Watch this for why I voted for HRes246 and why I'll always defend our right to free speech

Watch this for why I voted for HRes246 and why I'll always defend our right to free speech

some of you have sent me messages and posted on social media asking for more information about why I voted the way I did on a recent resolution talking about BDS so I wanted to give you some background and talk to you about my commitment to defending our First Amendment rights nothing is more fundamental to the identity of our country than the rights and freedoms that are enshrined in our Constitution now I've fought to defend these freedoms both as a soldier and a congresswoman and it's why I will continue to oppose unconstitutional legislation like s1 a bill that does seek to restrict freedom of speech by imposing legal penalties against those who participate in the BDS movement that's why I co-sponsored hrs 496 to affirm our freedom of speech and right to protest or boycott for any cause as well as stating opposition to any legislative efforts that seek to restrict these fundamental First Amendment rights now I voted for hrs 2 4 6 because I support a two-state solution that provides for the rights of both Israel and Palestine to exist and for their people to live in peace with security in their homes I don't believe BDS is the way to accomplish that however I will continue to defend those who choose to exercise their right to free speech without any threat of legal action now 8 rs-24 6 does not in any way limit or hinder our First Amendment rights in fact it affirms every American's right to exercise free speech for or against u.s. foreign policy as well as the right of Israeli and Palestinian people to live in safe and sovereign states free from fear and violence and with mutual recognition the right to protest the actions of our government is essential if America is to truly be a free society so no matter what our disagreements are about various political positions or choices that our government makes we can all agree that every American should have the freedom to make those disagreements known and to protest peacefully in support of their views

42 thoughts on “Watch this for why I voted for HRes246 and why I'll always defend our right to free speech

  1. All new meaning to "fake it until you make it"

    If she can't and won't stand up to Israel (and clearly has committed to serving them) everything about foreign policy she swore to change is a lie. 

    Oh, and I'm supposed to forget what she'd done and just be "greatful" at least she isn't supporting AIPAC's trying to criminalize criticism about apartheid israel and their control of the us govenment, like so many US states already have? 

    Disgusting, dishonest, disappointing, manipulative traitor.

  2. Tulsi, you have to Somehow,
    correct this as best you can
    Straight shooting.
    and you have to do it ASAP.
    Very many of Your base will now Not shut up – against they're feeling Betrayed .
    You have to make Bold pro Palestinian
    Unbreakable promises.
    AND the politically dangerous part, you have to send a Strong
    VErY rough anti Israel, statement,
    Anti Israel opposition to Israeli tampering
    For decades
    With the United States government,.and Purchasing our representatives.
    anti Aipac anti War crimes call them what they are early and bluntly, blood and guts

  3. Crushing disappointment. Canceled my recurring monthly donation last night. Not wasting my time or money on someone who won’t unequivocally condemn this humanitarian catastrophe and resist foreign meddling in our democracy. At best, you’re misunderstanding the issue and have been manipulated. If not BDS, then what’s your plan to get Israel to stop killing Palestinians, stealing their land, and getting us to pay for it? You’ve done AIPAC’s bidding but they’re still going to call you all the same names – “Assad apologist,” “Putin puppet,” etc.

  4. WOW! With that one vote, you just lost all of the most passionate supporters you had. Was the AIPAC money worth it? Sell out!!!!!

  5. I find your explanation lacking at best. Tulsi you seem to want it both ways. I expect this from Nancy, you have truly disappointed me.

  6. Unsubscribed. No more money. I will fix the mistake I made by not knowing that you are as much of a liar as the rest of them, when I advocated for you with everyone I knew. You co-sponsor (but not introduce) legislation that is PRO BDS (knowing it will never pass) while you vote FOR anti-BDS, anti-freedom of speech, anti-freedom of religion, anti-freedom to petition my government if it involves Israel, anti-American legislation. I am crest-fallen. You were the only politician I could support – and now you have taken even that away from me. I'd vote for Trump before I vote for an anti-BDS activist that tries to mislead me and take away my rights while pretending to defend them. The quickest way to get to a 2-state solution is by allowing the American people help you to force Israel to give in. You've just voted against all that you said you stand for. Way-to-go, politician.

  7. Don't you know about the dancing Israelis on 911 and their part in it they were in on it look it up . Don't be a part of the nwo agenda

  8. I have worked so hard showing people you were the one we need to lead our country all the anti war talk doesn't jive with your vote for the anti bds makes you look like the anti Christ to people your explanation made no sense that seemed counter to the vote .supporting Israel is not good for Americans or palistines or the middle East they put themselves first trump puts them first and they have taken over this country we were counting on you to break us free and drain the swamp and turn our white house into that beacon of light ( your words ) your resume has holes now . We need a better explanation or is this a strategic move I don't know I'm still voting for you because I'm dedicated to holding you to your word proving us wrong on this issue I just hope you have a good plan of action to get us on the path to freedom justice equality and everyone's human rights respected by ending our squeeze on all of israels enemies and be the American people's president

  9. Just unsubscribed shes a spineless APAC puppet with BS explanation, Sorry i donated and told people she was a strong candidate, tulsi clearly doesn't have what it takes to take on APAC so why believe her on MIC, War or healthcare

  10. Your Government supports your freedom of speech and right to protest peacefully as individuals, but opposes efforts to assemble and protest.

