25 thoughts on “Watch: Full Davos panel on Trump’s ‘America First’ foreign policy

  1. Frank uses Singapore as an example for globalism. They are inexpensive labor so it benefits them as people hire them. Other higher value countries will out source jobs so it will hurt the jobs. Silly globalist

  2. @2:44
    "America first sounds awesome if it includes all of North and South America. Screw Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia."

  3. thimbs down. anything that is organizrd by WP means it is not free and fair & it has an underlying agenda. stopped listening to it.

  4. Trump has leaked all his testosterone, which will start to shrink his body as he is spineless.
    Meanwhile, Hillary is on a book tour promoting her book and just waiting her turn . Does anyone really believe the MAGA chant ? How does a new cold war with Russia and upgrading our nuclear weapons going to make this nation strong ? Anyone notice we have permanent bases in Syria now ? N. & S. Korea want to become friendly and open relations. This is a threat to the sick minds running our military. Mattis and McMaster along with Pompeo—the big dick
    3 want to continue what they only know–KILL KILL . Pompeo only has experience fundraising. But he is eager to KICKASs squandering taxpayer money that is unaccounted for. Why hasn't Soros been hauled into court ? He IS a U.S. citizen, and made 72 million shorting the MGM, knowing the Saudi plan in advance. The Post is an accessory to the
    War on Americans . These gunzels glibly lie to us to save their jobs.

  5. Trump is a fair trader and believes in reciprocal trade, Why should American manufactures pay 100% tax on their exports when their products have no import tax? Is that fair to American’s? Listen to trump speak he’s brilliant .

  6. Every nation should feel their citizens should come first. When we’re flying the instructions say if the cabin pressure fails masks will fall and you should put yours on first Why? You can’t help other’s if your dead or broke! Simple, America will always help other country’s and will help more as America prospers. .

  7. The China lady fails to understand that Trump wants America to become the global exporter which is not good for them because China wants to fill that role, already thanks to Trump we are the number 1 energy exporter and Trump is opening up virtually all areas where we have vast record amounts of coal and oil for development. Also, Trump getting rid of TPP while is some sense is a small cost for America, is going to be made up ten fold through Trump negotiating separate trade deals with each country that will be much better than TPP for both countries. Also the tax cuts are going to help America companies compete globally with China and export are superior products. Already many countries have been brought to the WH and are negotiating new trade deals.

    Also China can no longer steal US technology and cheat through currency manipulations which give them a huge advantage over any country that they deal with, because if they do Trump will slap a Section 301 trade investigation on China which is not good for China.

    China will over the next few years run out of steam, they've invested fortunes on their one belt and one road and the Eurasia Train line which many smart people believe is not a good investment in the long run.

  8. To God, like any Father, the cry of America First is no more than the cry of the spoiled child in any family.

  9. I do not take a knee before ignorant men to protest the actions of men, I take two knees before God alone to pray for the salvation of all men. I trust in the word of God that those who pray before men ask men for an answer, but those that pray before God alone seek and get their answer from God. To trust in God is to do this. To not instruct your brother in this truth is a lack of love.

  10. THE greatest threat to the people of the United States of America is not from foreign terrorists, it is from the lack of love, brotherly love, from sea to shining sea.

  11. The very small mindedness of all mankind that any are loved less than another by God our Creator is the true meaning of INSANE. We are all loved and commanded to love each other as equals. As brothers and sisters with one Mother and Father. We and all living things on this Island in the waters of the depth of all known space are family, together supporting each other in life and death. All that lives and is blessed with life, owes all others that exist the dignity of life, love and shared comfort and protection of family.

  12. To be Conservative means living below my means to store up savings for future hard times, or provide for the lack that my fellow man suffer. To be Progressive is to raise myself to a higher level and help all others to do the same. THE true poverty of any nation is the same as any FAMILY, the denial of the fruits of prosperity to any by ability to contribute. No Family denies it,s members the family meal, roof, heat in winter, cool in summer, clothing, teaching, or even love, based on the ability to contribute to the wealth of the family. The baby is fed, the sick are fed, the young and old are fed, just because they are loved by the family. The strong provide out of love, and know some day they may be the sick, the tired, the old.

  13. The human ability to understand the evidence of the history of the cyclical environmental changes is available, but ignored by human ego, greed and lack of long term concern. Even the knowledge of the future is not enough to overcome the needs of the present day. Human concern is more controlled by living to the most today than providing for the future of it's posterity.

  14. ….or.maybe we.should.just succeed to Russia and just .sign.over /donate the entire USA over to.Putin and call.it a day lol…….I can't stand this anymore and.I'm not trying to overreact BUT W T F ARE WE WAITING FOR? When do we stop sitting around waiting for others stand up and be the first to start a massive movement? It terrifies me because it's inviting atrump and.his minions to drag ur name through.the dirt./

  15. How about t
    Pe trump$ supporters migrate to Russia or we cpuld simply split our country in half and go.our separate ways.lol

  16. No other country has EVER wanted to put the US before their interests, and only domestic enemies want the US to be put "last" to ANY other country and to the detriment of the US. Guess what? That is true of every single country on the planet, including France, i.e., France's policy is NOT to put France's interest below any other country on the planet – if it were, they wouldn't be on the map.
    Gee whiz, lets get this straight….the "Iran deal" was really fantastic and only uneducated people don't think it was really great? It was really great for IRAN, it was HORRIBLE for the US. Like I said, domestic enemies are general super happy with efforts that adversely affect the US, and bolster enemies. But, really educated people call that "sophisticated".

  17. If you honestly believe that America makes a better product and you would absolutely buy American, then why do we need tariffs, to make products from other countries cost more? Just pay twice or three times the amount and buy American. No one is forcing you to buy Chinese products. Everyone says "I would buy American" then they look at the price and buy the import.

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