Volunteer in Italy with IVHQ

Volunteer in Italy with IVHQ

I've always liked it I always love the culture about the food always wanted to come so I'm here I have always been interested in the culture and environment here in Italy and I wanted to come and do my part to serve and help the community I thought it'd be awesome to be surrounded by the history it's something different around you for you I'm working child care so I work at a summer camp we play games of the kids you teach them English as well as we can color we draw help them with arts and crafts you help the teachers in any way they need off I am currently working with the refugees and migrants coming over from western Africa and the Middle East my end is more administration work and more logistical aspects Hashi plan their day-to-day activities so I gotta figure out directions on how to get to their events their locations so if it's a tour I have to figure out what organization and we're going to get tour guide from awesome supplement line I'm working at a refugee center today my shelter and the accommodation conclude for them help out around the sender they also handle food donations members community come in and pick up for donations to provide them food for the week I'm working in the environmental project I'm working in the farm area tending to Gardens we also will use a prepare a bed for the kids up there for their teaching I'm in the environmental conservation project we volunteer a marine protection area so I do a lot of research as well about what's happening under the water because there's a whole lot of Roman ruins right there so they're looking after them and we go then we basically help them out in any way we can picking up rubbish or we go out on kayaks to keep an eye on illegal actions so we go around and we just let people know if they are there that they shouldn't be asked them to move up the accommodation is really nice it's a really nice apartment in a lot of space and there's a kitchen to cockroaches it's a gorgeous apartment it's huge ingrown konev's there on section so it doesn't get too cluttered and messy there's a beautiful Terrace with a few of Mount Vesuvius the food soon as Italy get catered lunches and dinners but they can always go out and get something to eat some pasta it's very traditionally Italian so you get pasta get read so far else I can't complain about the food food is delicious there's so much to do here there's plenty of churches there's parts to go to go to Anthony Amalfi Coast go to Positano mouth you could a ski out Pompeii is a short train ride away there's so much you can do I've been to approach the deck which is a small island most of Naples otherwise I eat a lot of Pizza and the a lot of gelato it's just really so much – and everything's so close and quite easy to get sir they've got a really good transport system we wander around we go shopping we go eat I've been doing through the museum's they're really nice there's a lot to see so you're never bored after four weeks you miss the people your fellow volunteers are things miss the most but they definitely can always come back and that's what I do come back how we can miss the food but mostly the people people I've worked with and then the other volunteer a shared experience so you bought it's nice in a place it's so open to new experiences and a new wave in jeans I really like I think it's a good program and it's something that is needed so definitely good that we're here and try not bounce miss okay Mabel's has got a huge energy the best thing I can say is to get out and be with the people go explore find out the history of this place try to become the ethology go and do your and espresso in the morning go get your pizza have a little pasta some vino go out and take a walk and so that's them every day I learn little new things about the culture that make it so forth while uninteresting be ready to experience anything to go for everything you get half out you get to enjoy food and experience it's video lesson if you embrace it I definitely want to come back and I want to come back with my friends I want to bring other people to see this place beautiful bring your kind of spirit because that's really what's affecting most people here is the attitude and positivity that you bring to your placement if you ever wanted to come come to Italy come to Naples feel so good coming here and helping out we do need to help here you don't think about it it's a big city but just come and be part of this experience the volunteering experience is mr. never forget

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