Welcome to Sweden

Welcome to Sweden

Hey, welcome to Sweden.
This is the number one rape capital of Europe. Some say that this is because Sweden is very progressive
and aware of destructive patriarchal norms which is why our definition of rape is broader than in other countries and more considerate to the victims. Others say that it is because of our massive levels of immigration where we import thousands of people from countries in the Middle East and Africa. places that don’t really have the best views on women’s rights but it doesn’t matter who is right.
We will never know who is right because we aren’t allowed to talk about it. Here in Sweden everything is considered racist. We now officially have the highest level of immigration
in relation to the population here in Europe. And yet it’s considered racist to suggest
that we should decrease immigration. Even though there is a lack of housing and has been for quite some time. We have an increasing number of immigrant beggars on our streets and yet it’s considered racist to suggest that we should ban the begging or try to get their own country to take care of them. I know that the definition of racism doesn’t really apply to
people asking for money but it doesn’t matter this is Sweden. Everything is racist and nobody ever has to explain why
because the power lies within the accusation and not the facts. Our former prime minister said that Sweden belongs to the immigrants and not the ethnic population. That it’s what the immigrants make of Sweden which is Sweden. In another interview he said that every development of Swedish culture has happened thanks to outside influences and that Swedishness in its primary state is just barbarism. As if everyhting positive about Sweden is only thanks to immigration and that Swedes have only contributed with oppression and madness. This fucking asshole ran the country for eight years until 2014. He also used to be the head of the Conservative Party. Do you think that perhaps the new head of the Conservative Party is any better? No, not really.
This is what she had to say about Islamic state terrorists. We need to look at how to prevent radicalization amongst the youth. The important thing is that there needs to be fewer who can become victims of violence. If you get recruited as a terrorist to practice lethal violence
then you too are a victim of violence. The former leader for the Social Democrats
and our current organizer against terrorism and political extremism has said that Swedish people have no culture, no history, no identity. Only immigrants do and that Swedes have to be integrated into new Sweden Because the so-called old Sweden isn’t coming back. She has also said that there’s too many white people in her party and that if two people who are equally qualified apply to a job where there are few immigrants. Then the one named Mohammed should get the job
because in Sweden it should be considered a plus to be non-Swedish. This is also the same woman who thinks it’s a good idea to rehabilitate returning ISIS terrorist with jobs and therapy and housing. It’s pretty amazing how both the right-wing and the left-wing seem to hate Sweden and love terrorists. They view jihadists as innocent victims who just turned to terrorism because Sweden was so racist so they just need to be cuddled into redemption and everything will be fine. Help me America I am scared. The Swedes are the most self-loathing people on the entire globe. I have never come across a country where nationalism is one of the biggest taboos… to the point where it’s considered to be racism because if you love your own country and your own culture the most then you don’t love other peoples as much and that’s not equal. That’s not progressive but nationalism is only ugly when Swedes express it. When immigrants express a desire, a will to preserve their identity and their culture then it’s charming because remember they are the ones with the culture… not the Swedes. 58% of the Swedish population now think that immigration is too large and yet only one out of the eight parties in Parliament want to decrease immigration. most of our politicians and journalists don’t live anywhere near the multicultural ghettos. They live in all white all Swedish areas and yet they are telling everyone else that they need to accept the multicultural dream When the only foreigner they ever meet is the Arab making them a pizza in another neighborhood. Malmö is a Swedish town where swedes are technically a minority because little more than 50% of the population have a foreign background. At the same time this is the town that Jewish people are running away from because they don’t feel safe there anymore. It has a high amount of hate crimes against Jews and it’s not white nazis that are responsible for it. It’s immigrants from the Middle East who decided it’s a good idea to hate all Jewish people for what a small group of Jews in the Israeli government is doing to Palestine. But you know what nobody really wants to talk about that either they don’t want to acknowledge that immigrants can be racist towards each other because that would ruin the political narrative of immigrants as oppressed and Swedish
people as privileged oppressors. But do you know what the most amazing thing about Sweden is? We have immigrants who are conservatives, libertarians, right-wing and so on… It is not uncommon for these to be called house niggas or Uncle Tom by the political left because in their leftist minds… right-wing politics strike the hardest against minorities Such as immigrants, blacks and women. So if you’re an immigrant and you’re right-wing then you
are a race traitor. I too have been called a house nigger because I refuse to be a cultural relativist because I think that Sweden’s immigration policy is absurd and needs to change because in addition to higher immigration than we can handle, it is also considered racist to demand that immigrants should assimilate like for instance the greeting quarrel. An incident where a radical Muslim was supposed to work in internship at the integration units but when he showed up he refused to shake hands with his boss because she’s a woman. Apparently his religion forbids it. She informed him that he had to be able to shake hands with everyone when working there because it’s customary as a greeting. But he got offended and reported her to discrimination board. Before his case was even tried the town politicians paid him 30,000 Swedish crowns to settle the case and drop the charges. Apparently it’s discrimination to not allow an immigrant to discriminate against women and as I’m sure you can guess the feminists were nowhere to be found when this happened. Funny how the people who love screaming about every day sexism are nowhere to be seen. When it comes to the most blatant sexism but hey that’s cultural relativism for ya. I came here as a war refugee when I was a child. My family fled the war in the Balkans. I am very grateful for my chance to a new life and of course I would like every single war refugee in the world to get the same chance that I got. But there simply aren’t enough resources. So I would like if another country could take them in instead. A country where they have a better sense of responsibility. A country that doesn’t have this high immigration. Countries where the migration board doesn’t give citizenships to asylum seekers who already have a residence permit in a different country Or asylum seekers who have no papers whatsoever or why not that case where an Arab shot someone dead in Lebanon and decided that he wanted to apply for a residence permit in Sweden Because he didn’t feel like going to jail. And eventually had it approved by the Supreme Court of Migration because he was at risk for inhuman or humiliating treatment in Lebanon. Countries where the politicians aren’t afraid to stand up for values such as equality, secularism and humanism. You see our politicians hold everyone up these demands and standards except for immigrants it’s more or less allowed for immigrants to be racist, sexist and nationalist. So if you ask me when it comes to immigration
I think that we need to click pause for a second and figure our shit the fuck out and if that makes me a house nigger well then LAWDY BOSS, allow me to shine your shoes. At least I’m not the only one, this newly-arrived asylum seeker asked the same thing many of us have been thinking. Why are Swedish politicians taking in so many immigrants
When there isn’t even housing and jobs to go around My videos up until now have all been in Swedish, they do have English subtitles. So feel free to watch them but subscribe because every now and then, every once in a while I will be making a video in English to show you all the absurdity taking place in the mangina capital of the world. Because you see…
Sweden is what Tumblr would look like if it was a country.

