Walk ‘n’ Talk with L.O.C.

Walk ‘n’ Talk with L.O.C.

I think you need to watch out you don’t get run over That would be quite sad actually I think I’ve made an album for the same reason you always make albums Because you can’t not I have always thought it was exciting to create a fully formed project A universe. Something you can dive into Where you can say something that doesn’t have to fit in a radio single That’s what excites me about making music Making something more than the 3 minutes and 10 seconds format Ekkokammer is because of the track on the album called Ekkokammer And because I think it’s a good description of what the album is about That we all walk around in these small bubbles It’s an album built on opinions Which address these bubbles I think everything is coloured by the fact that we walk around in echo chambers I think the challenge with this album was that I always end up with dogmas To create a wholeness and a sound that stands alone Then you end up saying: It has to be about this, or sound like that Or this bit has to come out This album has mostly been about creating something timeless Which is why we used a lot of analog instruments I’ve tried to let the lyrics write themselves When I’ve found a rhyme, instead of rushing to finish it I’ve just let it stay open until it finished itself But that has meant that finishing it, and collecting it all And getting everything to sound just right That’s quite new to me, because I usually get a beat from someone, who has already produced everything I think I’m in a really comfortable place as an artist I feel like I know what it is I want to do On this record, that’s what’s formed the premise It’s creativity and the act of creating something And see it as it’s own thing, instead of thinking it has to do something else Make the album because I can’t not make it And see if anyone can recognise themselves in it And actually that’s a really comfortable place to be When you’ve been going so long You should hopefully have exposed yourself so much that people never have a first impression again It’s not necessarily negative, but it’s something that sometimes backfires I’m more interested in continuing the conversation with those who are already listening Instead of recreating something that is appropriate in your 20s I’ve always thought that music has to work on many levels I love a good melody That some people listen to when cycling to work But for me, there should also be a layer of something that’s worth spending time on Something that people can agree or disagree about For me, if you’re not invested in the music it becomes meaningless So you expose yourself a bit Maybe in an exaggerated or ugly way And you defend that decision I think some people see me as chauvinistic and a stupid pig But what I want to say wouldn’t work if I didn’t take ownership of what I also am It totally depends on how you use the music If you want something to hum along to, then there should ideally be some parts If you want to dig deep into something, it’s there If you just want to have your prejudices confirmed, that’s there too My goal with music is really quite simple Success for me is if people remember it I don’t care if it becomes someone’s favourite song
Or if it becomes the hit of the year I want to make something where you only need to hear it once And if you hear it again 2 years later you think: “Oh yeah, that one” It’s making something important enough that, even if it’s not your thing You can go back and have an opinion about it Even if that opinion isn’t that strong So that has become my criteria for success I would rather make music that is worth something to people than following the stream That sounds a bit arrogant I just want to make something that works but that is the hope It’s a youthful thing in music to paint a picture of our time It’s not Sort Sol that paint the picture anno 2019 Even though they make great music It’s about a generation For me it’s about painting a picture of our time for my generation anno 2019 But that’s not something you can find a recipe for You just have to give it a shot If I had to say something to people before they listen to the album, it would be “I hope you have 40 minutes” Just listening on the go… It might do something. Hopefully But my hope is that people have time for immersionThe most exciting things in music lies on a deeper levelI hope people have a Sunday where they feel really bad They listen to the album and think: “I knew it was shit. I knew it!” That is the hope

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  1. Han skyder efter Suspekt og deres hit Gonzo, har disser ældre artister der prøver at få et hit på ungdommens premisser.

  2. 6,17-6,28 all you need 2 know! 😀 Hepper stadig på dig, men jeg tror ikke på det tidsløse i det her album!? Din musik trænger til et frisk pust, så albummet havde været tidssvarende til 2020, dit talent er dig selv, din stemme og dine tekster, som jo er tidssvarende, så savner musikken er!!! & med det sagt, så har dette album et af de smukkeste "lydbilleder" længe!!! Men musikken gør at du taber mig hen af vejen.. ØV!!!

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