Vince Blasts AEW | WWE Avoids Financial Catastrophe? | AEW TV Details! | Going In Raw Podcast

Vince Blasts AEW | WWE Avoids Financial Catastrophe? | AEW TV Details! | Going In Raw Podcast

boys and girls this is the undisputed era Adam Cole Kyle O'Reilly Roderick Strong and you're listening to going in law Beibei hey guys this is Charlotte and you're watching going in raw going in raw that's not terrible except it's our girl Sasha think Felicia Foster and you are watching going and rock like that no severe man Larson welcome back to going in or on the only pro wrestling podcast you need to be listening to right here at youtube-dot-com forward-slash Steven Larson the end available wherever bud Kouts gonna be found yeah be sure to hit that subscribe button and then the little notify bell next to it to make sure you're always getting your new going in raw notifications we're also on the patreon at forward slash Steven Larson we got a variety of awards here's over there we got a couple new patrons oh good however I did want to shout out real quick Drafthouse games yes they have been a supporter on the patreon how much from the get-go from the beginning and they've been so supportive and they always send us cool stuff and they'll I haven't checked the peel box but apparently I saw that they sent us a second WCW nitro book so I do with your duty covered one because I have read mine extensively on the toilet yeah in the loo on the loose well I mean the one particular detail you'd add of that is that you did so while you were dealing with some sort of stomach issues oh so it's not just like regular poo it's like extreme magmatic well I mean that kicks it up a notch oh yeah a couple notches yeah for sure they sent a second one so nice they're so employee so if you don't mind I'm gonna red flag that one here in the office oil of two and then I'll give it to you no doesn't work that one no that one's that one's a Larson exclusive anyway he's getting back to it Draft House games want to return the favor Erica Duke over there Draft House games is trying to get this a crowd fund started for a store a film she wants to make called mark of the rougarou mm-hmm I have placed a link in the description right here on this show yes I'm gonna go ahead and tweet it out also a little bit later yes but please check it out she's close to her goal there's days left yes and hopefully she's achieves it what the help of the friendos yes so yeah good luck with that area good luck and please friendos check it out it looks super terrific like checking like Drafthouse games their stuff always has high production values yeah yeah so uh so yeah definitely go ahead and check that out want to give a shout out to some other patrons that we picked up over the past 24 hours or so I'm gonna say this name again because I love it daddy fat stacks that's a great name great name honi see Stepanek or Stepanek hopefully one of those readings was correctly was correct Luke O'Shea and Angelina let Shelley thank you all thank you so much for your support you thank you thank a tree Mike you know you you all of you watching not here live and eventually on VOD notice we're doing things a little differently in the Friday news show we advertise in our YouTube channel live 9:00 a.m. thing Monday through Friday yet lately of late we've only been doing live Monday through Thursday and doing this late Thursday we decided why not change it up a little yeah like so we've been doing like gameplay stuff on Fridays but we're gonna kind of phase that on a weekly basis like I say out also on a weekly basis yes yeah we're just gonna do less but better of the gaming stuff we have some ideas in mind for additional content we want to bring to the channel yes and the gaming stuff takes up a lot of time and doesn't really do much for us yeah we want stuff that takes up time that does stuff for it exactly stuff that you guys will probably find starting next month August we're gonna you see some changes some new stuff starting to be rolled out some stuff like the gaming stuff slowly kind of phased out on a regular basis yeah weekly basis so just prepare yourself for that we're coming up on the five-year mark for going in wrong up in September in September and so we've got some things planned for that very exciting things very good things more but better yeah good things all good things oh dude stuff good stuff good things all good stuff exactly it's bring any good stuff money let's talk money AED em money money is good stuff money buys happiness solves all problems yes yeah no people gonna like win the lottery and then end up like in a ditch somewhere dead like that that boggles mind well you hear like people win the lottery then every starts coming out of the Woodworks asking them for money yeah that's gonna be huge stress here's the thing like in most states you have to publicly accept your lottery window you can't go and you can do it on the hush yeah which is kind of lame I believe California is one of those states you got to go through the ceremony the pageantry giant check all that yeah well I like the giant check I just don't want my my picture I'd wear a ski mask yeah what can you fake yourself at your own uh your own ceremony