Washington Post op-ed links ‘The Lion King’ to fascism

Washington Post op-ed links ‘The Lion King’ to fascism

100 thoughts on “Washington Post op-ed links ‘The Lion King’ to fascism

  1. Wow so because the review was written by a professor that makes it ok to say ridiculous things about this movie? All those claims about it being racist is unnecessary.

  2. Goosestepping wasn't unique to the Nazis, but was used in Soviet Russia and North Korea as well. It is certainly an ugly totalitarian way to march; very robotic and inhuman in appearance, thus a perfect way to depict the hyenas blindly following Scar to build a ruined kingdom until Simba returned to restore justice.

  3. The far left is now my main source of comedy. I no longer watch the news for information. I watch it when I need a laugh.

  4. There isn't even a power structure in nature….sometimes the prey outsmarts, out maneuvers, and out performs the predator……so its funny that they refer to all the non lions as weaker species…..proof of the lens THEY view the world in..

  5. Tribalism (If history is anything to go by) is much more savage and destructive than colonization could ever be. Neither of them are perfect but it's easy to see which is worse.

  6. Omg its the wild. They r aninals that rip each others throats out and eat them. Quick n the dead. Ofcourse its facism or racist they r liar dems and reverse racists. Those people r morons and should be arreated for creating civil unrest.

  7. Of course Scar is represented like that, because he's suppose to be EVIL! It's not like they were glamorizing evil!

  8. Kid: Mom can we see the Lion King.
    Mother: No!!! because it's racist (Liberal Media)Washington post op-ed said so.

  9. There was a time when rhetoric like this wouldn't get us to look up from our beer. Now it's one page one, front story…Why are we giving this illness the time 'a day.

  10. Cuz i love FOX not just Fox News , Born Again Christians which are the majority of Christian cult groups in America today have not let their children watch Disney for the last 30 years ..really .. Its called the work of SATAN

  11. The left takes a grain of Truth and inverts it:

    Truth: The Lion King reaffirms hierarchy and respect for authority.

    Propaganda point: Fascists have a hierarchy so The Lion King is fascist.

    I wonder what the author would say about Black Panther, where Wakanda was basically a black ethnostate.

  12. What do Hyenas have to do with people of colour ?!
    Unless you think of them as Hyenas right ??? This annoys me to no end !

  13. They are trying so hard to make American culture miserable its actually quite sad, I'm willing to challenge them to find a movie, franchise or anything they haven't made that they like. Ironically I know their answer will be Mein Kampf

  14. It's just a movie, entertainment a good story, please people stop whit this political correctivness BS it's ruinyn every thing,

  15. I think the left are Masochists, they are infatuated with the idea of the Strong dominating the weak.

  16. If the new lion king was racist… then the dems need to look up the voice actors/actresses…. maybe 3 white folks lol.

  17. Now a child's story is being turned political! Let children (and adults) enjoy The Lion King for what it is, a film to enjoy, a fantasy with a moral tale. It takes you away from the mundane life and lifts your spirit.

  18. Like, these animals are getting to organized I think we should stop them before they like take over or something.

  19. Bible is a LEFTIST ideology what is this fool talking about …… the movie is based on Dharmic philosophy

  20. A liberal journalism is criticizing a liberal movie production company because it hurts their liberal feelings from The Lion King being liberal. 🤔😑🤦‍♀️. So Washington Post is vegan now since they hate racist animals I assumed. 🙄

  21. Um…..Africa is not the way it is because of colonialism. Absurd comment. Knowles was picked he couldn't respond to that.

  22. I’ve learned more about conservatives from the comment section on YouTube than anywhere else… and predictably my opinion of conservatives has plummeted

  23. Someone took a lot of time and effort to interpret a kids movie into something so heinous! Washington Post, you have hit an all time low! You are part of the continuous, problematic racist rhetoric! Your persistence at division will only carry you until the next election. More and more Americans are realizing your disgusting bigotry!

  24. So stupid. But in a way, I feel like Disney deserves it at this point. It seems like every company and celebrity that goes out of their way to pander to the left, just ends up getting eaten alive by those same ungrateful, petty, hateful, hypocrites. When I hear the left I can’t help envisioning the Ouroboros. Only “Infinitely” hungry for attention and “Wholly” ridiculous.

  25. Omfg wow and who came up with this fantasy what in the hell would make you in your head think of all of that?? It is a bunch of animals!! How the hell is this actually you know what I’m done this world has become hell! Please make more mental hospitals cause apparently we need to get more people in there!

  26. I'm so sick of the LEFT. Their racists cries are seriously getting ridiculously old. And this black dude saying to not lump the entire left in? Seriously? Everyone in the country knows that the Left all agree with this racist nonsense. They spew this crap daily.

  27. everything that fox writes or reports is fake news as usually fox has always been about the white people open your stupid eyes and got van wagon and stop being of afraid of Mr whitey In the white house. Fox news has nothing better to gain to report false news reports about black folks and Mexicans and other people of color with there racist reporters who ever on Tv always talking crap usa is better than this your better than this this county is better than this and people are better than this i hope you tube takes this video down

  28. "It is based on Hamlet!" 😅No, mate. It is entirely based on the Japanese animation 'Kimba: King of the Jungle' (which in turn has some similarities with Hamlet). Disney stole the whole thing without giving credit to the original creator. They claimed it was their first original storyline and later even sued the Japanese company.

  29. If I'm a zillionaire, I would buy Washington Post and burn it into the ground. And used their leftover newspapers as toilet paper.

  30. Theses Dumbos who write this nonsense pieces are just jealous, because they haven’t got the talent or the ability to as great a film as Lion King.

  31. Most conservatives are more liberal than every “liberal” in this country because unlike “liberals” we don’t attempt to enforce a sensitive world view that even condemns the likes of something so innocent such as The Lion King. I remember the good old days when being a liberal used to mean you promote freedom of thought.

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