Volunteer in the Philippines with IVHQ

Volunteer in the Philippines with IVHQ

I chose the Philippines because the culture is very different it's very open they're very hospitable and I've never been so I thought this was my channel by Joseph Philippines because I was looking for exotic place to volunteer somewhere far away from home learn about the culture when you come into a country like this you wouldn't expect to have air conditioning which is but the bonus I like it a lot I think get close in with everybody you know to communicate with them and talk with them all day pretty much good time kids basically teaching the basics like English then just keep them occupied as much as you can that crazy good construction and it involves renovating homes for people our future we've been doing systems like flat is the hilltribe program the volunteers will accommodate at the hilltribe village and experienced living with the natives and stay with them working in the farm arranged activities or light instruction and whatever is needed in spare time there's loads of activities to do in the Philippines you can go wakeboarding go to the beach too small it's just like an hour away and go across the street from here with coconut and go to a coffee shop there's lots of places hang out with the volunteers but pretty much all hang out and play around with them aside from the hospital I like to explore I been to the crocodile farm and I'll probably spend most my weekends downtown exploring the city of Val and Illinois the thing I'm gonna miss the most are the people at the statement they're very welcoming and also the volunteers kind of make a family what I'll miss the most is probably the little children when they see you they always jump on you to give you help it really really warms your heart when you volunteer if you don't need children for a day and there because the most buttons that's what I'm here for is to be with the kids so that's all that matters even though we only staying at for a short amount of time the trencher that we develop between each other it's it's always something that we always remember of course learning a new language something Oh miss Honami Gutenberg did I go experience car you come for sell and help out people it's really don't want their life thank you this enjoy it just situate every moment you can lose your sanaka be here the rest your life so just enjoy it just come here enjoy the country and just a nice hot water if you're coming from don't be afraid to be unknown it seems like a very big step to come out here you've no idea what to expect and I've got a bad thing just let it happen

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  1. https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=all+philippine+volunteers&oq=all+philippine+volunteers&aqs=chrome..69i57.7007j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8:"ThankYou:-)!":#SeeYouAllInHeaven'.=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRpVBTVlQSI'.

  2. Awesome! Do you guys pay for your expenses? Try go to the Aeta tribes ( Natives) next time. I'm Pinoy but I spent my time volunteering there when I was young cuz after graduation in college you can't get a job right away. I worked with this community doctor who has been a volunteer for 4 years waiting for somebody to retire so that he can be absorbed. Crazy right? But I had a good time whatever experienced I learned from volunteering became my bread and butter nowadays. There's many remote communities that needs a helping hands especially in the mountains. I used to go with our local Midwife delivering babies, walking in miles and miles of rice paddies at night one turned out to be a false labor. Sometimes they took us to an NPA/ rebel camp with truckloads of military to give shots and give health education. Scary but no matter what ideology you believe in that Pinoy hospitality comes out. They cook us the best and maybe their only food for the day, they gave us eggs and chickens when we're done. Thanks for your awesome, unselfish giving to my unfortunate Kababayans ( countrymen).

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