WH Tension: Bolton Clashes With Mulvaney As Trump Bribery Claims Go Public | MSNBC

WH Tension: Bolton Clashes With Mulvaney As Trump Bribery Claims Go Public | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “WH Tension: Bolton Clashes With Mulvaney As Trump Bribery Claims Go Public | MSNBC

  1. 10:42 Look, my client did in fact shoot at the victim, but he missed. So no foul done here. (to be read with a Sopranos accent)

  2. SO according to Haley and other GOP'ers attempted bribery and/or conspiracy to bribe even if not followed through is not a crime.
    I guess they have never actually looked up what is and what is not a criminal offence

  3. How's come you democraps never mention Rachel Mancow's big expose' of Trump's tax return 2 years ago? Why, it's almost like you never heard of it!!!……..lol

  4. To sum up what has happened here is that Trump on his "Executive Time" saw Fox and others pushing a conspiracy that the democratic server and the roots of the interference in 2016 all were in Ukraine. Trump instead of listening to his vast intelligence network choose to listen to the "News" he obtained from Fox and decided to extort Ukraine. This is a man who will lie about the weather.

  5. Americans are too dumb to understand what "quid quo Pro" means… So says the superior race of people who pose as Americans. How do people tolerate such brilliance and specialness in their midst?

  6. This election has made one thing VERY clear, to anybody who can tie their shoes. With democraps, it's THEIR way or the highway!!…Word!

  7. Extortion weather it was successful
    or not is still Extortion .. Just because this administration is so inept that
    they cant even commit extortion without getting caught doesn’t get them off the

  8. Bribery and extortion of a foreign country for personal gain is not an impeachable offense? Really GOP? Is that where you are? WTF is wrong with you idiots? This wasn't just a phone call. It was a month's long coordinated plan involving Mulvaney, Giuliani, Pompeo, and others to put the pieces in place. Instead of acting as leaders, Republican politicians are now as stupid and ignorant as the most ill-informed and hateful voters in their party.

  9. You guys are so fare off the truth its sickening. The way u try to get people to be leave your spin it is funny . You guys have changed what he has done like 6 or 7 times in just 6 days . This is to funny . Reminds me of the Russia hoax you guys
    tried pushing

  10. It's as if Repubs think spinning in place reveals god's word. Okay, go this way. Then spin again and god says something different. Yekk.

  11. News: man kills other man
    Republicans: yea murder is bad, but I don’t think he should go to prison, the guy was a bad man. 😂😂😂😂

  12. From day one, this entire administration has been nothing but a 20 layer cake of corruption, lies, obstruction, and cover-up. Put all of them in jail and throw away the key!

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  14. The GOP can't defend Trump and themselves on their merits, they don't have any merits. They can't put country and Constitution first. As an Independent …. Never Trump, never GOP.

  15. This Nation will find it hard to rid it's self of the shame this failed president has created from the tormenting of our dreamers to the division of our social standards and norm's and our treatment of nations worldwide that have watched trump destroy our values as people and as American's, we are not racist's, we are not red or blue, we are American's that believe in a better tomorrow for all in our nation, we believe doing what's right is the only way to do something, we are a nation of people's that work support and lean on each other as friends and neighbor's in times of woe even though we complain about your barking dog love is intended, hate has no place in America and never will get a solid footing for as an American we must destroy hatred and replace it with civility and show that to those that need to learn it, our nation losing four years wasting four years covering rants on twitter and tantrums while in flight arguing over hookers lies and scams has been a total bummer, we can't let it keep going this way.

  16. The Quid pro quo was a Republican point. The dems said from jump the asking was impeccable. The reps then said Quid pro and the dems said there is that TOO

  17. Trump did so much more than ask for a favor! He has been running scams all of his life! Hopefully he will be impeached and then once out of office – indicted for falsifying tax returns and other things. After that let's lock him up!

  18. The obvious rebuttal to Nikki Haley's assertion that the aid did Flo without the quid pro quo it's simply that the aid did not flow until after the whistleblowers complaint was presented to Bill Barr a d o j and Bill Barr intern let Trump know what was going on and then ba was released cuz Trump knew he was in trouble.

