What Is Communism?

What Is Communism?

As diplomatic relations between Cuba and the
United States improve, we wanted to look at the political philosophy behind the long embargoed
nation. Cuba is one of the last communist dictatorships left in the world, and since
extreme anti-communist sentiments in the mid 20th century, the philosophy has been a regular
fixture in political discussions. So we wanted to know, what exactly is communism? Well, there are a number of overlapping philosophies
and socioeconomic systems that can be described as communist in nature. But in the most basic
sense, communism is when all manufacturing, or “means of production” are equally owned
by all the members of a state. The intended result is to eliminate the capitalist-inspired
class system where one class does all the work and the other gets all the money. Although similar ideas have existed both naturally
and intentionally since the dawn of time, the most common form of communism comes from
the work of German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in what is today known
as “Marxism”. In particular, Marxism is focused on the exploitation of the worker.
It’s based on the idea that any profit generated by the worker but instead goes to the business
owner, is a form of inequality and should be abolished. In recent history, several countries including
the USSR, China, Vietnam and Cuba have attempted to institute their own versions of communism.
However all can be said to be predominantly socialist, and not communist. The biggest
difference between the two is that socialism says that all workers should get an equal
share in profit and property, while communism says that there shouldn’t be money or ownership
in general, and everyone should get as much as they need, and work as much as they can.
Unfortunately, attempts to achieve this political philosophy have led to lower standards of
living, government corruption, and in the case of the USSR, total collapse and failure. A number of reasons have been put forth as
to why communism hasn’t worked out historically. But the strongest criticism of the philosophy
is that communism removes the incentive for people to work harder than they absolutely
have to. It also leads to resentment of those who work less hard but receive the same. In
general, communism is described as being great in theory, while disastrous in practice. The
state of the world seems to agree with that assessment. If you’d like to learn more about political
theory, make sure you check out these videos about Libertarianism, and Anarchy. Make sure
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100 thoughts on “What Is Communism?

  1. By the 1930s or 1940s the industrial era in Europe was over, and the era of peasantry when 40% of the population worked farming, had been over even before that. Therefore, socialism/communism was not only an unsuccessful system, but it was also a very badly timed one. The timing made no sense. It made no sense to use the workers and peasants as the foundation of the system when those social classes were dying anyway. The world had converted to a new service-based economic model. If communism had been introduced in the 18th century or 19th century when the industrial era was just beginning, perhaps it could have survived as a valid model for a couple more centuries.

  2. Communism is the greatest and most ideal ideology in human history. Its failure is due to the inherent laziness, selfishness and greed of human beings.The most stupid thing is a lot of western people simply bashing communism without even understanding the concept.

  3. Jokes about communism aren’t funny unless everyone gets them

    I stole this videos top comment because it’s our comment

  4. Communism is a meaningless system only embraced by disgusting individuals who wants to see the world burn.

  5. The Australian aboriginals and other nomadic tribes around the world ranked amongst the freest people in the world on a political spectrum, they could be placed on the far right, whereas communism and dictatorships can be placed at the far left, and institutionalization and incarceration at the very left of the political spectrum.

  6. What I find amazing when has China or the USSR ever been regarded as communist?
    Is a propaganda lie used by The rich to justify capitalism.
    They are authoritarian regimes where there have always been Elites.

  7. I search what is the meaning of communism and I still don’t understand what it is coz google use word I never even heard of to explain it, they should have use easier word

  8. Communism is the greatest thing comrad… vi kill capitalist greedy pigs and we send de traitors to siber- i mean we can easily change the non-belivers' opinion on the greatness of communism…
    Our leader shall forever be Mar- erm no Len- oh no Sta- ahem Ma- Cas- Kim- er… BERNIE SANDERS

  9. 共产主义的理念犹如西方神话中巴别塔修建前的世界。所有人都没有语言障碍,都可以为建造巴别塔而出力,而神(或者说阶级)为了分化人们把他们的语言、民族都改变了,使其不能完成巴别塔(共产主义)。当然这只是类比,真正的共产主义者都是唯物主义者。共产主义也理应建造于物质文明高度发达的未来,它可能是一百年、一千年甚至一万年。但是这些都不重要,我们要做的是为他的到来做准备

  10. Y do people turn this into memes its stupid plus my friend(not your friend) sended me this its very interesting

  11. Ahhh… Easterns dont know how does really it work

    Real: some people (1of 10000)are rich ,you can say what you want but after you maybe die if you are Worker work more is uselles and they giving you money to dont die and got 1 kloth/y

  12. Under Communism All Men Are Equal, but Some Men Are More Equal Than Others.

    BTW the comment above is a reference to Animal Farm by George Orwell that says:

    "All Animals Are Equal, but Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others."

  13. Jokes about communism aren’t funny unless everyone gets them
    I took the top comment and if you don’t like this you are capitalist scum

  14. It was a good idea for good intentions, but never worked out. Stupid governments always corrupting stuff.

  15. People's republic of china is communism right?

    And during ww2
    ROC is fascism right?

