Welcome to Plovdiv Bulgaria – European capital of culture 2019 ! – vanlife citylife – Episode 18

Welcome to Plovdiv Bulgaria – European capital of culture 2019 ! – vanlife citylife – Episode 18

Our last morning in Turkey we parked close to the boarder near Edirne for the last night no its breakfast time getting ready for the day and we are almost ready to move on towards Bulgaria the trucks are queued up since approx. 10 kilometers already such a long queu lucky not for us and all of us are very excited boarders are always exciting will we have to wait long… will they check us lot of questions…we don’t know now comes the boarder! there lifes the police men Maditas passport I have been a baby you have been 2 years old on this photo want to show the stamps ? nice, isn’t it? there are more .. look a lot more **sorry we took out the details here** thats the end of my book we are in Bulgaria! it has been a easy crossing today just quickly show the open doors and again nobody cared about our dog and from turkish boarder police we got some far well sweets for the kids and for me Bulgaria, here we are we are ready! found a good parking guess this is the way to the old town got you 🙂 Tino checks the map of the old town did you find us? right at the top wer walk there and we will get to all the places Plovdiv is the capital of culture 2019 ! and we are IN! There is the hiking map ah there is the way alright lets go beautiful, yes half way up already a pretty good view where is our Frieda? down there at the parking Madita almost sleeping Close your eyes you have got the best seat ever Sleep, Kalle, Sleep Tell us ! where are we, what are we going to do? At the food festival in Plovdiv we are going the the festival today we are all hungry perfect omg that smells tasty lets sit on the green obviously the children corner mega slide, soap bubbles and tasty colorful iced drinks smashed smurfs? we are in the park of “the singing fountains” the cool down the big ones are not singing but.. but way more important the little fountains work! Kalle is scared refreshed? It’s starting to rain the playground is getting empty quickly we go under the the tree over there we cant make it to the van anymore it’s getting quite wet the tree didn’t protect us very well Eddy is shaking, wet and cold and Kalle is sleeping Kalle fall a sleep in the middle of the monster rain the splashing sounded relaxing ok lets go we have to hurry to get warm again wer are back in the car got new dress all very refreshed but happy to be inside now has been a great trip and while Verena is preparing our dinner.. Salat the clothes are drying in the front of the car it’s a serious problem in the van. If you got to much wet clothes luckily we can have the door open right now but if it keeps raining its getting very humid inside what then? then we will just stay naked

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  1. Das ist wieder ein sehr schöner Film geworden. Eure Kinder werden sich immer daran erinnern. Aber eins mir aufgefallen. Ihr fahrt immer ungesichert, ich meine, nicht angegurtet. Es kann so schnell etwas passieren, und das wäre dann wirklich furchtbar. 🤔

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