Voice – Block.One's Social Media Platform On EOS! – Sign Up Now – Voice EOS

Voice – Block.One's Social Media Platform On EOS! – Sign Up Now – Voice EOS

hello everyone what an incredible year it's been we're so happy to have all of you here with us today two and a half years ago when block 1 was born we had big ambitions for big software and big change but today what we're most thankful for is our big community it's all of you who have made this possible there's nothing on personing we're proud of than the collaborative spirit block one in us and the collective output of our software and your ideas now today we want to show you what block one's been working on over the last year innovations partnerships and products let's get it started and welcome to be one June thank Brendan I am super happy to be here today and want to wish a happy birthday to the US i/o community a year ago today we released the u.s. i/o open source protocol and in just one year I'm proud to say that US i/o has become the fastest most scalable and most active blockchain software in the world the u.s. public blockchain currently makes up more than 60% of all blockchain transactions it also accounts for over 48 percent of the daily active blockchain users so thank you community we built the software then you all adopted it and made use of it thanks to the rapidly growing group of talented developers block producers and influencers today the u.s. AAO platform is becoming the home to the most impressive applications and block chains as most of you know mass adoption of blockchain technology has always been a goal of ours and I believe that requires education both for the technical developers and the non-technical users we spent a lot of time thinking about how we can start educating and today I'd like to announce an education program to help spread us i/o to millions of users and that is the EOS urn program please join me in welcoming bajji and Tim from coinbase to the stage to tell you more about you CERN good evening my name is Tim Wagner and I'm the vice president of engineering for coinbase and the inventor of AWS lambda and I'm Balaji Srinivasan former CTO for coinbase and co-founder of earn calm thank you for inviting us here to update the ESI o community on what we've been working on we're at a really interesting juncture in the evolution of the blockchain sector at the same time that crypto is becoming more popular navigating this industry is also becoming harder for both individuals and organizations it's more important than ever that we build bridges to the crypto economy for participants at all points on the economic spectrum mainstream investors want to trust it easy-to-use place to buy sell and discover cryptocurrencies for these investors we offer our flagship retail product Quinn base meanwhile advanced traders demand access to a wide variety of crypto currencies and more sophisticated tools to act decisively when the market moves for these customers we offer coinbase Pro on April 8 we added yes order books to coinbase Pro and I'm happy to announce that as of this week es is also available on our flagship product now even though these two products are different demographics of the trading market all the assets that coinbase makes available to trade meet the very high bar we set in our digital asset framework let's take a US is an example of that process behind the scenes of ESO up as a tradable asset of coinbase we perform a deep assessment of the security governance and scalability in this case of the SiO platform then our legal compliance and market health teams apply extensive due diligence and those results are combined using our industry-leading analysis framework approving es for trading on our flagship product as for all the assets we support is the culmination of many hours of analysis and assessment and reflects the high quality of this team and its codebase chrimbus is goal is to build the safe trust and legal bridge the blockchain world we get there in part by adding new digital assets we also get there by innovating on ways for users to obtain these digital assets one way of thinking about this is if we go back to when the Bitcoin protocol lon back in 2009 the first several years of cryptocurrency people primarily earned it by by mining cryptocurrency once exchanges started to launch people were able to buy cryptocurrency and now we think that over the next several years in 2018 2019 and beyond people will be able to earn cryptocurrency and unlike mining or buying there isn't a technical or financial barrier you should be able to earn if you're a human and we announced Columbus earn last year and in that time over a hundred million dollars worth of cryptocurrencies being made available to Columbus users to earn through coinbase users have completed tasks and watched videos and more than three million videos or watches of videos have been logged and we have in just me alone add more than 150 thousand individuals around the globe who have participated quintus earn an onboard inscript currency by it by earning it in fact just earlier this month we made Quinta CERN available across more than 100 different countries even in places where buy and sell support is not yet available the goal here is to enable millions more people to learn about blockchain and earn crypt currency with coinbase towards that end I'm excited to announce that Quinn base currently today as of today supports the ability to learn about EOS IO and actually earn something else while you're doing so um as of right now you can go to Quinn based calm from Sascha earn France icy house and you'll find five new lessons on the benefits of you know I fundamentally secure infrastructure on a blockchain based platform each of these lessons was you know developed