    There is a very selective reading of the first amendment here.

    What is the point of freedom of speech in the first place?

  11. America doesn't need another AIPAC sell out. Hope people will wise up and stop donating to your campaign.

  12. Your credibility just went down. The point is how one foreign country (Israel) is passing legislation in US congress which directly contradicts free speech spirit in a time when 21 states already banned BDS. Your explanation is extremely weak…and i actually believed you could take down Military industrial complex….but now i am not so progressives cant even stand up to israel lobby when time the hell are you gonna tackle multitude of war profiteering lobbyists…not convincing at all.

  13. But it just isn't true! She is not on the resolution as co-sponsor.

  14. How shameful. Who bribed you, Tulsi? It's clear that you're anti-Zionist, albeit implicity. Your anti-war positions make this clear to anyone that reads between the lines.

  15. The HRes246 is not against BDS, but against BDS targeting Israel. Even if many policies from the conservative Israeli government are bad, a blanket BDS action against all Israel and its residents is not only ineffective (as it polarizes both sides), but just morally wrong.

  16. Tulsi, your "reason" for voting for the anti-boycott resolution is real BS and negates your previous statements about defending Free Speech.

  17. This is a very big black hole in your history. You’ve truly put yourself in the wrong side, no excuse whatsoever.

  18. In so many words Tulsi has spoken against the Israeli policies against the Palestinians , Tulsi vote was more for the right of freedom of speech because she has spoken against the Israeli violence against the Palestinians ! Without free speech we have nothing , Tulsi 2020

  19. This is terrible. There is no excuse for supporting HR246. This is an evil piece of legislation. The facts on the ground make a two-state solution impossible. If you know anything about Israeli land theft in the West Bank you would know that. By supporting an unworkable two-state solution and by censuring BDS you take away the only road to peace.

  20. No one can serve two masters. You are either loyal to America, first last and always or you are not. America is being defeated and dismantled from within and bowing to pressure from foreign and globalists minions is disgusting. This is why you hit a nerve and lost so much support over this. We know you are walking on the blade of a sword but pick your side. Are you righteously with the American people and against needless endless wars or do you enable those that both openly and covertly advocate and orchestrate them? Peace On Earth

  21. In less than one week I find out you are a C.F.R member and now you vote to support a bigoted militant apartheid theocracy!?
    You have lost me! … If it seems too good to be true…

  22. You say you co-sponsored HRes 496 but your name isn't down by clise of tuesday.
    Can HR web admin be that slow?

  23. First off, thank you for keeping in mind the necessity to bring negotiations back to the table. However, H. Res 246 paints a poor image of the BDS movement. It paints it's leader as anti cooperation and skews his ideas of a one state solution to the direction of a primarily Palestinian state, where in actuality he has argued for a 1 secular state solution that accommodates both Israel and Palestine. It is important to get these groups back to the negotiation table but we can't compromise one sides argument for the other. Negotiations work best when they meet in the middle. I hope you take another look at that resolution and look into the viability of a 1 state secular solution.

  24. Sorry, you evaded the question. You lost my support. I hope the Israel lobby gave you something nice Tulsi.

  25. JIMMY DORE:  "What we need is a Resolution condemning the Israeli Occupation, not supporting it."     >>"Israeli Journalist [Gideon Levy] Rips Anti-BDS Resolution Passed By House

  26. Video and audio proof DIRECTLY from the mouths of AIPAC that they BUY our politicians… are you one of them?

  27. Just babbling nonsense. You explain nothing coherent in this video. My wife and I had a laugh listening to your DOUBLE-SPEAK. You sided with Israel. You have lost.

  28. I understand were she's coming from this is still a bad vote BDS was working what Els do you want the Palestinians to do this is a peaceful way of ending apartheid it worked in south Africa it can work inbetween Israel and Palestine.

  29. Iraq gained independence from Britain, Syria gained independence from France. When does Palestine gain independence from Israel. What you say in this video makes no sense. BDS is peaceful protest. What is your alternative to achieving the "2 state solution" you say you're in favor for if not BDS? Clearly you don't care about Amerians right to protest freely. Why else would you vote for a resolution condemning BDS? BDS is free speech protest. And you've just voted against it. Whats your plan for achieving "2 state solution"?

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