We have a friend called Mussels, who is a
mussels farmer in Melbourne, Victoria he’s also a rock n roll encyclopedia and he
told us we should come to Vietnam to see King Khan playing on a riverboat cruise It’s a culture shock to us because i believe from a capitalist country to a still communist country you kind of have a different feeling about everything it’s pretty good, you can have a motorbike which is nice you don’t have to have any paper work so you can buy it for cash and ride around is really hard to cross the street it’s not
that hard in Switzerland but you know people all over the world they are actually the same but in switzerland you can say they have everything and they don’t see nothing anymore here they don’t have that much and they see a lot this is probably the big difference this is the first night it’s incredible! very great site we’re on the fucking Mekong with the garbage and all the rest and here we are, on a river in Vietnam fantastic! is fantastic! I never experienced it before very interesting because many people dancing so the floor was bouncing boat party was very cool and after it we went here to Arcan and 3 bands tough playing and was very emotional in Vietnam our show maybe good but i think we can do more loud and more powerful more energy you like the other bands in Vietnam? i forget the band name but Singapore band Urgent Matter yes, they are good
Urgent Matter very good very good yeah what is your main inspiration as a band? i think we’re inspired by the struggle that
we live in Singapore what do you mean? everything, the cost of living, the cops,
police state basically just to stay alive in Singapore, to make ends meet, is very… it’s a struggle and i think being like minorities it’s a major thing we write about … you know, stuff that punk do cops, government,
apocalypse, fascist… all this stuff, yeah this festival is in Asia but all the bands
are from all around the world so it’s nice to meet everybody. i think the festival is great
i think everyone’s enjoying themselves and we meet new people i think it’s well organized… awesome. quite diverse bands, it’s nice yeah we should have a beer together i mean
you’re interviewing us but we should hang out it’s really cool to see all this people from all over the world getting together and listening to some rock n roll together… it’s really cool this is my first time in Vietnam I always wanted to come here I always wanted to try the food food’s been really amazing here and it’s somewhere i always wanted to come we’re very happy we’re doing this there are so many good bands honestly i’m excited to see every band on this festival tonight we play with Urgent Matter Stompin’ Riffraffs are definitely on my list of bands to see so i’m excited to play with them and party with them and to hear the music

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  1. You did 't show any Việt Nam bands. Why no Cut Lon, no District 105? Why no have that marvelous The Monsters performance? Make one more video please or better upload some raw footage!

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