by coinbase in in collaboration with the the block one team and folks who complete these tasks and lessons can earn up to $20 USD or at the bios are there $10 UFC in total the lessons include an introduction to the EOS IO blockchain protocol each toriel and how delegated proof of stake works and the event is to developing on the ESI obe watching these videos are meant to educate and we develop them in collaboration with books a block one we think this is important to folks at Quinn base because most retail consumers aren't familiar with the new chains and protocols and besides Bitcoin and it's useful to introduce them to those we think that if done right we can articulate the benefits of block technology to millions of new people we want to make sure that the US community can participate in that we're still so early in this journey together one lesson we've taken to heart over the last six years is that for any of us to succeed crypto must succeed that's why we put so much time and energy into our regulatory relationships or institutional offerings and above all our secure storage now if you're not familiar yet with coinbase custody here's what you need to know it's less than a year old but growing quickly with a billion dollars in assets under management serving crypto first institutions like polishing capital and a 16z crypto it's also encrypt OHS cutting edge our crypto first DNA and technical resources paired with the regulatory relationship as a qualified custodian lets us bring innovative services like staking and new assets to market quickly and in a way that's compliant from day one and finally it's trusted in secure as a qualified custodian that investors recognize and regulators trust in fact when base is the only major crypto exchange that has never been breached and we regularly share our security expertise with the broader crypto space to help everyone improve I'm also excited to share today that heõs will be available in the coming weeks on coin based custody in closing we CEOs as an important asset across the coinbase ecosystem will build liquidity and legitimacy for institutional players with coin based custody will meet the needs of advanced traders with coin based Pro and will educate retail investors on the vision for ESI o in our flagship product thank you for helping us build a safe trusted legal bridge to the crypto economy for every kind of investor and for moving Tripta forward as we do it and now I'd like to invite dan back on stage collaborating with industry leaders such as claim base isn't all that I want to talk about today I'm also excited to show off what our team of engineers have been working on this past year so I hope you don't mind if I get a little bit technical now let me introduce you to the upcoming US IO to with enhanced performance and support for the latest web authentication standard u sio2 will make using blockchain applications easier for the masses u.s. IO one uses web assembly engines optimized for browsers and standards development not for blockchain so we decided to create our own designed from the ground up with blockchain and mind we call it gos VM this is a web assembly engine designed specifically for blockchain when we released the u.s. i/o a year ago we use binary an engine six months later we doubled the performance of via Sega by switching to the wabbit engine with es VM we believe that we can now execute webassembly 12 times faster than when we launched the SiO a year ago this is important because the single biggest bottleneck for a blockchain is the speed with which you can execute smart contracts us VM lowers the costs and increases the scalability of blocking applications built on ESI oh it's designed to meet the high demands of blockchain applications which require far more from a web assembling engine than those designed for web browsers or standards development in the blockchain world any non-deterministic behavior unbounded computation or unbounded use of RAM can take down the blockchain for everyone not just a single user single threaded performance fast compilation and validation and low overhead calls to native code are critical for blockchain security well you see em was designed for blockchain we believe it is ideally suited for any application looking to embed a high performance web assembly engine into their code existing libraries incorporate large code base that are difficult to audit to the degree that is required by smart contracts this is why a OCM is designed as a lightweight header only library OCN will be the new default web assembly engine in the US i/o 2.0 when it's released later this summer this means that you Sao can support more users doing more transactions than ever so the next thing I want to talk about you sio2 is support for web off end one of the single largest problems with blockchains is people having their keys stolen blockchains fundamentally change how applications are designed instead of passwords you have private keys recently web offense and 'red was adopted by all the major web browsers to secure standard web logins with hardware price private keys unfortunately this standard was not compatible with existing block chains and we knew that had to change this is why e sio2 will support signing transactions with web often and therefore with any web browser and you're–you Biki to tell you more about web authentication officer to the stage it's great to be here today weird yubico have one mission and that is to make your online life secure with a security key like this Yubikey I can protect my online accounts you can protect online servers I can protect my devices in a way that's vastly more secure than passwords will ever be able to secure them because these keys are so secure we've seen wide adoption large tech companies