18 thoughts on “Volunteer Firefighter Certification Training

  1. I know this is late but I recently just graduated basic training for the army and wanted to start volunteer firefighting during the rest of my senior year of high school and through college. Do you think that is possible or even allowed?

  2. What is the idea behind the steel SCBA tanks? Those look like somewhat new MSA firehawks but those are the old school MSA tanks. That is what we used when I was in the fire academy and they where a bitch to wear all day.

  3. I'm doing this in the summer. Right now I'm working part time and taking 15 credit hours for university.
    I don't think I could handle all three together

  4. Hey Matt! I really wanna volunteer as a firefighter. Hows hard/intense is the training for volunteers??

  5. Most Certification Courses are a mix of classroom and practical skills. It's hard to say where you would have strengths and weaknesses without trying it out. For some the written tests are difficult, for others they are a walk in the park. We tend to have people struggle on skills more than anything else. If you have to take CPAT, that is generally the hardest test to pass for someone looking to enter the fire service. It is a physical entry exam. Not required by everyone but most.

  6. even a part time job would work to i manage to do both work at night and respond in the morning/noon and my days off i can respond anytime we get toned out so you really at what kind of job you want and i know a couple people on my department that have full time jobs as well hope for the best in the future

  7. AH ok thank you! I guess I wanna be a Fireground support personnel. I REALLY wanna help people but it is really hard to overcome this fear! I've read that most firefighters die from heart attacks and I know being a firefighter is dangerous but I had NO IDEA it was this dangerous. I will go ahead and take the FST. Any tips for someone new?

  8. There are some departments, primarily volunteer, that allow firefighters to become Fireground support personnel or just driver operators. However, firefighting is an inherently dangerous thing to do. If we truly had the rule "safety first" we would never leave the station. The best thing to do is to train constantly. We generally take calculated risks and are safe at what we do but sometimes firefighters die and there really is not a way to prevent their deaths.

  9. The training itself makes me wanna piss my pants! I've got a FST in a couple of weeks but I am starting to back down. Is there any way I can be the guy that does NOT go inside the buildings!? I can handle the training and have NO PROBLEM doing the training but I don't wanna die just yet.

  10. lol my friend told me that this could b a good job and a really easy way to start living ur own life as an adult i like jobs that have to be with moving all the time and doing something really cool like helping people that will need help or saving lifes i think this is cool and i have never think about this tipe of carrier before lol idk i stell thinking about joing the airforce but enyways i stell looking for what i wanna b in the future 😉

  11. Most of the Volly Department I know are designed for the working person. It does take a certain level of dedication but should not interfere with any full time job.

  12. Not really sure what you are asking? If it is to make sure you are available to respond to enough calls I don't think that is very important at all. I am not sure if you can find anything related unless you can go career in the fire service. There are not many jobs related or relevant other than that.

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