26 thoughts on “What is an Ideology? (or Althusser was crazy?)

  1. As far as the big-name leftist non-liberal philosophers go, Althusser was more impactful to my thinking than anyone else. 

    Makes Zizek look like a fraudulent nihilist. 

  2. Marx's basic idea of ideology is that it is an abstraction based around ill-fitting mental constructs that don't quite explain their subject matter, but as Althusser says it is necessary (back to Marx) because we construct our reality through a process of abstraction and not all mental constructs can be explained concretely although they arise from the dialectic between the concrete and the abstract.

  3. Althusser's Marxism is itself an ideology that justifies and perpetuates Althusser's position and life activity as an academic member of a French Stalinist party.His ideology accepts the idea of the necessity of the Soviet State and Chinese Communist State bureaucracy.It is an elitist ideology that appeals to young bourgeois and petty bourgeois intellectuals.It is a counter revolutionary ideology that opposes the very idea of the self emancipation of the working class.

  4. Yes he was crazy and not just at the end of his life.Ideology is what justifies and perpetuates life activity under conditions of alienation.He didn't believe in alienation,he thought Marx replaced it with the concept of exploitation.The question is can human beings ever know themselves i.e. completely and accurately make their life activity the object of their consciousness without distortions.Althusser says no.It takes specialists to do that ,even under socialism it wouldn't be so.I disagree

  5. Now with youtube people have the opportunity to travel virtually through many different ideas very quickly, a luxury our parents never had. They were force fed through 5 or 10 channels

  6. your daughter is very perceptive. I'm glad you include her in your video. Sometimes after a certain age we think certain questions are silly to ask. But the only silly thing is to think there is silliness in an inquiry.

  7. Yes lots of other ways. I have also traveled the world. No other country has the standard of living even close to the USA. Other ways of looking at the world has only produced squalor and misery. Look at Europe in shambles, Africa, China, India, Mexico, Canada. Who has the better standard of living? Be honest. Quit lying to yourself and being a useful idiot for anti-capitalist agents.

  8. Hopefully your daughter will reject your ideology before it destroys the greatest nation in the history of the world. America.

  9. You really must be struggling with madness to believe communism is not repressive.
    There can be nothing more repressive than total government control of your life. Wake up.

  10. Anyone who wants to implement a communist style government after studying history should be put in an insane asylum.

  11. Communism sounds wonderful! Only one small problem….HISTORY! The resulting condition after communism is enforced: humans stacked like fire work in mass graves and covered over with bull-dozers. Nice!

  12. @k1ssinger I wish my parents where knowledgeable in other fields, and different ways of thinking, rather then raising me to believe one thing "the American dream". Luckily I was fortunate enough to travel (a luxury many cant do because of the chase towards the dream) and was able to learn on my own, and realize that there are thousands of ways to look at the world. Wish I knew what I did know, when I was 15, would have made my life a lot more understandable.

  13. @honestyrocksu I suggest you watch Brendan Cooney's video Manufacturing Consent. But I will say that the "free market" relies on the presence of a mass of people who have nothing to sell but their own labor. While there are rich workers if all workers were rich enough to become Capitalists then the free market would become impossible.

  14. cool I didnt know you could download the book I'm just starting to read it thanks/

    At this point, I don't see how wage relationships are inherently repressive or necessarily repressive, I hadn't thought about it,. I suppose they could be, it just strikes me as a negative way to put it. I mean the idea of economics and free markets is that people are free to go out and find more more money right? I mean extremely high paid people aren't repressed because their rich from it, so at what point

  15. @honestyrocksu The wage relationship is one where one must work for another in order to survive. What can be taken away is one's means to survive and therefore that apparatus is a straight-up repressive apparatus. The threat of having your life taken away is a repressive threat.

    Althusser's concept of myth as necessary is on a different order than Strauss and Plato because it is necessary in order for any understanding to arise and not necessary because the mass of me have no understanding.

  16. Plato also said people need a myth to explain their place in the social hierarchy. I wonder how altusser's claim is "new" ? What is the justification for the need? to keep them from rebelling? geez that was the freud family too, oh and Leo Strauss..maybe even hobbes.
    Also just because the money/payment can be taken away it doesnt justify calling repressive does it? I mean by that definition every economic relationship is repressive — except charity, oh wait that can be taken away too!

  17. k1ssinger: all of my kids are tolerant of my tendency to indoctrinate them into whatever philosophy I'm exploring. Also, I aim at dialogues rather than debates.

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