What Is A Social Media Influencer? (Ep. 1) | Forbes

What Is A Social Media Influencer? (Ep. 1) | Forbes

well how long what's up what up what up on this episode hey guys we talked to here at Forbes this week on the business of influence we are going to talk about what it means and what it takes to be a social media what is a social-media influencer um oh come to me said someone who is doing a large amount of people and can brand themselves and then being able to they're wearing that shirt I want to go find my shirt and I want to buy that shirt so in 2010 late 2000 at my first video I basically do stance and sketches and blogs such I do everything I guess I'm Ariane bar and also known as baby Arielle I'm 16 years old and I'm a social media influences I'm musically I have about 18 million followers on Twitter I'm almost at six hundred out on Instagram I have about 6 million on YouTube I have 3 million I started Jerry about 60 years ago on tumblr I noticed like I could obviously leverage large followings I started to pick out like base targeting we have like a pizza account kind of doing things crispy shirt so just creates its own network of accounts and now we have about 20 of them there are like 30 million unique followers well like I think what people think impulses are just going to be allowing people to have you know and million followers and I think the opportunity really is in the hundreds of thousands right now we define micro as really 5,000 to 100,000 followers that a hundred thousand to a million is a mid-level influencer and then a million and up would be a macro and I think there's a perception that oh that's easy like anybody to go and film a video and upload speeds and there's a lot of artwork because for a lot of people illogical don't understand that this is a very tough career a tough life social media is open to anyone so anybody who is driven and feels like this is their passion and isn't what they want to do with the rest of their life of course they just come on and do it but it's something that not everybody may eat assess black there's a supply and demand issue it turns out that there's a lot of attractive people it turns out that there's a lot of fun people it turns out there's a lot of smart people when you can choose from 700,000 fitness models to promote your you know muscle milk all of a sudden you've got to change the economics on next week's episode there's a few different ways to make money off of uses over 50% of the channels are generating over this decision the closest is it's great all right guys thanks for tuning in and don't forget to subscribe you

41 thoughts on “What Is A Social Media Influencer? (Ep. 1) | Forbes

  1. "My passion is sitting in front of a camera to talk about myself, and hopefully get paid for it. Then I'll use that money to travel and do cool things, while also filming it and talking about myself."

  2. So I’m doing a speech on how social media influencers have a negative impact on society or on people …eeeeen

  3. Social media influencers are nothing more than oxygen thieves that should do the world a favor and remove themselves from this existence.

  4. As much as I can understand the viewpoint people have that these influencers are narcissists, you can't say that these individuals are entirely superficial and unskilled when they've marketed themselves in such a way that gains them millions of support worldwide – whilst you work a 9 to 5 job, they've cultivated a business for themselves by utilising a daily task (going on phone/hijab)

  5. Calling yourself an "Influencer" is basically just calling yourself a grifter, except I have more respect for the actual con artists.

  6. 1:56 “This is a very tough career.. [and] a tough life”

    Stfu. It’s full time narcissism. Go tell a nurse, a teacher, a police officer, etc. how “hard” you work.

  7. Narcissistic tendencies finding a platform on Social Media. That statement was influenced by facts and not your local Social Media Influenza.

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  10. You should take influencer auditor when engaging in influencer marketing, it saves you time by avoiding fake influencers

  11. Why do people base their research for buying new things on silly instagram photos of some random stranger you aint know

  12. Social media influencers has surely changed the marketing world. To adopt with the change business also adopt by being part of the social media trend. Influencers paired with phlanx is the best possible combo there is as of the moment.

  13. you actually think you can still pump out fake news and paint people any false way you want in 2017? Have you slimy , degenerate , perverted , lying , leftist fucks not heard of the internet? What's up with the deranged looking millennial Ellen robot? do you think young people are thinking "cool!"? haha…retards.

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