32 thoughts on “We're all gonna make it: Doomer Nationalism

  1. "You too have known loss, and that loss torments you still. You hope that hatred might one day replace the pain. But it never goes away. It makes a man hideous, inside and out!"

    Sound familiar?

  2. I hate Bruce. I prefer Culturcide's parody but ok. but yea I get your gist. I'd consider myself part of this train of thought.

  3. This comment section. The best. Pretty soon the doomer world will be infected and subverted by another one of them. I do have a feeling that you guys will know who is a liar.

  4. Man you really covered every base. Even fat fucking Lenny eating the egg. Well done, I'm impressed.

  5. when is the race war starting, and when will society collapse?
    i don't care who wins, i just wanna live in the fallout.

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