Volunteering (In Your Pants)

Volunteering (In Your Pants)

40 thoughts on “Volunteering (In Your Pants)

  1. The Lost Hero in Your Pants; The Little Princess in Your Pants; The Magician's Nephew in Your Pants; Fire in Your Pants; The Secret of the Old Clock in Your Pants… wait – The Blood of Olympus in Your Pants! Demigod periods.

  2. You could get both maximum humor and maximum utility from a book called "How To Purify Water (In Your Pants)."

  3. I would agree with other posters that the 'in your pants' joke is much, much funnier if you're British.

  4. The classic in your pants jokes. My favorite still has to be "Everyone Poops in Your Pants" by John and Hank Green. That will never cease to make me laugh whenever I think about it.

    As we say in our hometown, BEST WISHES! Wait… I mean Don't Forget To Be Awesome

  5. I just realised something; I find the "in your pants joke" funny for the wrong reason. Due to variations in language, "pants" to me means underwear, whereas to a lot of other people (probably but not definitely) including John it means trousers. Oh language variations, you so interesting.

  6. I just want to say how awesome it is that John is part of something like this. I live in East Africa, in a country where impoverished villages and local schools with classes of 50+ kids are commonplace. Many people have heard of groups that collect school supplies, books and magazines to donate to rural areas, but the problem with many of these organizations is that they don't actually care WHAT is going to these places, merely that something IS going. So thank you, John, for being awesome.

  7. Gods- what a giant squid of anger.
    He talks about his books and Hank talks about his music but they are NOT forcing any nerdfighters to buy them. If his other job was acting, wouldn't he be allowed to mention the movies he was in? We can't find his wonderful books or Hank's fantastic music with a google anyways.
    He doesn't say a lot of dirty jokes. The "in your pants" jokes are the most risque and they're not exactly naughty.
    If you hate him so much, why do you watch his videos?

  8. Along for the ride ( Sarah Dessen) in your pants, trapped (Michael Northrop ) in your pants, the boy who harnessed the wind ( William kamkwamba) in your pants, among the hidden (Margaret Peterson haddix) in your pants, uprising (Margaret Peterson haddix) in your pants

  9. metamorphosis…in your pants
    julius caesar…in your pants
    the third level…in your pants
    animal farm…in your pants

  10. Jack London´s Adventure… in your pants.
    Philip Pullman´s The Subtle Knife… in your pants.
    Enid Blyton´s Five Go Off To Camp… in your pants.
    Edgar Allan Poe´s The Raven… in your pants.
    J.R.R. Tolkien´s The Hobbit… in your pants.

  11. Jeremy Clarkson's How hard can it be…in your pants
    Ben Miller's Its not rocket science…in your pants
    and the new Miranda Hart book, Is it just me in your pants?

  12. Matched… In your pants.
    The Lightning Thief… in your pants.
    Also, The Last Olympian… In your pants.
    I could go on…

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