like Google Facebook Dropbox but also agent agencies of the federal government are using these keys to protect critical infrastructure the very effective google recently came out with a case study where they showed that zero percent of the accounts were protected with the security key were compromised but not only for corporations also for consumers I was a big fan and user of yoga keys long before I joined the company just protecting my own gmail account or my facebook or my Twitter account we saw millions of these keys to over 160 countries now as Dan mentioned there's only big disruption happening in the authentication space in the web often as yubico we started work on next-generation authentication protocol back in 2012 and the culmination of that effort is where both n that we developed together with Microsoft Google and others this year was ratified by the world by the w3 consortium it's an incredibly well designed protocol today it support in all of you major browsers so everybody has this already and I can promise you he will use about use this in the future now web of n was originally designed as an authentication protocol but it turns out that as part of the authentication mechanism there's actually a signature being created and I always love it if somebody takes an existing technology and then uses it for something else and block wan has come with an incredibly innovative for a mental new technique a basic allows you to take that signature from the web or then put a call and use it for blockchain transactions I'm really looking forward to their continued work and want to pass it back to them with web authentic out keys can be tied to a particular domain and device just creates accountability for how blockchain powered web applications propose transactions for your approval uber key ensures easy to use strong authentication the signing key is generated inside the key and never leaves the device even if someone else gets that about physical access to the device it has protections against tampering and extracting the key this is an incredibly strong way to protect your keys I'm happy to announce that everyone in attendance today will get a free us io branded u Biki so use io2 for us and the community is just the next step in making yo co the fastest most scalable and most usable blockchain software in the world thank you now I'd like to welcome Brendan back to the stage I hope everyone's having a good time as you can see we're really excited about all the advancements being made to es IO but something else that's always been important to us something we've managed to mention in the past is leveraging the capabilities of ESI o to build new types of applications that just haven't been possible before before I get into it I want to take us back a little bit to how we got here today I want to go back to 2008 the stock market crashes and so does our Trust's and banks and the financial system as we know it for a century now money's revolved around these hundred-year-old institutions yet here we are watching Wall Street buckle overnight and as a society we start waking up to the fact these financial institutions the ones we've been taught to trust our money with the ones we've been taught to depend on for day-to-day life they just haven't been dependable or trustworthy at all and real people are paying the price so all of a sudden we start wondering is there a better way a fair way for this whole system to function innovators get to work and in a matter of months bitcoin is born cryptocurrency is born now it sounds quite technical but it's really just visionary cryptocurrency enabled a new approach to money commodities and Finance in general one that didn't depend on invisible middlemen and can be built and run by its users through transparent systems checks and balances and we all know what happens from there it just takes off but amidst this Bitcoin and cryptocurrency boom block one focuses on even a bigger opportunity the technology it's all built on the blockchain and blockchain isn't just for finance shipping healthcare those drones that will soon be delivering your dinner virtually anything the internet touches watching can improve by making the data systems underneath run more securely and transparently than ever so in 2017 we break blockchain out of the cryptocurrency world and we build ASIO the world's highest performance blockchain protocol and now the world's most used it has one goal to make blockchain technology available to all so anyone can leverage its Bennett it's to rebuild and restore trust in the systems we all rely on and that's sort of what we've been up to ever since building a framework that enables people to create a better world now let's fast forward to today governments and brands are already beginning to tap into blockchain and it's revolutionizing how organizations work but amidst this extraordinary progress our attention has been captured by a larger social problem stemming from outdated technology and outdated business models yet another broken system that we all rely on every day social media has not been a good friend to us and as in 2008 real people are footing the bill for what an elite few have decided other rules of engagement from data theft to misinformation to rampant cyberbullying the cost are all too real and people are upset regulators are trying to keep up with a smattering of penalties lawsuits are being filed and social Giants are scrambling to make things right by their users by professing new sets of values seemingly overnight but the fact is you just can't rebuild a house when the foundation is crumbling the truth is is social media was designed to use its users just look at the business model our content our data our attention these are all extraordinarily