yeah I'd use your face my D my face people be like use your face see why it is like super old yeah IDs Hilton's baby here you go why does the old Hilton just want a giant check Dave here age 41 well I think he's a hundred forty-one yeah oh yeah yeah so what yeah we're doing this life WME financials they exciting stuff yeah did they didn't collapse they didn't Colette's good that's good because like all the McMahons save for Shane I think they all sold a bunch of stock in advance we'll get to that later why I don't know the exact definition that's you care I can't really comment in that so Debbie had their quarter to financial call yesterday and oh man things are looking down but before we get into the always exciting charts and graphs numbers we're not doing that here let's talk a bit about some of the other info and company dropped Vincent company drops sorry especially related to the recent changes in addition is to be creative namely Paul Heyman Eric Bischoff so what Vince had to say transcription courtesy is seeking alpha quote do you want do this all advice yeah I'll try I feel like I do one of the things that we've done is to hire two executive directors one for on-air one for Smackdown and in doing so it allows me to look at a longer range story our standpoint and I also spend more time on talent development and not get into the weeds as much as I had to do in the past I'm gonna pause here for a second so in case you couldn't hear what I was saying cuz I was doing a Vince voice he says it allows me to look at a longer at a longer range story arc standpoint and also spend more time on talent development and not get into the weeds as much as I had to do in the past now there are reports coming out yeah all sir said he just rewrote Smackdown just this past Tuesday Smackdown and maybe he's saying for in the future he's not gonna to do this but for hours prior to the show going live he was rewrite or was it at 4:00 p.m. I think it was 4:00 p.m. he was rewriting stock house that was four hours in advance of the show yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah he was still writing Smackdown no I'm I the way I read it was like at 4:00 p.m. he decides you start writing okay even better yeah so that is deep into the weeds man earlier that's so much weeds right there I'll continue hear your voice arrested Ashley we seen a big result already he continues later on we have definitely turned the corner again as I've mentioned we have executive directors with each brand now they're going to grow in a more in a more in depth I think notwithstanding that we spent more time on story lines good ones and also talent development it's a combination of a lot of things on things as far as coming together and what I guess I'll call it a relaunch in terms of our content and it's not no man it's not because the bottom line is everybody knows it all still comes down to him yep you know like Paul Heyman could turn in like an immaculate Emmy contending script yeah yep there with the likes of the wire Deadwood the narrative inventiveness Star Trek Enterprise that he said writing and he still has that red pen of his that I'm assuming he carries with him I got all this what is this twenty woman 20 minute woman's match kind of down to three and give it a long finish it's so come and complain to this given a note you must do as directed by vkm exactly yeah so anyways he talks a bit no sorry go ahead yeah no he liked your essay he talks about what this creative relaunch is gonna look like and he continues we're gonna be a bit edgier but still remain in the PG environment we've just come anywhere close actually to go into another level that's an odd sentence we've just come anywhere close I don't know that means so that will be something we will do in terms of direction of content more controversy better storylines etc but at the same time we're not going to go back to the bold attitude era and we're not going to do blood and guts and things of that nature such as being done on perhaps a new potential competitor aw yeah we're just not going to go back to that Gouri we graduated from and again a more sophisticated product again attracting much better writers and attracting better management things of that nature so again I feel really good about it and that's when he speaks about the competition yeah ae W he doesn't refer to them by name but everybody knows what he's talking about as far as competition is concerned competition is good for everyone do you think he believes that no his nose it's got way bigger I think that's generally the case although again we're hoping that to the extent that they air competition man that they don't continue on blood and guts and gore II things that they have been doing and I can't imagine I can't speak for it but I can't imagine TNT would put up with that is this one of those things where he realizes that's gonna do really well for them and says oh I hope they don't do it in in the hopes that they would listen to him and don't do it because he thinks that could actually be competitive advantage for them well number one I don't know I mean I know he's referring I guess to the unprotected chair show that in and yeah yeah the the dust and stuff