  19. The aid to Ukraine was released on either September 11th or September 12th I think it was the 11th which was 2 days after The whistleblower complaint was given to Bill Barr. Barr let Trump know what was going on told him about the complaint and Trump knew he was in trouble so he released the aid

  20. When Trump offered help, liberal socialist Obrador said this, "The cartel needs HUGS not bullets!!" That's the whacked mindset we're dealing with, folks.

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  22. Industry workers have been well trained on pro quo with respect to their jobs. This term is not mysterious like you think. Not a housewife.

  23. @AM
    Don't forget Conspiracy as that drags in a lot of the Perps as well who were aiding and abetting Dumpty's scheme to throw Biden off the Train.
    2020's Breathing Down Dumpty's Neck!!!

  24. Seems he is going with, 'I can't be guilty because I am the Commander in chief'. He can try to reject the truth, but a few of our monarchs in the UK tried that one'. Didn't go too well….

    The final defense of, 'I am too stupid to have done this'. Seem possible?

    It might be too much for the trumpster but if jail is on the cards….

    we can dream haha

  25. Republicans used to be conservative but now they are throwing pizza pie boxes on the floor for whatever reason I don’t know

  26. What about the Lindsey Graham defense, that he can't credit or find out if the White House has a coherent foreign policy at all, affectionately known as the "You can't convict the President because he's a moron" defense?

  27. It is stated very specifically in the US Constitution that bribery is in fact an impeachable offense. It's right up there with treason.

  28. Ari – Dude… You're a lawyer. You just said it was "legal-ish". Yikes. It's entirely not legal. You're giving the Republican party the fuel to auction off things to internationals for dirt on local politicians. Now it becomes something future presidents and their non-state minions will attempt regardless of party affiliation. You've opened the door to attacks against our Constitution. What the heck are you doing?! It needs to be nipped in the bud now. Stop even implying it's even seemingly legal. It's not. Extortion on the part of the president at the cost of our country is illegal. Intent is obvious. Fix this, sir.

  29. Trump is a known bully. He tried to bully the new pres of Ukraine. How could you do more damage to US foriegn policy? Maybe give up Syria to Russia. Nancy was right. All roads with him lead to Putin.

  30. 45 Committed Extortion And Bribery For His Own Personal Gain… 45 His A Risk For The United States Of America And The Free World National Security…

  31. How Many People Are Imprisoned For Attempt Robbery Or Any Other Crimes. Not Because They Didn't Finish The Act Its The Intent.

  32. Again the question…how much bribery is too much for an elected official to suborn before becoming criminal or impeachable? In most honorable governments it is a zero tolerance because of its corruptive effects.

  33. They did pull it off…for months…the only reason the aid was released was because the plot was discovered and exposed in the whistleblowers complaint. They didn't come to a reckoning that freezing the aid was wrong, it was the fact the jig was up that provoked the release of the funds.

  34. Listen.
    There is a chance that Trump is for all tense and purposes, the only one in DC who isn’t a Globalist DeepState Stooge.

  35. Religion is use to control weak minds. Why are we not concern that people are sleeping in snow in America. Americans spend time pointing out fault of people who are never meet while ignoring the germy racist we live with. Racist are so obsessed with their war against black people until they lost the role as super power to China. I love it. These psychotic, ignorant. Arrogant, coward bullies are going to lose it when they learn the truth. They will continue to implode. Murder of blacks is a sport in America,

  36. SO if someone tries an ASSASSINATION and it fails NO charges will be made and Trump will just forget and forgive…………RIGHT? hahahahahahahahaha, so says the TOOTH FAIRY and the MADD HATTER!!!!!

  37. Impeached on intent ? How unfair , because his plan didn't work he must not be impeached . Planning to committ a crime is not a crime last i heard Lol

  38. How can planning a crime be Illegal go trump 2020. The Dems are hysterical . Tds . Just kidding . His supporters are actually criminals or brainwashed cult members like Ted Nugent.

  39. For anyone still clinging to the hope that Nikki Haley was the still-beating heart and conscience of, or, indeed, in any manner better than the eunuchs Trump has created throughout what once was, the Republican Party – bad news.