    Well I just found this in aoc4

  16. "I am convinced that tomorrow the Red flag will fly over the United States. But we won't fly the flag. The American people will hoist it themselves" – Nikita Khrushchev (Former USSR President)

    "Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity… In the new order, socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of the schools, universities, churches and media by transforming the consciousness of society" – Antonio Gramsci (Former leader of communist party in Italy)

    "The predominant value system of an entire culture can be overturned in a generation, or certainly in two, by those with unlimited access to children" – Dr James Dobson

    It's happening now.

  17. Jokes about communism aren’t funny unless everyone gets them

    I stole this videos top comment because it’s our comment

    I stole this videos top comment because it’s our comment

  18. "Communist dictatorship" is an oxymoron. The USSR, CHINA and CUBA were/are all socialist countries. They still have capitalism – you just work for the state instead of a company. Many miss the point here: they kept capitalism but took away the *free market*. Communism has nothing against free markets. So, why are we still calling State Capitalism (Socialism) communism? It is not communism. There has never been a communist state. FFS!

  19. The idea of communism isn’t such a bad idea. But I do agree it sounds better on paper and seems really unachievable. It would really depend, honestly, on who was in charge. Like the guy in this video said about how their were countries who tried to establish “their own version” it turned into more of a dictatorship. And not everyone can work at the same pace. If someone is crippled or they’re elderly (depending on the shape they’re in) they can’t really work as much. But the good thing about communism is that it does promote equality. In my opinion a proper communistic political system hasn’t existed yet because maybe we as people haven’t evolved enough to understand how to achieve that system. Maybe one day it would be possible. But the other issue is with rebel groups who also try to fight against the government. Through out history it seems like we as human beings collectively start to change when we fight over things and play that “survival of the fittest” game. I think most of us were raised to believe that communism was an evil system it’s really not meant to be

  20. I understand that capitalism has it's bad side. I also think that's it's a bad thing that we have so many billionaires in this world while so many work hard and dont get the proper pay for it.

    BUT. I'm a pretty hard worker. I take a lot of pride in the fact that I work and earn my money. I've worked with tons of people who do just enough to not get fired yet demand higher pay. I'm a communist society, my hard work will benefit the lazy motherfuxker whonrefuses to work. I'd rather have it where I am rewarded for my own hard work rather than someone else benefiting from it.

  21. Cuba has not really been a dictatorship since its constitution. Cuba has a very unique system that I do have some issues with but to call it a dictatorship wouldn’t be correct.

  22. Also the USSR didn’t collapse because of “communism” (which they were socialist not communist), it collapsed primarily because of a 20 year war in Afghanistan draining the nation of its ability to provide its infrastructure and social services. Yes that’s what’s happening in part in the US right now. The flaw of the USSR was never communism but Leninism, and all its derivatives, which contain several fatal flaws that have nothing to do with Marxism. I’m personally a kautskyist, Karl Kautsky was the first real critic of Lenin and the Bolsheviks, he was the heir of Marx, he literally edited Marx and Engels works, and he didn’t have good things to say about Lenin and the Bolsheviks.

  23. Agreed, good in theory, horrible in practice.
    It can work well in small communities of 100-10000 people. But on the scale of 100.000.000+ it can't, for obvious reasons.

  24. Fun fact: According to various independent sources Communist regimes have been responsible for 150+ million deaths in the 20th century. When people say it failed because "Those countries weren't truely Communist"… I guess what that are really saying is: "Those countries didn't kill enough dissenters, but we can do better if given another go at it."

  25. Now This is far Left enough to have had me thinking that they would literally endorse Communism before I watched this video.

  26. Can someone also explain why Russian meet some place new like games country's activities etc. Like to make the communist symbol I have a small thought of why put I know there is more people that know so plz someone tell me and I know they use it to show power was in their hands before and how they were strong and use it as a joke sometimes

  27. Stalin a communist was without doubt one of the most ruthless world leaders of the 20th Century, responsible for millions upon millions of deaths number of deaths he caused was 60 million.

  28. USSR: Mr Capitalism I don’t feel so good
    USA: Sad moment
    USSR: I don’t wanna go “panicking and crying”
    USA & Nato: holding and gently put him down
    USSR & Communism in the east europe: disappears

  29. mmmm well first of all ussr didn´t collapse because of the communist system, was gorbachev fault, when he started to liberalize the market, selling estate enterprises for riduculous low prices, then the crimes that are said to have happened in ussr weren´t that horrible have been proved to be a dark legend (viktor zemskov studies). Not saving the ussr for having committed state crimes, they were the first country in the world to , for example, reduce the retirement age to 60 or 50 in hard jobs or to reach equality in various aspects on gender matter.

    Please stop telling lies, don´t be a libtard xd

  30. Cuba is doing better than the other snail island capitalist countries around them. Nobody seems to notice this, I guess.

  31. Capitalism PRODUCED communism! There never should have been any unequal wealth! It started thousands of years ago, and now we can eliminate money!

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