the dust and stuff just probably only two things he's seen place don't came to his awful event you gotta check this out yeah he's like what is this it's a 5 star match that you could have put on ages ago and any of like of three WrestleMania yeah and he elected not to and it was really great everybody loved it was it it was an awesome bit of storytelling there with the blood you can't get every time your soul was bleeding that much so yeah that was there I mean it just just for the fact that it was the first time that Vince has publicly really acknowledged a yes far as I'm aware yeah yeah and then kind of put my blast for being so quote-unquote bloody its to match it's gotta find something to go after and it's funny because even Tony Khan in one of the I forget one of the old post press conferences that he did for one of the shows I think it was I forget if it was double or nothing or if it was after fighter fest and he said that he'd know he did they don't plan on over TV yeah for TV to do that yeah it's gonna be something for paper use yeah exactly I'll kick things up a notch or pay-per-view but yeah it makes total sense keep it relatively a brand safe for ya weekly television we'll get to that I just love that he called it blood and guts no gory stuff nobody's getting opened up no no there are no sickles none this is an F F MW yeah no I get disemboweled on a on a a II W television it's pretty silly it is pretty silly to describe things to that extent and like someone's getting drawn and quartered someone gun you know mm-hmm there's nothing that that degree yeah but now the one way were chair shot busted Cody open otherwise he would be talking about one incident mm-hmm and that's it yeah yeah but Vince will be Vince let's talk a little bit about the money stuff oh yeah I can't wait this can be a bit dry sometimes that's why I kept it short okay money stuff basically everything was down across board for quarter two compared to the same quarter 2018 it seems like it seemed like things were gonna be real bad in advance for Thursday's called because Vince Stefanie Triple H as well as Kevin Dunn and Jorge Barrios all sold stock mm-hmm in advance of the announcement so you know when we saw they were we thought oh man it must be bad we won must be bad yeah what if they're they this is like a crazy like a fox an area where they realized okay if we sell stock who would think all there's gonna be like skies like yeah but when it's not yeah setting expectations lowering expectation so when it's not as bad as people think it might be because we've sold a bunch of stock in advance of this call we're like oh it's not that bad stock will go up cuz they sold some but not like a crap ton it was like tens of thousands or something like this yeah so Triple H I think still owns a hundred and ten thousand shares yeah I think he sold seventeen or something he sold he sold the enough for about 1.2 or 1.3 million okay Stephanie did I think around the same or I forget how much events sold yeah but yeah I don't know I really don't know obviously they were preparing for for bad for a drop and in fact the stock the stock actually went down didn't went up it's it's last I checked was like seven eight $79 yeah it was a went down to 69 68 actually under 69 ties and while the numbers weren't great they maybe weren't as awful as anticipated because that would be stuck actually went up after Thursday's call well there yeah I mean if you compare it to the last quarterly financial call where Vince sort of came up with the excuse our talent were injured we had so many injuries and that's why excuse ratings are down there was really no there was no similar like excuse instead he was looking forward hey we've hired some executive directors that's very exciting yeah and we're looking at a relaunch so kind of once again pushes it pushes it down the line yeah you know here's a few particulars again I'm not get into specifics just kind of generalities Raw and SmackDown ratings were down fourteen eleven percent respectively from the year prior a live events attendance was down about six percent and merch sales were dad about thirteen percent so the prior financial report they were down twenty percent year-over-year yeah I think so and now and in this corner it's 13 percent year-over-year yeah and they said I I do recall a bit of that was because live attendance was down they sell a lot of merch at live shows that accounts for some of them but wasn't like the major drop for the merch sales was licensing so they're selling less toys yeah right that kind of stuff yeah despite all that BB still turned a profit man I tell you what though they're gonna experience I'm telling you hand-over-fist profit when they get those wbex he-man yeah you see the Masters of the Universe crossover that's pretty neat that looked ridiculously cool by all those holy moly that was a big mark for he-man back I know you were huge huge fan he-man fan yeah man so Debbie end up bringing in about two hundred sixty nine million dollars in revenue for the quarter not too bad for a company that's on his way out yeah also prior to Thursday's called that would be announced that BB Network would start rolling out a relaunch of his own that's