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  1. Hey folks, I'd just like to thank everyone supporting me via swish, subscribestar and patreon.

    You've kept my channel going thus far and I really appreciate it. Everyone else who wants to help keep this up, take a look at links below:

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    And check out my other English reports, I assure you there is plenty of madness you haven't heard of: http://bit.ly/1RVPX8D

    But I do not believe this country to be doomed. If I did, I wouldn't be speaking up.
    There is a growing resistance towards political correctness, which spans from the left to the right. What Sweden needs more than anything is for ordinary people to speak up.
    An instruction manual for how to improve your quality of life, and verbal skills, can be found here: http://bit.ly/1R5wLV2

    Also, anyone who gets depressed by my videos needs to see this: https://youtu.be/FplS6LpHetI
    I know that I focus a lot on the negative, but that's because everyone else already focuses on the positive.
    Sweden has been painted up as a socialist utopia all across the world, and that just isn't true. While there are really good things about this country, there are also really bad things, and you can't fix the problems unless you highlight them to begin with.

    That is my role, to create a counter-weight to the mainstream and balance things out.
    Yin yang baby.

  2. Good for you my friend. It isn't just Sweden believe me the whole world is being held hostage buy these Muslim pieces of crap. I say we all get together as a world group and send them all back to where they came from. They don't belong and our country your country or any country except for where they came from. You're right they're not happy in those countries because they can't get everything for free. And lay on their lazy butts and rape women. Hate is a terrible word. But more and more I feel this towards these people. Politically correct would be for these people to go back to where they came from talk their own language and have their own laws. We don't want their laws and I'm sure you don't want their laws. And you're absolutely right it's the same here in America the same people that live and a walled community of filthy rich want all of the immigrants illegal is a matter fact that don't adhere to our culture do not even try to speak our language and fly their flag instead of the American flag. It's appalling. And it's not just them it was Obama and other world leaders and other billionaires that are trying to ruin the world. Because they're a bunch of big spoiled brat babies because they couldn't get one world order. Thank God we can still bear arms just in case some Nut Job politician wants to try to take over the American people they will be in for something they're not ready for. So get together Stand Together strong and pray. The thing that they hate the most is the truth.

  3. You know what what you're saying is what's going on all over the world it's a mirrored situation in a lot of countries at this point. If something isn't done now we will not have any Sovereign countries left. So we have to all stick together. I feel your pain my brother. God Bless America God bless President Trump and God bless you for doing what you're doing.

