a dictator. Even if you don't want to hurt your own people, doing so to some extent is necessary to prevent someone even worse from taking power.

  12. The fact that Fascism was born of the political left, socialism and Marxism is completely left out of this video. You cannot tell the story of Fascism in the 20th century without speaking of state control of the economy, the promise of free health care, state guaranteed old age pensions and a completely state run education system.

    Leaving these things out of any discussion on Fascism is dishonest and misleading. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  13. "Fascism is a form of government generally headed by a dictator or oligarchy."

    Already wrong. Fascism is simply just mobilization of a group. It can simply be defined as "united we are stronger", as represented by the fasces. Look at the first sentence in your first cited source, it clearly states it right there. It has no core political doctrine, because doctrines are defined by groups. What you are describing isn't fascism itself, but historical examples of administrations that have resulted from fascism.

  14. Wow. The art the perspective and overall simple presentation. I feel like even full staffed television series don’t have the same pull, keep being epic Kat, and of course thank you for the inspiring content.

  15. contrapoints has a fantastic series of videos looking at fascism and why its wrong and what tactics fascists typically use.

  16. Fascism can mean many things, however there are some general agreed upon defining characters of the ideology. #1 Strong belief in the concept of national states. #2 Belief in that there social class, background etc is irrelevant, everyone has a place and fills an important roll in society. #3 A Belief that capitalism is fine however it must be regulated and no one should be allowed to become wealthy by producing a product that corrupts the people or a person that does not treat his works well should not be allowed to continue with his business. Please keep in mind that there are hounders of subgroups to this broad ideology.

    The Truth Will Prevail!

  17. I always thought fascism is where there is a dictatorship that determines what you do, where you live and work, when you live and die

  18. You are completely wrong. I mean if you are going to explain a political ideology atleast be neutral about the whole ordeal. Fascism didn't collapse ww2 ended it. Also by your amazing logic everything collapses democracies,communism, monarchy, authoritariaism, individualism, anarchy. Your logic is bullshit is what I mean

  19. Fascism is a way of ruling that advocates total control of the people. … Fascism comes from the Latin fascio, meaning “bundle, or political group.” In fascism, the people are looked at as a bundle — one body that must be controlled by the government with absolute force. Thank me

  20. Why not a new and revised definition of fascism? How about rule by the privileged few and their minions? Democracy – people rule, Republicanism – government works for the people, – socialism – a government which works for the betterment of the people, – liberalism – caring about those less fortunate then themselves, Left, inclined towards liberalism, communism – government by and for the benefit of the general welfare, capitalism, get lots of capital and be happy, use any loophole to do this in your favour.
    The more you grab, the better. Make the world safe for ourselves at all cost.

  21. You forgot and I'm guessing because you are a socialist. The Socialist Facism which turns on it's own people as in; the extream of anti-nationalism nationalism.

  22. think Fascism is a hoodwin, a misnomer and redherring. Musolini used it as a means of juxtaposition. His alleged hatred of Socialism and Communism wouldn't then avail themselves as his path to power. So Fascism was made up. I think it's also why the average person cannot comprehend these large scale systems of economic control. Socialism and Communism are economic controls that require tough laws against the black market of good and free thought. This causes most of the systems problems. Today most people think they are vastly different. When in actuality they are essentially the same. If evil greedy people are your inspiration for Communism. You have greatly undervauled your enemy. That evil greedy nature in mankind. Will simply be unchained in Socialism. Ironically this fact is denied while all the virtues of mankind are claimed to be unchained. In base logical analysis. These systems are clearly flawed beyond thier pros in use. If a person like King Author or Jesus was the head of such a state. It would probably be more effective. Eventually though, as man evolude past his inherit evil nature. These economic control mechanisms would become obsolete.

  23. Thank you for this unbiased look at a political ideology! Was a lot more informative than the ones produced by Vice etc who effectively just slam it for 5 minutes and provide no insight.

  24. You'd think if a person made a video titled "What Is Fascism", they might actually know what Fascism is.

  25. Nothing wrong with putting your energy into your country and living a clean healthy life. Living in union with nature, that’s Fascism.