already happened you can see the early stage of that I haven't actually played around with it any but a our good friend Oh pulse cm pulse mm-hmm posted some screenshots on Twitter he had some praise for it yeah yeah apparently the search works way better yeah you can jump around shows much easier don't we're gonna forwarding through stuff like older pay-per-views you know you kind of do that but more recent stuff so I looked at it on the fire stick this morning I look the exact same are they I don't think I'm enough is rolled out in every platform okay alright that's one thing I didn't you but they also mentioned during the conference call on Thursday that the long rumored tiered subscription system isn't on the horizon they didn't say what this VIP subscription tier would look like what additional content you would get what additional features but apparently it is on the horizon mmm there's still upgrades to the network that are being planned to rolled up being rolled out over the next several months well that's cool so will we get evolve on a regular basis on the network oh maybe I hope so that in progress maybe cool no be cool I mean you know be neat so what's the mood like backstage in the midst of all this Corinne to wrestle votes quote sources say backstage of TV this this week there's an overall great feeling almost like it refreshing vibe well I did notice that they like a lot of people were there were present like Chelsea Green was there Mia Hamm was there like a lot in Iceland yet made the drive over yeah yeah exactly and I don't know they're all wearing like you know party clothes seem like a jovial added yeah yeah atmosphere yeah the attitude and demeanor of the legends at Raw was that of appreciation this is a change from recent weeks which can only be considered a good thing that's good maybe they're all feeling hey we're all in this together there's doling out these massive five-year contracts with lots of money behind them so people really shouldn't have too much of a reason to be malcontents somebody doesn't buy everything man yeah I know but you know when you take a look for example the club it's like you're right money doesn't buy everything but they gave him a lot of money and they're put them on TV yes so that's people want to do stuff people want to be involved they want to be involved involved if they can find a way to do that then that will generally make people happy I think so yeah just as much if it mean not more there are people backstage were like man really I got to wrestle this week crap I just like picking up that mess what's that paycheck me wrestling once a week at a house show I want to start my YouTube gaming channel down down a puppet I wanna start my own twitch stream one of Koho streams from a triple a play exactly and now impact I want to be on going in wrong speaking of a wrestling Cubs actually has a TV deal all the way human tall so we have secured the presence of one Lou Chando oh yeah a Hilton he's gonna be okay what he's gonna be D masked you know he's not gonna have his mask on y no Lou Chando got a mouth on this Hilton conversations about their Hilton is gonna be there no Lou chandos gonna be there he's not the mass therefore he's he'll you take the mask off el hijo del fantazmo he's still led he owed el phantasmo take the mask off of Sombra he's Andrade he take no he's not somber he was only on drought in Canada baby man listen the chandos gonna be here August 3rd fine Lu Chando Steve Larson have we confirmed our fourth guest not officially but I feel pretty good about it all right well there might be a certain grizzly maybe person here in the house as well might have a four man ko screaming that's right in this in this case August third triple mania if things go the way we hope they do which is tenuous at best yeah I mean yeah we don't know technology you'll be able to watch Triple mania while we're watching it on the same screen this is gonna be just a sitting there on a couch this is us sitting on a couch in one little small window the rest of the windows windows gonna be triple mania yoko screaming man yep whoo yep hot hot action yep let's talk about another hot action right now all the rest wrestling yes Wednesday all eat and TNT announced that a UW's first TV show will air live Wednesday October 2nd from the capital one arena in Washington DC court apparently I was a home of several stark aids yeah yeah yeah defiantly had the last arcade and then the Hogan sting with Hogan is the biggest one the Hogan's yeah Manu is what a Warner's press release had to say quote Warner Media announced today that the new professional wrestling league all eat wrestling aww begin airing is to our weekly matches on tea and well the matches would be two hours long that's some serious wrestling on TNT on TNT on Wednesday October 2nd from 8 p.m. Eastern to 10 p.m. Eastern well that's like an old timey phrasing it like I'm going to the matches maybe I'm gonna I'm gonna go see the matches let's feel like Sony we're those press releases know anything about wrestling it's probably don't here's a question though this gonna air on tape delay like that if he does are they gonna do this like WCW used to do where it was live across the