We Live in a Society [DETOUR]- a short film by MK Hobson

We Live in a Society [DETOUR]- a short film by MK Hobson

hello zero books readers and this video that you're about to watch the we live in society series is going to be taking a detour rather than presenting an educational television program or an educational youtube video to you we're bringing you a work of art by our own Mary Kay Hobson it is her vision that put together these five minutes and in his/her mastery of film editing that is on display in the following short which I'm gonna call inside the frame but which she left untitled you you hi fine what are you reading yeah what book is that film editing are you editing right now are you editing I know I have a home this character here yes he has a home lottery ticket I don't care about it I could just toss it away I don't care you know I don't know any money doesn't matter doesn't matter no because I love you editing and oru editing you are you are a grow homeless I know some homeless people in my time you are no I'm not I'm not homeless look I'm not only I'm not homeless I care because I'm not the same how are you know you're probably not the same either I'm absolutely the same I am not the same as I was I can tell that like when I woke up this morning in my home my bed in my room I wasn't who I had been I was someone else even though everything seemed like it's like I woke up and everything in my room had been replaced with an exact duplicate of itself well maybe I'll read your book maybe I'll be the one who's gonna edit fine did we win all right well I might scratch it but I also want to be the one who's editing because I don't necessarily like who I've ended up being you don't you're saying definitely don't like being someone else's story not knowing who I'm gonna be from one scene to the next you like it you like it this way cuz you're the one editing that it I'm not looking for a cash adventure I know that I'm not looking for attached adventure no I don't think we don't all have to be why not maybe in this story that you're editing we all have to look for a cash adventure but I don't want to look for a cash adventure what we want to look for something with me do you want to let me do this editor do you want to let me lead you towards something that we can find together oh hi hi can I sit here what's your reading don't film editing yeah techniques of film editing are you are you editing are you an editor are you editing all of this all of this guys are you the editor because that's what is that what's gonna happen it's a big street that's a big job yes yeah thanks for watching this zero books video if you enjoyed it subscribe to this channel and click on the notification spell so that you'll be alerted whenever we release a new video you should also consider supporting us on patreon our patrons get access to our inside zero books podcast every week and can get access to the zero books Book Club and help us to continue making online content from the left

13 thoughts on “We Live in a Society [DETOUR]- a short film by MK Hobson

  1. The director and editor are the masters, the content revealed the slaves, and the spectators are the objects acted upon, moved in the direction the masters desire. In an age where traditional weapons terrify the powerful into inaction, the "Cold Wars" of frigid stasis, the camera has become the weapon of mass destruction.

    Everyone wants eyes and minds upon them. So create these carefully constructed illusions, the camera as the Supreme Sight, rendering our limited mortal frames so powerful, creating a world of spectators, replacing our own pathetic eyes with a deeply artistic rendering. Can we stop seeing with our own eyes and see in Tarkovsky-vision? Oh, what a wonderful dream we have. What we would give (surely our eyes, among much more) to see it realized.

    As the world dies and we become more desperate, as our hope in saving the world drives us to new extremes, as we need new ideas, new perspectives, new solutions, we are drawn to more and more powerful technologies. Surely when technology becomes sufficiently powerful our solution to ourselves will become clear and we will save the world.

    If it doesn't? Well then, just as smokers claimed they "didn't know" that smoking causes cancer, because of course they couldn't surmise that inhaling smoke was harmful, we can claim that we "didn't know" that powerful technology is not the answer. Who told us that desperation is driving our choices, after all, surely no one, or at least noone who matters.

    Surely if we fail to save the world then the fault is that the technology did not become *powerful enough*. That's what we'll tell ourselves, with a sage nod of the head in admiration at our good sense. We NEED Superman, and if that's not enough then the problem was that we didn't have Superman+.

  2. Totally worth my time while shaving and brushing my teeth. You two have cute personalities and hilarious chemistry. 👍🏽

  3. Self indulgent bourgeois media tosh meets pointless pointlessness. Stick to writing books, comrades….

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