valuable things but right now it's the company's not the users that reap the reward if I design they run by auctioning our information to advertisers pocketing the profit and flooding our feeds with hidden agendas dictated by the highest bidder so we're rewriting the formula we're breaking through the smoke and mirrors and we're blocking out the hidden players we're leveraging the iou's public blockchain to build a more transparent and aligned social media platform for the world and here's what I mean by that we're building a platform where users directly benefit from their ideas and engagement where the value of good content gets circulated right back into sustain the community not just corporate bottom lines in other words what we're aiming for is a truly self-sustaining a Khan thoughts and ideas where what's good for the platform is good for the users – we're building a platform where real people connect with real people not bots and not hidden trolls the bottom line is social media is where the majority of discourse and news sharing happens today and it's never been more important to know that who we're interacting with and who are getting our information from is a real person who's accountable for what they share we built this accountability into the platform and finally we're building a platform where everything from who backs content to how content surfaces is out there in the open for everyone to see this transparency is one of the beauties of blockchain and we've made sure it was a core part of the experience everyone the user the contributor the platform plays by the same rules no hidden algorithms and no hidden agendas just a level playing field where everyone gets an equal chance to be heard and we call it voice [Applause] [Applause] now to show you a little bit about how all this comes to life let me invite a damn back on the stage thanks Brendan social media was intended for good putting people in charge of what content they see and share through social media we learn what other people think but it's become less about what you want to see and more about what big companies anonymous bot operators and internet trolls want you to see we're here to change that and guess what we're going to use to do that the voice token we believe everyone deserves a voice this is why the voice token has the fairest token distribution in the world it isn't created by buying it or burning electricity it can only be created by real people producing real content liked by real people when you participate you earn the voice token is used to reward unique users content creation and content discovery and you use these rewards to raise your voice on the platform on a lot of social media platforms setting up accounts is pretty fast and loose you come up with a username and password provide an email and phone number and you're in but if we've learned anything from the trolling catfishing inbox it's that not verifying your users can have some pretty dire consequences so what are we going to do about that voice uses a multi step a syndication process that is designed to make sure that every single account on our platform belongs to a real person it's designed to prevent abuse bottom line is seeks to ensure that real people can actually talk with other real people on our platform and because we have real people every single day you get new tokens in your account just for showing up so let me show you how this works after I prove it I am in fact a and Larimer I can log in to voice now I can go and do what we do on all social media platforms I share content that matters to me that content can take any form on voice whether it's a long-form think piece a video a photo or maybe a short blurb about something that's personally interesting after I've posted my article others who find it can like it unlike other platforms where the like benefits the platform owner and not the author our platform rewards the author with more voice tokens the more users who like what you say the more you earn and the more visible your content becomes Bar armies and anonymous trolls cannot manipulate this therefore they cannot manipulate you so what can you do with the voice yarn you can use it to increase the visibility of your own content or use it to lo others to discover the content you find valuable so I come across a post and I decide to comment after I comment what if I want to increase the visibility then i voice it this will cost me some my voice tokens and lose my comment up to the top this increases the visibility of Brendan's article and at the same time my comment so you don't need a million followers to have an impact you can use your voice tokens instead and if someone else decides to voice their comment above your own then you'll get your voice tokens back and some extra – so on a platform level it's the people not the editors or the algorithms who are directly deciding what makes it to the top which ideas get voiced if you will and this is just the first way to use your voice token but we plan to have many more ways to use and earn voice tokens in the future and that's the basic of voice so what does this mean for us it means that everyone that signs up for voice will get a free EOS account that they can use on the voice platform it also means that other applications on the US public network can now create identity enabled applications identity enables a whole new social media experience and we know that blockchain base identity we've revolutionized much more than social media this changes everything and we cannot wait to see what people do with it with that I'd like to invite everyone to come take a closer look at the platform after the show and or sign up for our beta on our website voice calm thank you everybody and have a great evening

