What Caused the First World War?

What Caused the First World War?

What caused the devastating First World War? You may be aware of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This was, in fact, the trigger which set off the war from a number of underlying causes. These were: Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism. Militarism created an arms race out of competition and fear of neighboring nations. Germany tried to compete in a naval race with Britain, building more and more ships. Alliances were created to check the balance of power between nations. in 1882, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy formed the Triple Alliance. France, Britain, and Russia reacted in 1907 by creating the Triple Entente. Imperialism caused another type of competition and disagreement. The British and French empires made Germany jealous as it tried to colonize parts of Africa. Nationalism created the feeling that countries were better than others, and promoted the anti-Austro-Hungarian sentiments in Serbia. Seven young Bosnian Serbs, who were part of the nationalist Black Hand, planned to assassinate Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary. Get your copy of Simple History: World War I, available on Amazon now.

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  1. The triple entente wasn't an alliance, more of friendly agreement. Hence why Britain didn't declare was until Germany invaded Belgium

  2. I Just wanted to tell those albanians and other haters that you should take anothet look. What about If Serbia didn't start it?

  3. Oh you had to say it!!! They were not members of the black hand!!! They were members of young bosnia!!! They were merely friends of a member of the black hand . They were armed by the black hand but they were not members . Get it fucking straight!!! Listen to Sleepwalkers if you want to know in depth the backstory it is very complex and very interesting. Most every video I see on here is lacking in comparison.

  4. Ottoman Empire stabbed Germany in the back .. That's why they lost … They ended up doing the deal with the british … Which was pointless because they didn't get the independence they was promised lol … Fucked up

  5. Militarism


  6. Funny how nationalism is said to be part of the problem and not globalism considering all major waring nations were ruled by the same family.

  7. Let's just say satan is behind all the wars.. I feel sorry for y'all whites because of what Adam in eve DID satan became king over yall..

  8. This is who behind all the wars.

    Then Satan said to Adam, "Do you think that when I have promised one
    something that I would actually deliver it to him or fulfil my word?
    Of course not.  For I myself have never even thought of obtaining what
    I promised.

    6 Therefore I fell, and I made you fall by that for which I myself
    fell; and with you also, whosoever accepts my counsel, falls thereby.

    7 But now, O Adam, because you fell you are under my rule, and I am
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    8 Again he said, "Because we do not know the day agreed on with you by
    your God, nor the hour in which you shall be delivered, for that reason
    we will multiply war and murder on you and your descendants after you.

  9. So my guess is that everyone in the comment section doesn't copy and paste or read something about it in an article and pass it off as their own opinion

  10. WWIII: PewDiePie vs. T-Series
    That is where the “MAIN” word came from

  11. So the result of human envy, fear, and the feel of being better than other countries led to ww1 how petty of us.

  12. Before I watch this video I would guess.System of alliances between many of the great powers of Europe.A rise of nationalism for young men to join the army and fight for the glory and honor of their nation.Imperialism since most wars at that point had been a excuse to grab each others territories outside of Europe but also some boundary changes in Europe.And (one of my instructors listed this.) The attempt by some of the "old" empires to regain the lost glory they once held cause obviously a war would bring that. Besides the tensions that were already in place and the Concert of Europe trying its best to prevent war.

  13. Answer: Talmudic international central banksters orchestrated pretty much all the wars of the last 150 years

  14. Can you understand that Austria-Hungary wanted to become bigger, like every other big force in that time. Austria-Hungary was the weakest "Big Force". They didn't have a single place to make their country bigger… expect the south, Serbia.

    So, from independence of Serbia in 1878., Austria-Hungary were doing a enormous pressure to Serbia. They wanted a war to destroy us completely.

    They needed a Casus Belli…

    And it happened on 28th June 1914. in Sarajevo.

    Like the video said, just the trigger was assasination.

    But, the real cause was very, very deeper…

  15. Black hand didn't assassinate France Ferdinand, it was movement called Young Bosnia, black hand in the other hand assassinated Serbian king after the war

  16. There were also many other base reasons
    Such as: the instability of Austria-Hungary and the ottoman empire

  17. Thats not so simple!, Germany go in war becose manufacture bosses beliafes they won with anyone. Other things are international organisations who wants this war for end of Imperial Era.

  18. YOU DON'T KNOW !!!!


  19. Pfff, World war 1 was caused by Mary Ann, she wished that Arch Duke franz Ferdinand would be shot, that's why Cosmo and Wanda left her.

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