  40. Join the Ted Nugent guns club. After Trump is gone Raids on Ted Nugents and Timothy McVeighs of this world must be done carefully and thoughtfully . Ted Nugent types represent a present and growing danger. Suppressing these types must done by disarming them , disarming them might mean smsll wars that will have to take place to destroy these weekend warrior militias .The government stuffed up at ruby Ridge etc and must be careful how it goes about cleaning up military assault weapons. People are emboldened now and will protect their guns like it's a matter of life and death. It will be a very emasculating experience for Ted Nugent types of this world .

  41. IMO, Pelosi believes Republicans will win support with the "inappropriate" vs "impeachable" argument. I think she wants it that way. I think she's ignoring other impeachable conduct which was being investigated before this Ukraine scandal broke out, putting all her eggs in this one Ukraine basket, and opposing fighting for enforcement of subpoenas in the courts because she wants Trump to remain in office until the end of his term. She has done everything she could to undermine the House's cases against Trump until this Ukraine scandal came up. At that point she HAD to allow a floor vote on the impeachment inquiry. And since then, she has even publicly stated that it wasn't a vote to make the impeachment process official!

    Someone in the House needs to threaten her with a resolution of no confidence. That person should tell her that he/she is going to point all the things Pelosi has done to insure that Trump doesn't get removed from office. She is trying to put party over country just as badly as the Republicans are. She's playing pure politics with this and abrogating her Constitutional duty. Supporters of impeachment have praised her for being so smart and tactical. Well, yeah, she is, but not in the way they're praising her for. I think she should be removed as Speaker of the House and replaced with someone who will actually kick some butt on this.

  42. I think the Republicans Party. prepared a cue, to take over the country. The plan seems to be , to eliminate all other parties, especially the Democrats. They may have been planning it for a long time, that’s why they backed up Trump, because they new he is Power Hungry.

  43. Some reporters didn´t learn from the Mueller report, and are still desregarding the facts and the law, in favour of the show business. It is only a part of it.

  44. She said that BRIBERY was one of the two impeachable crimes specifically named in our Constitution.
    The other is TREASON.

    The authors took it THAT seriously. Will we?

  45. Please, PLEASE, Ari! Go back to Jan. 19th, when Rudi Julie first pressured the DoS to hand corrupt non-Prosecutor Gerneral Shokin a visitor’s Visa to the US!!!

  46. AND … he bribed the Ukrainian president WITH OUR @#$%ing TAX DOLLARS!!!!

    Which apparently he pays NO TAXES!!!

    That really makes me SO angry!

  47. OK, the Impeachment vote gets taken and even on party lines, Pelosi has the votes to impeach. The case goes to the Senate for a vote for/against conviction; Lindsey Graham is already saying he will not be an "honest juror", indicating that he will not vote to convict Trump in any case. He only needs thirty three other Senators to take that line and it's over- no conviction, all the effort for nothing- maybe, just maybe it will cripple Trump's re election, but I doubt it will even raise any eyebrows among his base; as a matter of fact it will likely trigger them to bring all their kinfolk to the polls. The one chance the Democratic party ever had to eliminate Trump and his cronies is at the ballot box, and it will likely need the biggest "get out the vote" campaign ever mounted to pull it off. Afterwards, if the DNC doesn't get it's act together and purge some of it's stinkers and become the party that can get the nations business done, the Trumplicans will be right back. None of this is a guess, no tea leaf reading- this is where we are and where we are going. Trump wanted or said he wanted to be a change agent- he wasn't a change agent for the betterment of the US, but he may become the monster under the bed that forces the Democratic party to change for the better- and I hope to a more centrist philosophy that gets us away from these disastrous swings from far left to far right.FR PS; We have to do better in the statehouse races also- this is where the Reps real deep power base is, especially in the traditional South. In my state the legislature has looked a lot like this bunch in DC for quite a while.

  48. If the people who call themselves Republicans in the United States Senate do not vote to remove Trump from the office of the President of the United States, those individuals should be required to Register as Agents of the Russian Government. They must also be removed from the United States Senate, because they will have demonstrated that they no longer represent the States that elected them, unless those States also represent the Russian Government.

  49. It is not Bribery!!! It is Extortion!!! The Aid Package was withheld for a considerable period of time by Trump after the Aid Package was approved.

  50. The entire World praises GOD to have the American People elect such a Stable Genius President becoming Kaiser of the Empire. To keep Peace on earth by creating such wonderful KinderGardenGames to paralyze the great Nation of USA. Praise the Lord!

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