We Are a Nation of Integrity

We Are a Nation of Integrity

Nithyanandeswara Sadashiva Samarambham
Nithyanandeswari Adisakti Matyamam Asmathacharya Paryantham
Vande Gurum Paramparam I welcome all of you with my love and respects
. I welcome everyone of you , visitors, viewers,disciples,devotees,sitting with us all over the world ,whatever may be
the purpose you’re here to listen or to get initiated or judge or to poke , i welcome
all of you with my love and respects. Today i’ll move to the next initiation. I was explaining about the Agamas , the fundamental
principles of existence , your existence as individual self or your existence as part
of the society , your existence as part of your family , your existence as part of community,your
existence as part of your country, your existence as part of the humanity,your existence as
part of the cosmos ,every level of existence.There are some fundamental principles to manifest
what you want as reality. Mahadeva Sadashiva explains this science as
Agama. So fundamental principles today you need to
know for this today’s initiation , understand see in the Mahadeva leelanarva , Shiva leelarnava,
there’s a beautiful compilation of Shiva’s leelas, Shivaleelarnava. One is about Madurai one is about thiruvarur
one is about thiruvannamalai , the various chapters. Please be very clear they’re not mythology
, no it is subjective science. Subjective science , understand nothing myth
about Hinduism. Nothing is myth or mythology . When there
is so much of evidence , tones of evidence , geographically biologically , botanically
, astrologically establishing authencity of the puranas , how can you call them mythology,NO! Subjective science because you forget the
subject , don’t think science is false , no. Because you did not study , don’t think logic
itself is wrong , no. This whole Shivaleelarnava beautifully Sadashiva
reveals in every time He assumes the form to manifest certain power ,He
exemplifies , the expression of certain sacred secret. For example , He comes to Madurai and exemplifies
the truth and manifest the power. I’ll give you one example of one story recorded. Mahadeva comes to eat , this called “puttu”
in tamil ,breakfast . Roughly equivalent to dry idli or powdered idli. Thats the way i should call it. Powdered idli. He comes down to eat puttu from a old lady
devotee then He demostrates the power of all perverseness. Where the Pandiya tries to beat, Mahadeva
with His ruling staff which still has the mark. During that incident Mahadeva manifest demonstrates
the power of all perverseness the stick which hit Mahadeva’s back , hits the back of all
the animate inanimate beings , “stavaram jangamam vyaptam” , animate and inanimate . Whole thing
experiences that stick. Understand the power He manifested in the
Leela “stavaram jangamam vyaptam” and the sacred secret He demonstrated in that leela
He comes down to eat the love , understand not the puttu but the love. In your life if you decide you will eat only
you will perceive, enjoy,receive only the emotions not the objects. You wont care about the matter but about the
experience you will always be radiating the all perverseness. Understand, whoever decides I am having to
gain to gain in this world “, I am here only to receive give the love, nothing else . He
receives the love of the Vanti,gives her the completion of feeling fulfilled, neither pittu
is big thing for him nor the work He supposed to do He is doing , He does in a different
way. The story beautifully says He puts the Simmadu
means the His turban for His head and lies down but the ministers are asking “hey put
the sand and stop the vaigai,build the embankment. He says fools you dont know from where the
water is coming , I’m covering from where the water is coming ,Hey I am covering the
source fools , I am doing my job you dont understand. Its coming from here i have to cover it here
not there. He does the job exactly how it should be done
because He knows the source of the problem. He is stopping the water from the source,
but these fools are forcing Him to work as they think what is the solution.They think
dumping the sand on the banks of Vaigai is the solution, that is the job He supposed
to do. But only He knows where it has to be tied. He demonstrates perception as useless, immaterial. Listen carefully , if you decide to operate
only based on the pure emotions not matter based means you’re that the force which drives
you instead of fear and greed , if you change the fuel to love you will manifest the power
of all perverseness. Love is the fuel for you to experience oneness. That is what He’s showing in that one incident. Each incident He personifies one sacred secret
and He manifest that power which is expressed by that one sacred secret. If you want to manifest the power of all perverseness,
practice the sacred secret of love being your driving force not fear or greed.That will
establish you in oneness and that will manifest the all perverseness power . Today’s initiation
will be the manifestation of length dimension , one of the third eye powers of the body
scanning , one of the powers of the Anandhagandha ,healing, all this three intensively. All these three to manifest in you decide
enriching and causing everyone’s life with integrity,responsibility and commitment is
sacred secret you need to practice. Listen! I am receiving messages I am having initiation
Swamiji I am manifesting powers. sometimes its clicking sometimes its not clicking,
it means you are still in the mood of dating not in the mood of permanent settled long
term relationship. Still you are in the mood of “let me see how
it works” ,no, Sadashiva is not available for dating , He’s only available for permanent
eternal relationship. The whole modern day society has become so
cheap and instable , it is no more , even in ordinary life it is no more husband and
wife relationship , it is all about boyfriend girlfriend , i know even 40 years 35 years
before workers for generations they’ll be working in same house. In the house which i was born and brought
up third generation , he his father his grandfather all the three ,where staying in the same house
, my grandfather’s house . His grandfather his father and grandfather, 3 generations
they were serving . Workers used to be that loyal , and the Masters also will be that
loyal to them. I’ve seen even an ordinary so called ordinary
relationships so stable , so trustworthy. Now it is all even marriage is only no more
husband and wife its all boyfriend girlfriend. By law you cant keep people together only
by understanding you can keep together. Unfortunately the whole society is trying
to function by law , no, law can separate not unite . For uniting a different logic
need to be operated . It is instability the fundamental reason for feeling so insecure
, all the psychiatrist disorders will be there as long as you fellows learn stability to
the integrity. So brand everything good as regretion, understand
every logic has its own power. Gandhari , you may blaim her for 1000 things
, she did not bring up her kids properly , she is a failed mother , you can blaim whatever
you want but her integrity to the husband. It developed as such power even Krishna could
not withstand in front of her curse. Even an incarnation has to collapse in front
of her words. Understand this is the country of integrity
and stability. The society derives its stability from the
integrity of the individuals. Understand bring responsibility in your enriching
and causing you will see the intensity in your power manifestation. Responsibility in your enriching and causing
, you decide it is your integrity,your responsibility , your stability. That is going to manifest as powers in you. Understand the sacred secret you need to practice
is integrity to responsibility of enriching and causing. If you feel you want to manifest this power
more strongly become a committed causer ,shambavana is Kailash currency , it is a pride you receive. Nothing wrong in it. It is not currency it is Kailash Currency! Because it is a shambavana , it is the appreciation
of your being. Your being is appreciated by Lakshmi. For being a right Shivagana. So develop responsible. Enriching and causing thought current intensely
, you will intensely manifest all this great powers of length,body scanning and healing. This will manifest so intensely you will be
able to do all these remotely. You will be able to perform spiritual surgeries
remotely, you will melt tumors break kidney stones melt the fat , you will perform even
beauty surgeries, just through the 3rd eye! Understand you can alter the DNAs just through
the 3rd eyes. You will manifest intense powers of logic. Body scanning and healing. now I’ll lead you to the next most powerful
strong initiation of bolting this powers in your muscle memory bio-memory and bio-energy. So you can start manifesting them intensely. Let’s start! Sit straight,if you have jnanajnana or aushada
apply it on your 3rd eye. If you have Atma Linga take it and keep in
your hand. Stability , commitment , intensity that forms
the foundation of Vedic Hindu civilization . We are not girlfriend boyfriend civilization. We plan, imagine same husband same wife for
births and births and births , that is our fantasy. We are that kind of civilization. We are civilization gave birth to create women
like Draupadi,Seetha,Gandhari,Mandotari. Beauty is never only the heroines are worshiped
in our civilization even so called villain’s wives are also given such high respects. See the place given to Seetha and Mandotari
is same, in Hindu tradition for women. The kanyas you supposed to remember the sumangali,
patnis,you are supposed to remember every morning He see’s Seetha and Mandotari together. You are never asked to remember Rama and Ravana
together but you are asked to remember Seetha and Mandotari together. With jnananjana and aushadha,atma linga please
settle down.Lets start the initiation. You dont need to close your eyes you can sit
with open eyes no problem and Lets start the initiation .
*Initiation begins* Intensely reverberate your whole inner being
with this Mahavakya . Decide to complete with all the incompletion. You can all open all the three eyes and manifest the powers of Mahasadashiva intensely. Again i want to remind you it is your intense
responsibility to enrich and cause,it is your intense commitment to enrich and cause opens
your being to Mahasadashiva. Understand Kailash currency is Spiritual power! Along with Kailash currency you receive spiritual powers. Manifest intense enriching and causing you
will manifest powers .lets continue enriching and
causing you will
manifest powers and Kailash currency. With this I bless you all lets all radiate with integrity authenticity
responsibility enriching causing living Shuddaidvaitha saivam Sadashivoham The eternal Bliss , NIthyananda
Thank You Be blissful

