37 thoughts on “What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

  1. "About 60 or 70 years ago Some German Economist came up with an idea". Don't you think that is somewhat superficial information, espcially coming from a university source?

  2. there's nothing more morally repugnant, more monopolistic, and more responsible for 100's of millions of deaths than…government. Gov't takes your money at gun point, sends you to war to kill and be killed for political aspirations and every year creates more controlling laws that always take away your freedom. and you can't say " I don't want to buy from you" Govt is the worst offender of social responsibility.

  3. Anyone know what song this intro music is based off of? I know I've heard that tune somewhere before.

  4. Let The 2% CSR-Spending Be Implemented As MANDATORY Into The Network Of Deserving NGOs…In India……..

  5. Please provide licensing information. This was listed under a CC-BY license but I wish to confirm. Thank you

  6. CSR = leading the way to NWO, by creating a socialistic-corporatism. A society, created with no borders and no eventual government or limited government interference, under the guise of "good-will". You do not fool me, I've played enough FF-7 to know where this is going, ShinRa Inc, Umbrella corporation, Omni (Robocop) and other movies.

  7. Federal Rules of Evidence › ARTICLE VIII. HEARSAY › Rule 803. Exceptions to the Rule Against Hearsay???

  8. – – – we have done enough good work on this old colleagues – – – especially our brother moon hats off to you – – – this is an element, if done properly in the business school, will make our students broad minded, practical and will also give great leads to their career entries to the corporate world – – –

  9. Does that mean that charity is not a part of CSR (at all)? Since there are many companies that present their charitable actions as a part of their corporate social responsibility.

  10. society is the group of human beings. one is dependent on others. as the human beings the basic needs are to be fulfilled for survival. everyone should work for others needs to meet our own needs. all our needs cant be met by our own. social responsibility is let live concept. if one lets others live we can get our needs met. this universe is giving all the needs to us in its form. we are converting this universe to meet our needs to live as human being. no doubt for this one has to work for others. we are using the nature for our needs but we are not giving anything to it. give to nature it certainly never fails giving to us.

  11. Let The Manadatory CSR Spending Be Authentically Follwed By The Corporporates, Multinationals & PSUs In India…….

  12. Please also check out our more practical perspectives on CSR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9IyDvkxADU

  13. Liked the video. But the amount of paper used/wasted on it really stung. You could try a white board, or turning the page. 🙂

  14. Great video! Love the comment about not wasting so much paper haha. However, if you are interested in CSR and how to go about it check out "CSV" (creating shared value) by Harvard Business Review (https://hbr.org/2011/01/the-big-idea-creating-shared-value). If you are a University student like myself, most of you can access it for free. In short, CSV takes over where CSR ends. It is about being responsible for you action, integrate the society and environment but in the same time leverage it to your firm advantage. In my 4 years in collage this is the best article I have read. (Not too long either 😉 )
    / Felix Persson, collage student and business owner

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