6 thoughts on “Volunteer in Peru – Lima with IVHQ

  1. Hi, I was thinking about do this program. But I have one question. If you want to teach them English, don't you need to know Spanish? I know a little bit of Spanish. What are the requirements?

  2. I'll have to talk about it with my family in there, they are busy people. My friends are graduating from school in there (I'm visiting them) and in the U.S I currently volunteer in a elementary school, animal shelter, and I'm part of Key Club (we help our community) That's why I wanted to help in the country I was born, Peru. Thank You Anyways =D

  3. I'm from Peru and I'm living in the U.S but I'm going this summer to Lima for my summer vacation. I want to volunteer in there, but I don't think in Lima they accept people younger than 18 as volunteers, any help?

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