37 thoughts on “Webuye International – Ngo Ngo

  1. My name is Caleb from China , I dont understand the song but khupa khuche…. Kisache Wa Mwasame wacha ekombe khusilila

  2. For how long shall we luhyas keep knocking on the door to power?! We need to unite and wrestle power! Nobody will give it to us for free.

  3. we should establish a way to yield-up such talents from Luhya land to heat around the nation…advice to our artists-do some compilations in national language and this may unleash you from tribe to state…nice song

  4. Am proud of being a Luhya,,,,,,,, especially when I listen to these songs while away from my home in western

  5. bunga'ali ojukha busier novone.yaani ni mafunzo kwa wrote.endelea mwana wefwe,mayi valueile padilisia.orio

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