49 thoughts on “Violent run-ins put spotlight on ‘Proud Boys’

  1. Not to defend the 'Proud Boy' shit, but be honest KGW.
    Show the preceding few seconds of the punch clip from PDX, where the Antifa man was assaulting him with repeated strikes from a metal baton.

  2. so I notice KGW didn't say the guy that got punched out just happen to hit the proud boy with a baton twice before getting knocked out.

  3. What an absolute lie! They are not a hate group whatsoever. There is a lot more to this story that’s for certain. The proud boys are not racist and they are not sexist. You need to get both sides to this story lol.

  4. This is a load of crap. Everybody knows Antifa are the violent ones! Proud boys are NOT violent unless attacked by Antifa

  5. You intentionally left this part of the video showing why the Antifa protester got punched. It was in self defense. KGW is fake liberal news!!! You people make me sick!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VVyNPBI2awk&feature=youtu.be

  6. Retards, under educated zealot fools. Tiny and his baby face are going to be someones gf in prison. AB doesn't care what he thinks, he's not white. #IDontReadReplies #FoxNewsIsTrollFood

  7. What absolute rubbish. The Proud Boys never go out looking to start trouble, that's ANTIFA and the other left wing terror groups, but for some reason they get a free pass. You left out the part about the masked man with a baton trying to hit that Proud Boy before he got knocked out.
    Also, how they far right? Is that just a catch all slur now for anyone who doesn't spout the government approved opinions?

  8. Anyone believing this load of fake news needs to watch this guy get hit two times with a baton before he starts defending himself. The guy that got knocked out was an antifa terrorist.

  9. Even though Antifa & the now retarded SHARP attacked patriots w weapons, KGW8 tries to make the left look like victims.

  10. Tiny is Samoan wtf are you fake news media trying to do? I’m a Samoan democrat and have been to these in Berkeley it’s the alt left starting this. Get your facts straight on racism as for the punch did you not see the illegal extendable baton? Or are you guys just blind to the truth?

  11. Another reason why MSM is nothing but garbage. Antifa was the one's throwing rocks, M80's, sticks, and pepper spraying people.
    The Proud Boys was just defending themselevs from being attacked. KGW, do some real journalism instead of these hit pieces.

  12. Only morons fall for your fake news. American Pravda news. Foreign agents pretending to be a "news" org. Foreign deep state spies deserve no deals when the Q purge starts.

  13. So defending yourself makes you the violent one? Get out of here fake news propaganda, plenty of people seen the actual video where the ANTIFA punks start all this crap.

  14. They should be in the spotlight especially after they defeated the domestic terrorists Antifa in Portland. I consider KGW News as being complicit in terrorism and in the end they will be held accountable. They should be careful about who they run in the ground and who they support. Real Americans are taking down names.

  15. Nice propaganda hit piece. Show the steel baton that the Antifa scum swung at the innocent Proud Boy. Who then defended himself against the communist terrorist.

  16. The spotlight is on KGW8 anti-American, Marxist propaganda for Zionazi Antifa terrorists.

    You guys should really thing about consequences of your criminal, anti-social actions, becasue these are the choices that will determine the rest of your lives.


    We see it, and you are covering for them, when you run cover for criminals, when you are aiding and abetting criminals, you ARE CRIMINALS.


    His pupils are not even dilated, which is the first thing that happens after a punch to the face.

    KGW = domestic terrorist propaganda disinformation outlet.

    Wanna try me?

    1. What is the Police report number under which this assault was documented?

  18. Propaganda hit piece. The manager of this "news" team should either be embarrassed and fire all involved or be fired themselves. The good news is the logical thinking viewers who are curious enough to do further research will quickly realize the truth.

  19. Excuse me, but you are making slanderous claims that just are NOT true.
    This is why the President calls YOU fake news.

  20. Also, if they are a hate group, they aren't doing a very good job of it considering they have a very colorful membership that also included Gays, Jews, and yeah, Muslims….Even the most minimal research would prove that.
    Also, they don't like starting the fights, however they LOVE ending it. "Fuck around, and find out" "Fuck around" Meaning, start a fight…"Find out" meaning your gonna find out how a real man fights.
    Proud Boys‘ values center on the following tenets:

    Minimal Government
    Maximum Freedom
    Anti-Political Correctness
    Anti-Drug War
    Closed Borders
    Anti-Racial Guilt
    Pro-Free Speech (1st Amendment)
    Pro-Gun Rights (2nd Amendment)
    Glorifying the Entrepreneur
    Venerating the Housewife
    Reinstating a Spirit of Western Chauvinism

  21. punching a protester?……………..Did you forget that those protesters that got knocked the fuck out were swinging deadly weapons at people? Talk about fake news!

  22. I love how they’re (KGW) trying to make Antifa look like innocent victims. Such ignorance but what can you expect from BS Portland leftists. Antifa start always starts it all. Maybe do more research @ 0:51 the guy was punch for attacking a woman.

  23. I'm trying to find any footage of Proud Boys hitting anyone when not first hit, and NOTHING. Every single video shows others attacking Proud Boys first. Show me ANY video where Proud Boys attacked without first violently provoked. Such research is called JOURNALISM, not this biased hit piece that any 10 year old can put together in couple of hours.

  24. How come this shit news station doesnt show the entire clip of these so called riots where antifa are attacking people first!!Proud boys or not if someone assaults you then you have a right to defend yourselves and that's what these proud boys were doing!!

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