Visit Your Pacific Northwest National Forest

Visit Your Pacific Northwest National Forest

Music playing in background Image of Forest Service shield,
For the greatest good. Gifford Pinchot National Forest Olympic National Forest Mt. Hood National Forest Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Fremont-Winema National Forest Malheur National Forest Willamette National Forest Wallowa- Whitman National Forest Visit your Pacific Northwest National Forest
Learn more about these locations at Image of Forest Service shield, For the greatest good.
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30 thoughts on “Visit Your Pacific Northwest National Forest

  1. I really hope whomever hit "dislike" is just one of those morons who goes around clicking "dislike" to be a jerk. Uncage the Soul does fantastic work.

  2. Gorgeous, mountainous and naturous! (all puns intended.) Great job capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

  3. ooooh that was pertty! You people would ask why a young girl like me is watching this, well I have a social studies project and I need to know how the NorthWest Culture Area looks like and the video shows beatiful places of it! 🙂

  4. My country, America, I love thee.
    Let me die in thine arms one day
    When God grants me my last breath
    Let me die in thine bosom.
    America, bring me home.

  5. hmm when i try to see where these places may be on google maps i get highways, etc… for example columbia gorge scenic area at 1:10 is actually a giant parking lot.
    'The wild' is actually becoming tamed parks, with entrance fees, paved trails, and 'scenic lookouts'… i guess there is really nothing left to discover in this world. and now that we have youtube… i can go on those scenic drives while just sitting here staring at my computer.

  6. What's the best time to visit these parks, especially to see the waterfalls? I hear the snowy roads can become impossible to pass through during the late-Winter in those parts…

  7. Cool video, I make Nature Video's in the Pacific Northwest – I'll be posting a couple hikes and mushroom hunts soon, come checkout my channel!

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