Volunteering in US Virgin Islands (Travel for Good)

Volunteering in US Virgin Islands (Travel for Good)

Travel is about moments – big, small and everything
in between. I'm Courtney Scott. Come on, Let's Roam. Today it's a volunteer day, and on the lush
island of St. John, I'm rolling up my sleeves at Coral Bay Organic Gardens. This is Josephine and Hugo, the passionate
husband and wife team behind the farm. We supply most of the restaurants on the islands,
the better ones I might add, and a couple of grocery stores. You're famous for your greens of course. Yes, Josephine's Greens, her salad items,
our produce grown down here in natural soils have a much greater flavor content than anything
grown up in Florida where the have the sandy soils. Hey look, weeds! They put me right to work. Next the fun part. Planting our own veggies. Today it's daikon radishes. At the end of a hot day, the fruits of our
labors are served: fresh,super fresh coconut water. Now, I'm bringing our freshly harvested greens
to St. John locals' favorite lunch spot, Pickles in Paradise. In the kitchen, Beverly and I get cooking
on our lunch…which just arrived. Good afternoon ladies! Hi Benji! How is it today? We're so glad to see you! Good. Brought you some yellow tail. Oh yum! This is how we do it in the islands. These are fresh caught today? Freshly caught today, not even four hours
ago! And we're gonna season all of these fish with
delicious greens from and herbs from Josephine's garden. It does feel very much look cooking at home
with family. It doesn't get fresher than this. Look at that. Pour a littler more wine in. This will take about 15 minutes and that'll
be just about enough time to make a green papaya salad! Peel and shred the papaya, season with some
cilantro a shot of dressing and Viola! I think the fish might be ready. Oh wow! A little juice and we're ready to enjoy. Well at the end of a beautiful day in St.
John there's nothing better than enjoying the food that you helped prepare, so thank
you! Thank you! Bon appétit! Fresh caught fish. There's nothing like it. I could get used to this! It's a good life here on St. John. Yes it is.

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  1. Courtney Scott rolls up her sleeves in St. John to help the farmers at Coral Bay Organic Gardens.  She plants greens and veggies, then she takes her harvest to the popular local lunch spot, Pickles in Paradise to make an island recipe of yellow tail and herbs. #LetsRoam   #VirginIslands  

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