27 thoughts on “Volunteer 'cuddlers' comfort babies

  1. Some of these 'addicts' being judged so harshly are cancer sufferers, or have intractable pain syndromes! Stopping opiates abruptly while pregnant, could cause them to lose the baby.

    There are medications that can safely and compassionately help addicted babies wean from narcotics, that treat the tremors, and GI symptoms quite well.

    No infant need suffer from painful withdrawal symptoms – unless medical staff is not doing their jobs and treating them incorrectly!

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6G2eSpXmUI
    Maybe if these selfish women had heard this cautionary tale beforehand, it might not have come to this:

  3. Whenever I see an.angel in human form doing something so selfless; motivated by LOVE, it feels amazing.

  4. I’m a heroin addict but I vow I will NEVER bring a child into this world in that condition. As a grown woman when I went through withdrawal I finally understood the unironic usage of “I want my mommy.” Literally all I wanted was for my mom to rub my back and tell me it would be ok. For a baby to go through that and not understand why they feel so sick… it breaks my heart. I will never ever do this to a child. Never ever ever.

  5. The sensation of providing unconditional love must be quite overwhelming. That's the reward.

  6. When I'm old, when all my children have their own families, this is what I'll do when I'm retired. I still want to be of service to my community.

  7. Newborns using drugs and getting withdrawls? I knew that today's youth starts using drugs earlier than ever before … but THIS?!

  8. Aww babies make my heart melt! I would love to cuddle and comfort them. I have 5 kiddos of my own but I have plenty of more love to give 😊

  9. This man this person makes such a difference one person so loving all the babies are asleep or calm in that room so amazing

  10. I am a retired respiratory therapist and my main area to work was the newborn intensive care unite a long with going into the delivery rooms. When it was slow and I was only in the unite so I would be there in an emergency I loved to hold the babies and comfort them. Babies are much calmer and they grow better when they get comfort and since many of the moms were not always able to visit the babies it would help them when a nurse or volunteer would hold them .

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