VLOG | Homecoming, National Coming Out Week, and More!

VLOG | Homecoming, National Coming Out Week, and More!

– Hi everyone! My name is Andrea, I am your student vlogger. Welcome back to Temple’s YouTube channel. So, October is a very busy month, wit so much going on, it’s hard to keep track of. There’s National Coming Out Week, Mental Health Awareness Week, Homecoming, Day of the Girl. So on and so forth. But today, I will just be highlighting some of the events that
were going on on campus the past couple of weeks because, yes, campus has been poppin’. So for National Coming Out Week, there were so many events, like the National Coming
Out Week festival. There was an event on
lettering and social media in terms of advocating
for the LGBTQ+ community. They had the clothesline project
which they do every year, as well as the drag show,
which is super popular. So I went to the National
Coming Out Week festival, it was around the student center. They blocked off a
little part of the road, where there were different organizations, on campus space and off
campus space organizations that were tabling. And it was a great way for people to know more about the LBGTQ+ community. I actually got a shirt from this year. The theme for National Coming Out Week was Remember. Resist. React. And also at the festival I won a little rainbow bracelet and it has Temple T here and here that you can’t really see but they’re there. And I was also able to pick up an inclusive LGBTQ+ rainbow flag. But aside from that, there were also cookies and pins being made. So I was able to attend the Advocacy Letter Writing
Social Media event, in which one of the professors from the Gender Sexuality
Woman Studies Department. Just talked to whoever was
there for a little bit. There was already a
topic for us to discuss as a group and to just pick the issue apart one by one and how to take that issue that we were learning about
and we were discussing, and to put it into a letter, or form it in a way that it fits to one tweet, that will
get people’s attention. And that people may retweet, may like, and hopefully change can happen from that. So we were given this paper,
you can’t really see it, but it is basically just
how to write a letter with the intention of sending
it to a state representative, or sending it to someone
of a higher power. I thought that event was very informing, I personally have never
written a letter before to advocate for an issue of any sort. So now I have the resources and a little bit of
knowledge on doing that. So Mental Health Awareness
Week and Homecoming week began on the same week. And on Monday, I was heading
towards the Tech Center, when I was going through
the bell tower and I saw Goats. I saw baby goats. There was a little pop-up
event that was going on where students were able to sign up and do goat yoga. But yeah, yoga and goats, together or separately, is a
great way to de stress. Meditation, mindfulness,
all of that is great. And if you’ve never tried it before, maybe give it a go. So as for Homecoming, there were so many events going on, like the Walk for Student Hunger. An evening with the Central Park Five, which was a sold out event. Temple has also been celebrating Temple Alum, 30 Under 30. They had their award
ceremony slash breakfast on campus including some notable alum, like Malcolm Kenyatta like Kalen Allen. And just a little quick anecdote, I got a text from my friend Jared, who told us he was walking out of Ritter, out of class, and he almost
ran into Malcolm Kenyatta. And Jared proceeded to talk
to Mr. Kenyatta and said, Wow! I voted for you. And Mr. Kenyatta was over here saying thank you and proceeding
to give him a fist bump. Later on that night, him and some of my other
friends actually saw and met Maxies and took a selfie with him. And there was also the pep rally and the gulf cup parade where different student organizations volunteered to decorate a golf cart and just parade around campus. Also, I don’t think this
is a Homecoming thing, but every year, Tyler’s students have products that they make, whether that’s paintings,
or ceramics, or jewelry and they sell them at Tyler Art Market. So the last thing I wanted to
mention is Day of the Girl. Some of your fellow
classmates Christine and Daisy had a little pop up in
front of the bell tower in which they were
ambassadors of Girls who Code. Just the shirt I’m wearing now. They were filming people
marching towards the camera for this global, digital
march that was going on on the Day of the Girl. Along with the shirt that
I’m wearing right now, I got this one poster as well as a nice addition to my laptop. But, as you can tell, there is a lot going on campus, a lot of people involved and all of this probably
happened in a span of two weeks. Even throughout the year, attend what you can, attend what you’re interested in. And it’ll just make
your college experience that much better. Thank you so much for watching, I hope to see you all in another video, but until then. (upbeat music)

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  1. And this is why I want to go to Temple. There's always so much going on and it just seems so amazing to be able be a part of that.

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