Weekend Update on National Guard at Mexican Border – SNL

Weekend Update on National Guard at Mexican Border – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update on National Guard at Mexican Border – SNL

  1. I don’t agree on some stuff trumps done but hes still the best president we had in a long time America and Americans just got use to hammy downs and being walked on by others county’s thankfully its him and not hillary in office

  2. Its not all about illegal immigration dumb fucks. Los Zetas bring in illegal guns, slaves, and drugs across that border.

  3. "…. higher terrifs for dried nuts. Something the Trump administration is very familiar with……". First time I've ever had beer come out my nose, but you know what? It was totally worth it XD

  4. Typical. 2 ppl who know nothing about economics taking about it like they know more than a business master

  5. President Spanky BoneSpurs doesn’t have a clue. Just look to his Casino bankruptcies…yes “Casino bankruptcies” hard to do Folks!

  6. Liberals are so dumb. You don't care about putting the lives of Americans in danger because people want to break the law and come here… But yeah who cares when you're a 50 year old hippie with a house fill of cats and skinny jeans.

  7. Dumbnold Trump makes it easy for SNL to make us laugh. Especially when today's presidency is a joke. Chill Dumbnold supporters dont shoot me for this comment 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Though I do think sending over 4000 National Guard is a bit excessive, it’s a bit disingenuous to not mention the migrant caravan that is heading for the border that the Guard was a direct response to.

  9. This skit illustrates a real problem with SNL and the left.

    Trump sent the national guard bc it is against the law for the president to deploy us troops inside the USA. That job by law of the constitution goes to the states and the national guard.

    But when did that ever stop the left from fake news? They know their base doesn't care about facts or the constitution nor will any of them research a thing.

    Oh SNL said It? Must be true then. SNL should be forced to do a retraction. Not for Trump for the constitution which clearly no one at SNL has ever read.


    And just last president Obama did the same thing sending 1200 "troops" to the boarder no outrage.

    SNL = fake news

  10. They do realize the national guard and the army are the same right?……. they make it sound like the national guard is worse than the army…. like huh?

  11. Donald Trump: Worst President In US History. Still can't believe anyone voted for him……oh, that's right! No one did!! It was just Russian hackers he paid off!

  12. Umm the National Guard IS the ARMY! There’s active duty army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserves – all three make up the US Army. All three deploy to combat zones overseas. And the National Guard is state based and exactly who you would deploy to our border – not the active duty.
    I know this comedy, but get your facts straight! And Trump isn’t the first to send them there.

  13. Beats me how Trump amidst all the controversies and his remarkable incompetence, is still in power. I am beginning to feel that Trump will indeed complete his term and maybe go for a 2nd term.

    Made in America!

  14. Ummm so SNL , The national guard is the army and the air national guard is air Force. Pretty dumb SNL move smh

  15. space ghost coast to coast – better keep your day job Female, 70 years old, Asian, yes less than 50k now that I am retired but I live in California. Have been to Canada and Mexico and Hawaii numerous times – as well as all the 50 states and lived for a time in three other states – I moved away from my hometown over 30 years ago – I own my own house I bought it myself 3500 square feet. Not religious but believe in God and usually make product for my own business when I awaken and before I go to sleep. One out of all those questions and the money one was a given. As I said better keep your day job.

  16. How is SNL even a show? I never thought it was funny, even back in the day. With Belushi, Murphy, on and on. Just a stupid show.

  17. This show has gone to shit. What happened to bill Murray or eddie murphy? You know comedy not fake news crap

  18. I can describe trump's penis in detail as well, although I have never seen it.
    Bright orange, 1.2 inches erect, his pubic hair is shaved in a ₽ [the Russian currency sign].

  19. Yo man……like, Trump had the National Guard deployed to the Mexican border………..I just cant find the words……smmfh

  20. "Dried nuts. Something the Trump administration is very familiar with."
    Not sure if because of silly old men or # metoo

  21. all these snowflake trumptards butthurt by a joke and looking for any way possible to defend their dear leader. SAD.

  22. There are more illegal immigrants in California than black people in this country,soon they will move down south and run all you southerners out smh

  23. He idiots! Bill Clinton sent active Army to do same things in 90s. I know cause I was active duty at the time. Ahhh Stop 🛑 working for the Chinese intelligence service. Maybe you like Chinese prison and forced donate of organs. Man our country is stupid. The Chinese are stealing technology. Like if you want to sell the iPhone we need the blue prints. Man Americans… we gotta stop letting dumb California Control the airwaves. Wake Up!

  24. Why do you think illegal immigration rates are at their lowest since the early seventies? I’ll break it my ass…

  25. I dunno why this didn’t occur to me before now, but… anyone else think that maybe Trump eats so much McDonald’s because it has “Donald” in the name? Like… maybe it’s just pure, subconscious, simplistic narcissism like everything else he does?

  26. I don't know anyone in the "regular" Army that's ever even been deployed. But my son, my nephew and 4 other family members have all been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait – all are National Guard, which btw IS a branch of the US ARMY! That remark really hurt!!

  27. We’ll still be here tomorrow, because when a meteor obliterates billions of miles of earth, we can’t lose.

  28. When Trump was campaigning he claimed that the borders were "open" and illegal aliens were pouring in by the thousands, totally unchecked, when in fact illegal border crossings are at the lowest level they've been since 1971 and that's what he used to get votes.
    He also said that unemployment was at 42% when in reality it was at 4.6%.
    So now that he's in the Oval Office he's taking credit for both of these things. He's saying "look how I got everything under control" when the fact is it was all under control long before he got there.
    He's not making America Great, America was great before he became president.

  29. It’s pretty sad when you have to rely on YouTube ads to keep your 30+ year show running. Also, I bet by fall 2018 they’ll be uploading skits in 2 separate videos, they’re trying that shit now. Lol

  30. Weekend update. Huge invasion of Central American migrants trying to flood into California right now. I’d say sending the US Army National Guard is highly necessary. Thanks for leaving that out SNL.

  31. And this is for everyone in this thread, if you get your news from snl then you have no idea what is going on in the world

  32. im a fairly liberal guy but the one thing i agree with trump on is immigration. how is it fair to allow some people into the country and not others? and we are the only country that allows people born in the country to become citizens

  33. it is 4:53 am, i am hella sick, i have an exam tomorrow, and i have been watching weekend update clips for two hours

  34. Hey Michael Che, I dunno how to tell you this but the Army National Guard is a part of the Army. They probably didn't send the Active Duty side of the Army because of Posse Comitatus. For example, The war on terror was mostly fought by National Guard soldiers.

  35. What was going on back in 71' that had illegal border crossings so low on tbe mexican border? Just curious if anyone knows, as i wasn't born til 1980.

  36. And how will we know Stormys description is correct and really Donald Trumps?
    Is he going to whip his out for us to validate?
    So, we WILL NEVER really know positively if her description is accurate?
    QUESTION: WHY is what he did PRIOR to his presidency matter to us today? If he did have any kind of encounter with her, HOW does it affect National Security?

    Can anybody explain to me, if THIS SITUATION MERITS ATTENTION, then how does HILLARY CLINTONS E-MAIL SCANDAL and the DESTRUCTION of CELL PHONES, COMPUTERS get a pass and is excused from all inquiry??

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