Wanda Sykes Can’t Help But Talk About Politics in Her Comedy

Wanda Sykes Can’t Help But Talk About Politics in Her Comedy

-You were out on the road
recently. You did a free show in Detroit.
-Yes. -With Billy Eichner.
-Yes. -This is “Glam Up the Midterms.” You’re trying to get people
to register to vote. -Exactly. Exactly.
We were just there Sunday. The event, it went great. You know, a lot of people
turned out. But the only thing — you know, it’s supposed to be,
you know, nonpartisan. -Right. -It’s almost like don’t tell
people who to vote for, just tell people to vote. And I’m like, look,
I’m a black lesbian. I’m pretty sure you know
who I’m voting for. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -I mean, you ain’t gonna see me
walking around like Kanye or nothing like that, you know?
[ Laughter ] I’m on my meds.
-Yeah. That’s what everybody says
about you. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-Yeah. So I was like, “Okay, I’ll keep
it nonpartisan.” -I think like a lot of people, you’re prone to talk more about
politics with issues like family separations…
-Right. -…with issues
like voter suppression. Have you found, as a comedian, you’re drawn to be more
politically minded now? -I mean — To me, I feel like if
you don’t talk about it then it’s like you’re ignoring
the elephant in the room, you know,
who tweets all the time. -Yeah.
-Right, you know? [ Laughter ] It’s like how can you,
like, leave your — you know, watch TV, you leave your room
seeing something crazy, and then you go on stage and act
like nothing happened that day? You know?
-Right. -And this voter suppression
thing is ridiculous. You know, they’re making
going to the polls feel like you going up to the new hot club and hoping your name
is on the list. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -You know, you’re like,
“No, check, check. Mike told me I was on the list
tonight. Can I get a plus one?”
[ Laughter ] It’s awful. -Your new special is called
“Oh Well.” That’s what you’re touring with
now. -I’m touring with “Oh Well.”
That’s the name of my tour. -How did you come up with
“Oh Well” as the title? -Well, ’cause it feels like that’s the mode of the country
right now. Whatever happens,
everyone’s like, “Oh, well.” [ Laughter ] Hey, the president’s being sued
by porn stars. Hmm, oh, well.
What you gon’ do? What you gon’ do? That’s —
[ Cheers and applause ] Oh, well.
-Yeah. And are you still actively
trying out new material when you go out? Is that something you do
when you go on the road? -Yeah, yeah, you have to
try it out. So, you know, for the special,
it makes — see if it’s gonna
stay in or not. So, yeah, I’m still trying out
material and everything. -That’s great. That’s exciting.
-Yeah, it is, it is. -Always makes going on stage
thrilling. -Yeah, it’s exciting. When they don’t laugh,
then it’s not so exciting. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Then it’s like,
“Oh, well, okay.” I’ll take that one
back to the shop. That one needs new wheels. -They’re saving you from putting
in the special. -Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. -We commiserated in the past. Both of our wives are
very active and outdoorsy. -Yes.
-And you and I are not. -Oh, no, we’re not.
-Is that still happening? Are you still getting dragged
out to the great outdoors? -Yes, yes. It’s awful.
-Yeah. -It’s awful. And we were in Tulum in Mexico. And I discovered that I am not
first-responder material. [ Laughter ] We were walking back
from the ruins, the temple. And, you know, and I had seen,
like, a snake out there. And, you know, it was all —
you had iguanas and stuff. So on the walk back to the,
you know, back from the thing, I’m in front of everybody. And I heard, like,
some scuffling. And then, “Aah,”
a scream, right? I — pew! I took off running.
[ Laughter ] I took off running. And I got at least about
12 feet, Seth, before it hit me, like, “Hey, jackass, your whole
family is behind you.” [ Laughter ] “You just left
your family, your kids.” And what happened? My mother-in-law
hit a tree and fell. Yeah. And so then I had to run. I ran and it hit me like,
“Your family, your family.” So I turn around and I see her
on the ground, right? So then I acted like I was going
to go get help. [ Laughter and applause ] -Very well played. -But you can use my tricks,
though. -What are your tricks?
-Here’s the tricks. ‘Cause your wife, they like
going to the beach and all that. -Yeah.
-Yeah, we hate that. -Yeah.
-We hate that [bleep] -It’s no good.
-It’s no good. So this is what you do. Always leave something
in the room so you can go back. Yeah. I mean, for real.
Just leave stuff. Like, one time I showed up
to the beach. And I started taking
my shirt off. I was like, “Oh, oh, I forgot
to put on my swimsuit.” [ Laughter ] That’s a good 45 minutes. I’m telling you, just leave
stuff on the way to the beach. Just kick a flip-flop
in the middle of the street. And then go,
“Oh, oh, I lost a flip-flop. I got to —
I don’t know what happened. It felt like I had it on.
I don’t know. I got to go back to the room
to get my flip-flop.” -Genius. Thank you.
-Yeah. -This is an incredible gift
you’re giving me. -I know, I know. -You’ve been taking selfies. -Yes. -And is it safe to say this is
new, this is a new skill? -This is new. This is new. -I’m not — I don’t want to be
too judgmental. But it’s obvious to me
that you’re not — you’re doing it at your shows,
and this is great because you have an enthusiastic
audience behind you. It’s a great place
to take a selfie. This is a selfie. And is it safe to say that’s —
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, that’s — that’s me. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -This one is
a little bit better. -I’m in the shot there.
-Yeah, you’re in the shot. -I got the shot. Yeah. Yeah. Except that the room was,
like, over here too. But that’s all I could get
in there. That’s it. That’s it.
-You did one as well. Where is Count Basie Theatre?
Where is that one? -That’s in Red Bank, New Jersey.
-That’s Red Bank, New Jersey. [ Audience cheers ] -And so you had a couple of — You posted a selfie
to Instagram. And you had a couple Trump
supporters leave a show here? -Yes, yes.
They left the show. And I’m like, “I don’t know why
you’re here in the first place.” -Yeah.
-What the hell? [ Laughter ] Why would you come to
Wanda Sykes’ show if you love Trump? -You’re not gonna
have a good time. You know? -But it was —
This is very nice because on your Instagram,
you did say, basically, “As for the Trump supporters
who walked out, too bad. You missed a lot of great…” -Dick jokes.
-Dick jokes. Yeah. -Yeah, yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, that’s nice.
[ Applause ] You were thinking about them. Even to the end,
you were thinking about them. -I was.
I was thinking about them. -I am always so happy
to have you here. -Thank you. -I can’t wait
for the next special. Enjoy the road.
-Appreciate it. -And come back anytime,
all right? -All right, thanks so much.