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  1. Om Maha jwalaya Vidhmahe Agni devaya Dheemahe Thanno Agni Prachodayath. There are 51 apsaras in Devlok. If it pleases you, may one of them become your ardhangini forever. Oṃ Agnidēvāya Namaḥ

  2. Hello My Guru Swamiji, i have integrety, Authenticity to do whatever i try to get in the Ashram, yesterdya Ma Swarupa told me to come in and at the gate at 7 pm said no. Ma Swarupa was called and she said would call me back last night. She has not yet. Do i still stay at the Wonder La resort room 508 and tell me what i can do now. U have colled me 5 August 2017 and left my husband and retired so i havw serrender and do not know what i can do………………Namaste

  3. Swamiji thank you for another amazing satsang. Some gems from this satsang,"1. Sambhavana is appreciation for your being. It is appreciation by Lakshmi." ,"2. Only by understanding you can keep people together (in marriage), not by law.","3. Until you learn stability to integrity, all the psychological disorders will be there.","4. Just through 3rd eye, you can alter DNA." Also thank you for introducting Mandodari for those of us not familiar to her. Feeling blessed to have been able to watch this satsang.

  4. Nithyanandam When will Bharat become Jagadguru again as we are suffering due to following Dharmic way against brutality and paid such a heavy price

  5. I have been meditating for the past six years to open my third eye. Please can you help me to do it better. I believe in the third eye. Is there any way you can help me

  6. There was a mentioning of Mount Shasta as one of the powerful places of high vibrational frequency on Earth, in of Swamiji's videos/programs, when I had seen the Gurukul kids in LA Temple with Mahayoga this weekend their energy field was so violet in color! The people that go to Mount Shasta say they can feel and see the violet flame love energy, it is so connected, wow! We are all oneness! The initiations I experience had raised me so much I am floating in bliss everyday! With a grateful heart, thank you for pouring so much love to us all and this planet Swamiji!!! <333

  7. swamiji your words are so lovely…they reverbarate in my Soul and may these words forever reverbarate and give this blissfull thrill in my whole being……Love you swamiji

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