Volunteer opportunities at the SF SPCA.

Volunteer opportunities at the SF SPCA.

thank you for considering volunteering at the San Francisco SPCA our backbone has been our incredibly dedicated volunteers so join us help us end animal abandonment our foster volunteers provide temporary loving homes to kittens and puppies too young for adoption as well as adult cats and dogs recovering from medical conditions I've been fostering now for over 16 years and probably over 500 kittens and it never gets old you can see the impact that you're having on them which is incredible and ultimately increasing their you know ability to get adopted the kittens that we get have health issues because they've been separated from their mothers too young they need socializing and learning to trust it's so much fun having these tiny little creatures running around your house and they bring so much joy to your house and I felt like volunteers in our animal Assisted Therapy program volunteer with their pets and provide the healing power of animals to people in mental and physical health care facilities throughout San Francisco one of the most innovative programs in a 80 is puppy dog tails which is aimed at increasing literacy in our schools by having children read to dogs and cats I love to share Sammy with the kids and teach them to read it's very rewarding and sharing my bond with Sammy Davis with other people so they can get the bomb that I share with him also volunteers in our community cares program are on the front line of ending animal abandonment in San Francisco Trap Neuter Return or TN our volunteers humanely trap feral and free-roaming cats in San Francisco bring them to the spay neuter clinic for vaccinations and sterilization and then return the cats to their home and they're ready this program has been critical in reducing the number of homeless kittens in our community you know you'd bait your traps you set them up and you kind of just sit back in your car with a cup of tea and and relax and hope for the best the best sound is that trap playing shut it really is right that's well when there's a cat in it you know when you're walking around the city and you see these stray cats my heart just goes out to them and knowing I can do something to help that it really means a lot before being transferred to one of our adoption centers every dog er cat that comes to the San Francisco SPCA first goes through our shelter medicine department LRC volunteers work with the animals in these first crucial days of their arrival helping the animals adjust to their new environment we want dogs to be happy at every step of the process I do what I can to help them learn things that'll get them ready to go to the next part of the shelter and eventually to their new families the final piece of the puzzle is finding new homes for our sheltered animals volunteers at the Pacific Heights and mission campuses nurture and socialize dogs and cats until they're ready to be adopted and our volunteer matchmakers work with adopters to find the right companion we help try to make dogs a little more adoptable so it involves cuddling socializing training just all kinds of interactions with the dogs I'm a matchmaker so I get to help animals get that much closer to finding their forever homes and their forever families it's super rewarding to see a family or a person get really excited about an animal that they're meeting thank you for considering all of the volunteer opportunities at the San Francisco SPCA every role is crucial to saving animals and we can't do it without you you should do it we really could use some extra help

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