Volunteering? 2 Suggestions for Your Time

Volunteering? 2 Suggestions for Your Time

hi at C West productivity coach for life and the ADHD specialist I want to talk today about volunteering it's on my mind because I just finished being president and immediate past president of the Institute for challenging disorganization and I learned so much I want to give you just two tips today I have written a blog so there's much more there practical advice and it's really for any kind of volunteer world not necessarily for the president any volunteer role is gonna demand your time and your argument and so one question to ask yourself is what am I going to get out of this yes you support the mission you believe in it with your whole heart what is it that you want to learn more about whether it's about yourself or a skill and I can't actually take credit for that piece of advice it's a piece of advice that's been given by past presidents of the Institute for challenging disorganization and we pass it down to each other so that's one question is what's your why your personal life and I'll help you through the good times and some tough times and when you're having some time constraints another question to ask yourself is what's the work ahead of look at it first in the big picture so dry yourself in your role whatever it is find out what the major projects are the major ideas and draw the flow of the year so just a simple diagram that says this project is going to run from March to September this one is going to run from April to May just so that you can see kind of how they all line up and when your busiest times are going to be it's also going to help you with whether you're going to have time to do all the ideas that you and your leadership team has and that's really important there's no difference between being a volunteer and an employee in terms of accountability you love this organization you commit to getting projects done so events get them done so those are two of my tips and if you'd like to read more in terms of how to set up your time and how to keep track of projects and tasks I invite you to go on over to my blog www.hs is calm and you'll see a couple of blogs there about volunteering I will also put the link in the comment box below thanks so much for listening and happy volunteering and thank you for volunteering bye

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  1. Yay Sue! I was so honoured to be mentored by you over the past 2 years – YOU were MY why 🙂

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