WHAT IS AN EGREGORE AND HOW TO NEUTRALIZE IT [English Subtitled] – by Andres Leon

WHAT IS AN EGREGORE AND HOW TO NEUTRALIZE IT [English Subtitled] – by Andres Leon

When I recorded the video of
“Identity Shifting” I was
pending of doing it well: to set a good stage, to put a good
illumination, to prepare a presentation, to put myself
proper clothing, and I didn’t like the result at all
about the look. The information is fine, the information I transmit was what
I wanted to convey: the process, what I’m doing with me, more I got one
teaching and it’s not pay so much attention on the look
when I make these videos but in what is more important, that it is on the information that
I want to share. So in this video I’m doing like this, almost
improvisedly, without preparing anything, just put my camera on
to record what I am talking about and…
to be as it should be
[Music] I want to talk to you this time about
a very very very important topic it is the subject of the Egregores What is an egregore?
and why it is important, not just knowing what it is but also how it affects our
life and how can we move within these egregores consciously,
so that this energy of these egregores don’t affect us or enslave us
Finally. What is an Egregor? an egregor is an energetic body,
an energetic body that is created when two or more people join their minds towards a
common purpose It’s something that happens naturally, it’s something
as well as a resonance of the thinking frequencies of these two
or more people, and a body is created energetic. Why
I spoke at the beginning of an egregore could enslave us,
Well, if it’s something natural we wouldn’t have nothing to worry about,
However, remember that our mind “natural”, and I put in quotes
natural, our natural mind doesn’t think so naturally, our mind
really think from a schedule of survival, our mind
Bring that one with you, again in quotes: “original sin”,
what is a rooted belief deep inside our
mind:it is the belief of the separation, that we are separate beings
from each other and ultimately from that We are separated from our Source, from God.
So when, from that mind which is usually called the egoic mind,
we begin to create these bodies energetic, that is we begin to
link with people in a concept, in an ideal, in a mental vision; what
we do unconsciously is that we are giving strength to that body
energetic that also inherits that root belief, that belief in the
separation, and it happens in nature, by that told them that this is naturally
in quotes, because the way how we have survived in this world, in this
universe and not only beings humans, if you
observe nature in the beginning we were unicellular beings, more in
in order to survive, nature discovered that it was more efficient to work
in groups, then the cells are they specialized and began to create
more complex organisms where certain cells did a job and others
cells did another job, that is one organ and another organ, and so we have gone
evolving to this day. What’s going on? when we are talking about
mental energy, these energy bodies called egregores is practically like
If they will come to life. They have such strong energy that they use
to all the members, those who make up the egregore as such,
as their batteries, as their sources of Food to continue surviving.
Remember that that is the root belief that has everything egregore, that it needs
survive and therefore, although born from a
very good intention, in the end the egregore takes energy from all its
members, and like every body that seeks survival, when threatened
for something or for someone, it defends itself. Therefore, if a member of this egregore is no longer giving it energy or worse, if he begins to rebel,
the egregore expels him or eliminates him, as it happens in
organisms, as we already know a body can
reject a party that considers it external, foreign, strange. Examples of egregores:
A family is a first egregore, a company, a social club,
the fans of a sports team, a political party, all religions,
academic establishments, the armies, the countries,
the global financial system, the world in general
It is an egregore! As you can see virtually everything we know as
society is a set of egregores, and in the end,
they form a unique and gigantic egregore that we usually call the world, or the system,
or the matrix. Why is this information so
important? because on this time we are more and more people than
we feel the need of not giving more energy to these egregores, and
for that reason, we feel that they are closing all the doors to us,
that we feel rejected In Colombia we use to say “mosco en leche” (as a fly in milk) when we don’t fit in any social group, when we can’t stand
being in a normal work environment, those who are younger, no longer tolerate
the education system, this is very clear; and even in our own
family we feel like weird bugs. Is there any solution to this?
Or you definitely can’t fight against these egregores and you have to
surrender to any of them. Here comes an also important aspect
and that is when you start fighting, to resist, to rebel against one of
these egregores, in the end you are also giving it energy;
These egregores feed on your energy either belonging or fighting against them.
When you belong to them they give you some benefit: you get paid for
energy, they give you some comfort, certain status, money, social position,
but in exchange for your energy. Energy that It is represented in time, mental, physical, emotional dedication … And you also give them energy when
you reject them, when you resist them, when you you fight them,
and believe me, that a single person against all egregor, always the person
will have all to lose. An egregore cannot be defeated by a
single person or a single former member an individual against something that is collective, which has a lot of strength. When conflicts arise, wars,
it’s because there’s fight between egregores of similar size, due to in that
competition to survive, to dominate to each other, always finally,
from that fight another larger egregore is formed What happened in the WWII was a clear example of this. A fierce battle between big egregores. What to do? is the question. What to do in this environment plagued with egregores? where all the
world, the system in general is a huge egregore? How can you live without giving
energy to that egregore? Well…
Look, The more complicated is a
problem, easier is its solution. So, to be able to live in this world, which is a
gigantic egregore, without being part of it, nor fighting against it,
the only alternative left is simply: IGNORE IT
that is, DO NOT GIVE IT IMPORTANCE. You are in the world without being part of the world, simply… Not giving importance to the world.
It doesn’t mean to belittle it, because if I despise egregore,
I’m resisting it I am giving importance,
even if it seems not, I’m giving importance in belittling it. On the other hand, if I’m afraid
I give it importance because I am believing it has the power to harm me.
The balance is in to observe the egregore, whatever it is, because remember that they nest with each other, from the most local until we reach the world egregore,
the system, the matrix. Then, the key is to observe the
WITH NEUTRAL ATTENTION. By observing it with neutral attention
you don’t give it importance and neutralize the power of egregore. This knowledge is essential for
that you begin to experience True Freedom
[Music] and I leave this subject
so far for now, maybe in another video let’s dig a little deeper into this
topic of the egregores. All right, thank you very much for listening to me, and see you in another video. Bye. [Music]

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