What Do Subwoofers Do? | Car Audio

What Do Subwoofers Do? | Car Audio

Hi my name is Movin On, and I’ve been working
in the field of car audio and mobile electronics for 8 over years. I’ve installed everything from navigation
systems to full car stereo systems, remote starters, alarms, and beyond. To learn more, visit our web site at www.movinon.com. Today I am going to be sharing my knowledge
of best car amplifier 4 channel and mobile electronics. In any musical environment there are highs,
mids, and lows. Highs are considered treble. Mids are usually vocals and snares and things
like that. And then lows, that is where your subwoofer
comes in. Now bass is not directional, which means that
anywhere that there is bass you can hear it from. So often times to add bass to a car stereo
we put what is called a subwoofer in to the trunk of the car of the car. From the trunk it sounds like it is coming
from everywhere inside the car. Unlike the little speakers that are up in
your dash, tweeters, or the woofers that are your door. Installing a subwoofer can help lighten the
load on your car stereo speakers by letting you play them flat and using the subwoofer
to pick up on all of those really low frequencies. Subwoofers come in all shapes and sizes. There are small subwoofers that you can fit
under a seat. There are big subwoofers that take up the
entire trunk. And there are subwoofers that are everything
in between. If you just want a little bit of bass in your
car you can add an eight inch subwoofer or a ten inch subwoofer. Some people get two twelves. Obviously the bigger the subwoofer the more
power you are going to need to make it move. Amplifiers are always going to be needed when
you add a subwoofer. If your car came with a high end sound system
chances are you have a small subwoofer built right in to it. You can usually tell if you look in your doors,
your front doors, and if you see if there are speakers in all four and you have some
extra ones in the rear deck. A typical car stereo is going to break up
if you turn up the bass too much. So often times the best option is to leave
the bass flat and add a small subwoofer to pick up the extra load. This way you can turn the car stereo up without
your music distorting and the subwoofer is going to pick up all the best car amplifier for bass . Because subwoofers are big and they move a
lot of air they can easily produce bass and give you music impact. It is going to make everything sound a little
bit louder and it is going to make your speakers job a little bit easier because they are not
going to pick up those low frequencies that they are not designed to handle.

59 thoughts on “What Do Subwoofers Do? | Car Audio

  1. I have a question. O'm thinking to install two 12-inch subs in a dual ported box inside my trunk. The entire cost at cartoys isaroud $700. Is that the right price if not then wheres the best place to purchase subs? Other than my questions your video was very informational and taught me a lot. Thanks!

  2. even at low freq they sometimes do nothing lol, i have another little amp for computer, but that thing makes my sub hit 1 hz, my other amplifier, a bigger one, doesnt even make it to 25 😮

  3. Alles wat ik zou kunnen bedenken is opnieuw de bedrading doen en kijken of de voeding klopt, en anders iemand ernaar laten kijken die er echt verstand van heeft of er een opleiding in gedaan heeft. En anders tijd voor een nieuwe amp :/

  4. False statement made by him " bigger the subwoofer more power it needs" thats false, not all subs that are 15s can take alot of power, i know some 12s that needs alot of power like the kicker s12x which is 10,000 watts peak or 12" T3 audio sub that can burp @ 30,000 watts

  5. @dtdrpepperguy you right its funny because i knew hiw much rms it was but i thought this was a new sub but i was wrong its only 5000 watts peak/ 2500 rms, but the t3 audio sub is legit

  6. Dude I have been hooking this shit up for a while too and as far as I know. No matter what if you an aftermarket deck it will add bass to your sub woofer. You don't need to change your aftermarket deck unless you want to for crying out loud. You can adjust the bass and other stuff on the deck dumbass.

  7. not true just its passing its safe area. its like me saying I can lift 40 easy like 200 times or more and then 80 but only less amount.
    so in a way yes you can destroy your sub but not true if it does not go over peak. that's what the peak is for. but not for normal use. more on the lines for bass racing or burping the sub. that's what its really would be used for. and for short amount of time.

  8. I am getting a pioneer shallow 10 and a Pioneer GM-D8601
    Mono subwoofer amplifier — 800 watts RMS at 1 ohm. would I need a separate battery?!

  9. what do sub woofers do for car stero? lol Sub woofers distort the sound and make the car vibrate. Like this guy said, adding some bass is ok, but anything more is a waste of money for the following reasons: 1) There are not any natural music notes at that tone. 2) Loud distorted bass will cause hearing loss to the listener. 3) When you drive around town with your car vibrating, you are bothering everyone else in the vicinity of your car. 4) Large subs take up too much storage space.

  10. So do I get like a normal car battery and put it under the seat? By the way I have very little room to work with. (truck)

  11. I guess it depends in what woofers are used for. Either they just add some bass to have fidelity or make a lot of pointless noise. Depends on the person's taste. I rather have fidelity than just noise.

  12. I hear them all the time when someone drives through the canyon behind my house. The technology is incredible as the speakers really carry the sound. I wouldn't have them in my car, but I would love to have them in a home theater.

  13. What do subwoofers do? They bring all the BizNiz MEN round sniffin' at my Boom Boom Butt thats' what they do,aight? Mmmm

  14. Thanks for your vid..i jist brought a car and it has a sub woofer in it… As i dont want it, i am in the process of taking it out..need some advise pl. ..It is in the back (car is a camry station wagon). Following the wires, they go under seat (discinnected ground here) along side of car and so far into the glovebox..or just underneath. Next stage is to get ontoback of radio i guess. Anyway, once i have the radio out, can i just disconnect the wires and that's it? Will the radio still work as normal..? Thanks for sny advice

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