  4. They need to go back to their own countries and rebuild them. Awesome Americans have sent billions of dollars over there in the Middle East so that they can rebuild but they're too damn lazy to do that. I've never seen such a lazy bunch of idiots that think they're entitled to take over someone else's country.

  5. The only good thing about Brazil being not that good at economy is that isn't getting attention of these people…

  6. Thanks for telling the throgh the swedish must take their Country back otherwise is lost to a Islamik Country

  7. Conservative party in Sweden and North America are polar opposites. You know, you're not Hitler just because you value your country and its culture.

  8. Brt moj why are you wearing a white shirt? It gets stained as soon as you put it on and you went to a forest, except if it isn't green screen, and if it is its quality is fucking do jaja

  9. Urm i dont wanna sound rude, but are all swedish man castrated? And if not, then why the fuck dont they do anything?

  10. I really don't like these types of videos, but I'm not gonna dislike it because I believe that all of your arguments are totally valid. Thanks for telling me about these thing bro.

  11. Sweden should just stop accepting refugees, that ways you dont have to worry about islamic thugs raping beautiful Swedish women. Also I'm starting to think I it was all a plan for the radical islamic parties to take over european culture. Some one correct me? And I mean it pls I need to be put in my place becuase I'm ignorant and have no knowledge of political points of view. I'm not being sarcastic.

  12. Will be very interesting to see how Sweden ends, because it would be the proof about if the left always destroyes countries or as the left says, all is propaganda by white supremacists. Although will be more interesting, the lie that the left is gonna tell to the world in order to avoid responsibilities as usual. 😂

  13. Im glad to see there are people in Sweden fighting back. However, even though politically speaking women are sometimes referred to as a minority THERE ARE A MAJORITY. There are more women than men, which also means they have more political power than men, because most women are liberals.

  14. Can you imagine Dear Sweedish People ,Not so long ago the rest of us ,use to think you were an ideal country , something to be looked up to , now we avert our eyes in despair !

  15. The politicians mentioned in this excellent video…these are lizards in human guise. I've seen the unbelievably vile and mind blowing things these politicians have been saying for many years now but every instance still comes as a shock. A sense of unreality hits me in a wave and I at times feel physically detached and dizzy. Then the rage hits. A black all consuming rage which I have to pull back from quickly. Quite frankly any means necessary is morally justified. Those people prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice I completely understand and applaud it.


  17. UK is following Sweden… Europe is such a shithole at this point. Time to run to the US. At least they aren’t pussies.

  18. Let me show you what 45 years of immigration by the "special cult "brought my former home country, I left couldn't stand the BS anymore.https://opsporingverzocht.avrotros.nl/most-wanted/#/&sort=datetime:desc&page=1&layout=block a non Western immigrant is 44 times more likely to commit a crime as a native. Good luck Sweden, you are facing a war.

  19. I'm sorry mate but Sweden is lost. In 30 years Swedes will be a hated minority in their own country. Your leaders have killed you and they'll walk away into a life of luxury.

  20. Show me 1 Muslim country that isn’t a hell hole for the common man and woman. Secondly show me 1 country that Muslims have immigrated to that wasn’t destroyed! Better yet how about 1 city! London nope, Paris nope well you get the point! Just stating facts nothing else! Not sorry your triggered!

  21. Schweden geht genau wie Deutschland unter!Andere Länder in Europa mit hohem Migrantenanteil folgen! Und alles das geschieht,weil die Führer es befohlen haben!Die innere Sicherheit ist in Frankreich,Schweden Belgien und Deutschland gefährdet!

  22. It sounds like the United Nations' Migratory Pact has been joined by Sweden, which is the United Nations' first step toward your country being a part of the New Word Order. From there, or before, the Agendas 21 & 30 will be the goals. Look up in Google "The United Nations' Migratory Pact," "The United Nations and the New World Order," and "The New World Order with its Agendas 21 & 30." The Globalists goal is to depopulate to no more than 500 million people on earth, which means that several billion people around the world are in the plans to be killed. To get an idea of what to look for in Sweden, look at what the Deep State Democrats have been trying to do in the U.S. in the following videos on YouTube:
    "FEMA Death Camps"
    "Coffins and Caskets in Texas"
    "Coffins and Caskets in Georgia"
    "Why Guillotines?"
    All of that is what Obama did during his 8 years as president, as part of the Obama/Hillary "16-Year Plan." Hillary was supposed to finish the plan by rounding us up and killing us. That is one of the reasons why the Democrats are so upset about Trump winning the presidency. Their plans have been delayed, hopefully forever. THAT is what the plan is all over the world by the United Nations, as they, gradually, take control of the world, and implement the New World Order. President Trump is fighting against this happening in the U.S. These people, you will read about, worship Lucifer. They are Satanic, and they sacrifice babies and young children. They are, also, pedophiles and pedophors (eat children), are involved in child sex trafficking, human trafficking, and they torture and kill children for the "drug" adrenochrome (which is released in the bloodstream of a tortured child), and for the harvest of their organs to sell. President Trump signed a bill last October 2018 to stop crimes against children, human trafficking, etc. He has been working with other countries to put a stop to crimes against children. On October 1st, 2019, he will be able to go after the Child Protective Services and the Foster Care Program in the U.S., which are just "fronts" for child sex trafficking. Please share this information. They need to be stopped around the world, because they are torturing and killing children now, and they plan to kill most of the people on earth, as they gain control of the countries of the world, and implement their New World Order with a one world government and one world justice system. Those, who are not killed, will be slaves to the "elite." The word "racist" is "thrown out" by the radical Leftists in the U.S., whenever they are not agreed with, but the people, who do that, are the "racists," always complaining about "white people." It is clear that the New World Order is where your country is heading. Your leaders don't care, if the different peoples fight and kill each other. Then they won't have to do the killing.