  26. Those poor Ethiopian Jews suffering under racist fascism in Israel along with anyone who isn’t European White, like indigenous Palestinians actual Semites, Christians, and Muslims. Well anyone who is a critic of violent political power of the state is tortured and brutalized, put into prison, even children or just murdered. That’s not even touching on the state’s horrific war crimes, millions slaughtered in wars recently, bombing civilians, allowing human sexual slavery, terrorism, nuclear armament without signing non proliferation agreements, and then selling technology globally, exporting slaves, drugs, weapons, supplied genocides with weapons and advisors….goes on and on. Well, that’s supremacists for you racial and religious! Sad, good video, didn’t make silly leap to lump in National Socialists!

  27. Fascism is essentially a conservative revolution. It doesn’t need to have a distinct set of policies because it is reactionary in nature. It feeds on social unrest. In psychology, we talk about how death anxiety can be guarded against by people clinging to culture or ideology, which reinforces a sense of attachment to something greater than oneself. That is epitomized in fascism, which always appears during the crisis state of capitalism, and it asserts itself through appeals to national identity and “tradition”, whatever that may be. Aesthetically, it can take various forms, from Franco’s Spain to Mussolini’s Italy to Hitler’s Germany. Each of these régimes borrows from something within the culture to advance its own dictatorial motive, i.e. the regression of culture to its most hierarchical state.

  28. I don't understand why idiots try to link Hitler to Fascism when he didn't trust the Fascists and he fought them in a war.

  29. Wait, wait! Oligarchy never can be any form of fascism – oligarchy is autoritarism or monarchy! Xenophobia is not a part of fasci

  30. Authoritarian statism is just as much a defining element of Communism.

    And nationalism precedes statism in fascism, not follows it. Without the nation first, there is no point to the state.

  31. How many times is this crooked woman gonna throw up the triple 6. She dyng to sell out she just advertising herself if you ask me if she ain't already sold out for a few cheeseburgers and a weave

  32. Most of Machiavelli's writings contradict what he wrote in The Prince. There's a good chance he meant it as satire.

  33. not the worst description i've heard, though certainly it didn't cover all of the points of fascism, instead primarily focusing on how it "tends towards racism" which isn't entirely untrue when you consider the only true example we have of fascism is italy, and musso was trying to impress daddy hitler with his anti semitic policies, however no fascist today embraces racialism and many of us have denounced Mussolini for his incompetence

  34. Fascism does not always collapse. It was destroyed by the Capitalist West and the Communist East together in an alliance. Thought they were supposedly worst enemies? Pff, think again.

  35. "The thing about fascism is, it always collapses." On the surface, this sound hopeful–ala, "at least this isn't going to last forever", but that predictable collapse also, predictably, takes the economy with it, sending the country into a hard reset with outside involvement, and much misery and hunger ensues. With the current regime in America, this does not bode well for us.

  36. Facisim is the capitalist superstructure's immune system. As long as capitalisim exists it will keep its facist card hidden up its sleeve to whip their footsoldiers into nationilistic fury in order to keep them serving their capitalist overlords.

  37. Fascism is a form of socialism in which a party, instead of the government, takes control of the major power centers to retain control. These power centers being media, military, infrastructure, and eventually all means of production/industry. Instead of an open takeover of the power centers, fascism uses corporatism to take over key corporations. Through corporatism, the government uses regulation and propaganda to force its political opponents out of leadership positions within the organization, and then either plants a party member as the head of the organization, or the government takes direct control of the organization. Here in America, what the left has done with the education system and is doing with the news media is corporatism, a key characteristic of fascism.

    Many people wrongfully think fascism is not socialism simply because it opposes Marxism. But fascism is indeed socialism, it but opposes egalitarian socialism and instead champions strength and Machiavellian politics. Anyone who tries to tell you fascism belongs on the opposite end of the spectrum as socialism has never really spent time trying dig through the historical facts of fascism. All fascist regimes were born out of socialist parties.

  38. "As communism grew, many thought the only way to prevent this was by extreme measures." — Kat Blaque in 2017 foreshadowing 2020… spooky.

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