Volunteering with YHA

Volunteering with YHA

You can volunteer to do absolutely
anything within YHA whether your skill is dry stone walling or gardening, to decorating,
to helping with events. You could manage a hostel our small hostels are managed by volunteers. We have volunteers who run our summer camps. You can join our youth network Young Champions, you can do your DofE volunteering and
residential with us, you can go on events, there's just too much
to talk about to be honest! There are 3 reasons why I choose to
volunteer with YHA. The first one is altruism, that's basically being selfless
for others. The second reason would be self
development There's always a personal aspect
to volunteering in things like this. The third reason is
employability. Personally for me there's a lot
of transferable skills that I've gained. As a student it's valuable
it's a competitive market and so I've secured
an internship this year and in my interview
I used YHA a lot. I think it's certainly given me
the confidence to try new things and to think there isn't any reason
why I can't do that before I might think oh it's other people, more confident people who would
go off and help at a summer camp but now I've realized that
I can do it too. I think that YHA value young people
more than any place that I've worked because normally if you go into a shop,
young people are always frowned upon but here they're welcomed 16 – 17 year olds can stay on their own
in a same-sex dormitory. They're just valued a lot more
and I like that. I think it's important that
we're giving back to volunteers so we work with a lot of
young volunteers so we can help them
get experience that they can put on their CV's. We work very closely with
Duke of Edinburgh we're one of the largest providers of
residential volunteering opportunities for young people, we work with Amy construction
for their young volunteers, their apprentices to come and
volunteer with YHA, so it's not only about volunteers
giving something to YHA we want to make sure that we can give something back
to volunteers as well whether it be skills, experience,
confidence, development, those sort of
things. I would recommend anyone to get involved because there is a role for anyone. I'm trying to learn french at the moment and I've decided this summer I'd really like to do a YHA placement in France and I wouldn't have the confidence
to do that if I didn't know that as an organization
they would really support me and look after me. So it just gives you wings really
because you feel you're able to do things, it's not just something
other people do you've actually got the support needed
to help you do it for yourself.

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  1. Is volunteering just for the younger generation as I am 58 but would like to be more active bye volunteering

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