Volunteering at Kibbutz Ketura : Meet Todd

Volunteering at Kibbutz Ketura : Meet Todd

okay we're here at toois with todd todd how old are you where you from what made you want to volunteer on a kibbutz a lot of my family has Garnica boots my sister went to new wood straight out of college I kind of jump on the kibbutz bandwagon and I just did a bunch of research and from the APC what is the most challenging thing about doing this because obviously it's a big big shock and change like lifestyle worth getting up early all that work is done which is early because you start early and you got to be a social person I understood from a lot of kids because you can't be a loner as a because then you get you can

5 thoughts on “Volunteering at Kibbutz Ketura : Meet Todd

  1. Oh, I had a good experience but this was in 2009. Sorry you disagree. I just googled Ketura and it looks very nice. I wish I was there. Enjoy!

  2. I highly HIGHLY disagree with this. I lived on Kibbutz Mishmar HaSharon for several months as a student and hated every day of my life there. The living environment is miserable and the kibbutz is going under. It went completely Private after the Bread Factory caught on fire and now its turned into a major miserable shit-hole. I do not recommend that kibbutz. Im living on Ketura now and I really enjoy it. Only down side to it is that its far from most other major cities.

  3. @lxn271 The one at Mishmar Hasharon was really great. I totally recommend it. Message me if you have any questions.

  4. is there somewhere to see he rest of this video? I've been researching Kibbutz volunteer programs for several months and I would really like to see the rest of this.

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