100 thoughts on “Wanda Sykes Can’t Help But Talk About Politics in Her Comedy

  1. I love these Youtube recaps so i can get snippets of interviews with these great people. Keep up the good work Seth and team!

  2. #OrangeManBad
    See Norm MacDonald if you want to see a comedian with standards. Trump is the easiest target in the history of mankind. Not impressed.

  3. There's something about her that reminds me of my beloved aunt, when she was younger. Goodlooking, elegant, with, like a kind of firm no-nonsense carisma.
    My aunt was a farmer's wife in Jutland, Denmark. She was umpteenth generation Danish farmer. So it's a bit surprising. But my aunt makes me like Wanda Sykes a little extra.

  4. So anyone that leaves her show is a Trump supporter? Maybe they like comedy that is funny instead of dull. When they go full PC they lose any comedy, never go full PC or SJW.

  5. I love Wanda. Every time I hear her voice I think Down to Earth – awesome movie. We need more people like Wanda (those with actually a sense of humour)

  6. I still remember her bit about the bush/gore election on the chris rock show. All these red states here are just rocks and coyotes.

  7. I'm still waiting for the movie "Rita Almighty" in which God (Morgan Freeman) teaches her a lesson as he did with Bruce and Evan.

  8. I feel sorry for Trumpies, they must live in a dark humorless world. I have to watch all the late night show monologues. Colbert just lights his ass up, and I think of my nephew sobbing and screaming at the tv, But he's the best president EVER!

  9. Are NBC employees recquired to watch and like videos on YT? She is not a black lesbian, she is a Darwinist Lesbian, a huge difference.

  10. Love Wanda ❤️ She’s for the people and actually thinks
    It’s still crazy how someone like Donald trump is our president 😂😂😂 Going down the history books as one of the worst presidents forsure 🤣

  11. I loooooove Wanda! She’s well liked and funnier than anyone I know! Just wish we had enough of her to fill this sad nation 😉


  13. I hate the out doors too I agree with them especially the beach 🙈😂👍👏 and I am a professional musician so maybe that's a thing with artists🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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