28 thoughts on “Voice – Block.One's Social Media Platform On EOS! – Sign Up Now – Voice EOS

  1. Wow, thanks Dan and Brendan for helping to announce our launch—it's a tad earlier than we were expecting to make the announcement, but I guess cat is out the bag now. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/alfa-enzo/id1380382257?mt=8 …

  2. Where is the audience? EOS is wowing these people and they seem to not get it? If people do not understand how big EOS is…..and how big it is going to be….that is all the better for those that do…..buy….buy EOS people!!

  3. It will be tough taking on FB and Twitter
    Voice onboarding needs to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen. I’m talking fifty foot signs in time square.
    Dan created Voice over a year. This platform has potential none of us realise today

  4. Something that just occurred to me. What happens when someone normal posts something that someone powerful doesn't like? With KYC the normal guy gets sued, and now the powerful guy knows who the normal guy is! This happens a couple times and the Voice could see a major exodus or people avoiding signing up in the first place.

  5. does anyone know what FB is gonna do with their Global Coin? are they gonna chase EOS and operate on a new model? Or stay the course with ads and bots but transact their proceeds in crypto?

  6. This annoucment was disappointing. Only good thing is it will UTTERLY destroy KARMA. Dallas must be shitting it – now THAT'S karma for you!!!

  7. Guys don't get me wrong. I'm Eos biggest fan, but let's be honest here…it was disappointing and the market is reflecting it big time

  8. Dan could use some public speaking lessons. I get that he's a coder , but if he's going to be on stage, he needs better presence.

  9. So how come no one is getting excited?   12x faster?!   60k transactions per second?….does that sound about right?      ……Oh….and people getting free EOS/learning about EOS on Coinbase—that's pretty big news.

  10. social media is the biggest thing on the internet if we can get people onto the platform and make it as big as Facebook this could massive for EOS. Just bought more EOS today

  11. EosVM/EOSIO 2.0 sound amazing. Voice will be a solid social media site. People can learn about Eos, earn $10 in Eos and get $40 worth for sharing with others. Good stuff! Dan warned about hype, haters will hate, sad.

  12. I liked this announcement. I feel this will be more impactful than people realize. Preventing bots via the human verification process, manipulation via an algorithm and (hopefully) teaching people restraint by democratizing/tokenizing the conversation can be huge for all of the parts of humanity that social media impacts should all yield positive impacts on our society. I bought into EOS more after the dip post announcement.

  13. the big news is that this is the beginning of a new age. with decenralized kyc we can build new government systems. Everyone can make proposals. As much people like it as more relevant it gets. If its relevant enough it becoms a law or in case of a project proposal, a project gets build. Thats the beginning of the end of our democratic systems. The people will govern directly. Tax get payed directly just in time and transparent. More fair for everyone not just for rich. I am so excieted of what will come next. Voice will write history.

  14. I’m not a dev so I can only try to pick the best most well funded team of devs to do the hard work for me. No lambo today, but I am incredibly impressed with how hard these guys are working and how prudently they are navigating the challenges ahead. So far ahead of anything I have seen in traditional markets. Dan stayed up late on Telegram answering questions and patiently tolerating some really rude people after the event when many would have been polishing their egos. There are no guarantees but I do trust these guys to do their best and to continue to outperform. Sure they will be more careful with managing expectations in future.

  15. I had eos until this announcement. Reason why, biometrics. This is at the top of the government's hit list. I will not give up my privacy willingly. Privacy is the key reason why people started this experiment called crypto. Plus who really cares about steam 2.0 the people want one app that does it all, social, political, entertainment, banking and investment. Ect….not this half steppin moist ass announcement. Buy the rumor sell the news.

  16. the big news was Yubi and security for EOS accounts which can lead to much more mass adoption than anothe social app.

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