  23. Kudos to Poland and Hungary. Leaders of those two countries are the only ones sane enough to run a country. Hat off to them as they take no shit from the EU.

  24. In the US u can’t even wear ur flag without getting cussed at or beat up because ur “racist” for loving ur country.

  25. if this stuff will continue like this, I'll have to ask for asylum in belarus,rusia or poland(the only white countries in europe).😫😧😧😧

  26. Im lucky to live in chile right now and soon ecuador, good countries and never seen a woman wearing a hijab or mosques over here. for them(latinos) is weird to see a woman wearing a hijab.😂😂😂

  27. Dishonesty is what has killed every other country from even inventing the wheel. U need honesty to build. Other cultures are dishonest. They think your stupid. Thank communist bankers. There winning. Please men educate. Us politicians are enemy also. Get it right its not kindness. They know there distroying you moron. If you know they know.

  28. You still dont really know whats really happening. I have no hope for our white childrens future. Cowards.

  29. The Swedish conservative party sounds exactly like the liberal left of the American democratic party.

  30. I only saw this now tf and yeah immigrants are a problem but Sweden are more safer than other countries (Och jag som en adopterad svart människa är jag en immigrant?)

  31. Dear Sweden.
    Thank you! If it wasn't for you falling on your sword the rest of us would have no clue what a horrible mistake we are making and would have no time to prepare.

  32. My heart breaks for you Sweden. No country should have to endure such nonsense. Thanks for speaking the truth Angry Foriegner, i wish you a long and prosperous life. Peace out.

  33. I only like sweden because I'm swedish, but I grew up in America. I had no idea this was all happening, except for the immigration thing, but still, what the fuck?

  34. I couldent give a flying fuck if I was called racsist….if I knew I was doing the right thing for my country and people well call me a racsist id wear it as a badge…..

  35. This breaks my heart. This is happening everywhere and there will be a major conflict soon because of the bleeding heart pussies that would rather walk on their knees then stand up for their country or themselves

  36. Swedes need to revolt,Sweden was beautiful,clean 14 years ago when I was there,but now it's a shit hole,and it ticks me off,these Islamic scumbags are destroying Europe,

  37. Islam. The modern evil of our times. I believe in god but couldn’t give a stuff about any religion as they are all wrong. Not one of them is the true religion of god coz god doesn’t practice religion he’s no need to worship himself.

  38. Great video! Same thing is happening
    in Finland, unfortunately.
    I think it’s mostly just an EU agenda
    to create large cheap labor market;
    after all, the politicians really work for
    the multinational companies, and the
    financial sector that rule the world.

    If this craziness of mass immigration
    wonstop, there will be serious consequences,
    since people are really starting to get fed up.
    I just hope, that it won’t be too late.

    We gotta take the power back!!! 👊

  39. I'm a refugee in Germany and I feel so embarrassed to call myself an arab when I see what these Arabs are doing in Europe. It is so fucked up

  40. Mellanöstern fortsätter i Sverige varenda dag sedan öppna gränser. Ut med alla kriminella 5miljoner 5kolonare och skäggbarnen i Sverige. Vi mot dem. G. V .

  41. The Swedish gouvernment made Youtube close Angry Foreigner´s channel reasently and at the same time closed one of swedens most popular Youtube channels Swebbtv. They, the gouvernment, wants to keep on letting our women being raped whitout anny interference from the Swedish people. The want the population to change from swedes to som kinde of mixed culture population. Thank goodness that our women still have the right to have an abortion. But that right is also threatened.

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