entire country so is 8:00 p.m. Eastern but 5:00 p.m. Pacific I would I would speculate that they would do the same thing W now like if you're lucky enough to have if you're on the East Coast you actually get to see a lot if you get and if you're on the west coast if you have like hopefully Xfinity will give you sometimes the restraining streaming app yeah the East Coast that's what I do I think pretty cool if they did a live nationwide and they'll be awesome the highly anticipated action-packed matches will take place in different cities across the nation each week on Wednesday starting in Washington DC at the famed Capital One Arena right in downtown Washington DC that's my own editorial ticket pricing an on sale date for the televised live event will be announced on Monday July 29th 12 p.m. Eastern via aew social media platforms are we gonna go to this where is it DC oh man yes when is this October yeah I'm down okay I think I'm down on the other hand like shouldn't we be here like live streaming it so that people can watch it with us is TNT allowed to co-host the stream I know this is this is actually I actually wanted to do this instead of like rather than double or nothing if I mean oh well I don't know when it was coming up I thought this would be a bigger deal yeah yeah when it was all coming up I was like first first TV taping so man yeah that's something we really have to talk about yeah we really have talked about maybe it'll be an opportunities to reach out to that one company see if we get a sponsorship we should do that right away I would definitely love to go to I've not been a DC since I was like a little kid oh yeah great I know you've been there you went for the Barack's inauguration I did and then my brother lives out in the area okay yeah yeah so I've been out there a couple I would love to do some sightseeing out there hell yeah man big fan of that I can't recommend the National Portrait Gallery enough really it's awesome okay the brother I wouldn't there during the inauguration so they had all the presidential portraits up there so that was me I don't that's a regular feature yeah it was super cool everything he went to super cool okay alright so uh yeah anyways but what are TV insiders expecting for all these TV debut according to this interesting Mel Sauron a recent Wrestling Observer radio something in the ballpark of 400,000 to 500,000 viewers I know where he got these numbers from well I mean he's like their official Insider spokes for gonna go get some more of that later here I would think that's kind of low oh I think they're probably setting their expectations super low they've been that's kind of been their pattern yeah holy they're they're very quick and very good at tempering expectations yeah and then they completely destroy them even if they had reasonable expectations they've been destroying every time yeah yeah I mean it's kind of crazy it was like 60 70 thought it was like what was the amount of people that like we're trying to get tickets was it as high as 100 for all out yeah 75 I think 75 thousand yeah enough in theory they could have sold out of Stadium right it's only 5,000 people waiting to buy a ticket accommodations a plane ticket I think that I think the math on this is gonna be way higher I think they're gonna hear the thing there's 75 people 75 thousand people in line that's not taking account how many tickets they're planning on buying yeah sure if there is the four or six ticket limit yeah yeah you know someone's in line waiting to buy tickets for their whole park entire party you know that could up the actual number of ticket requests right yeah should higher than the city 5,000 does number of people waiting in line yeah so it's pretty crazy this is what a Mel start to say in the observer this week about what we can expect from all elite TV quote the goal right now is to run 100 to 120 live events per year probably for pay-per-views fifty one television shows and many Saturday night house shows and on occasion more than one house show a week but with the idea then spreading the talent out the top talent does maybe 75 matches a year and number hopefully to keep their ability to work great matches hi since that's probably more of a key goal is high match quality on top as compared with any other promotion well there's NXT in that whatever you yeah Cody had some comments about that I don't know why I don't when muster doesn't like I don't know what he says the key goal is hai match quality on top as compared with any other promotion like NXT like that's kind of their goal is to have a match quality like across the board yeah he also had like sort of a throwaway line about NXT where he kind of like I don't know which is weird because he's been a big NXT fan lately because essentially NXT is p WG from like two years mmm and he said something along the lines of there the rosters are comparative at the top and I was like man NX T's depth is so insane though like I I honestly think that it's sort of outmatches aw by a long shot but yeah he's so like I don't know man I I think that it's obvious in his writing and reading The Observer that there is some some internal conflict there with Dave Meltzer maybe he's experienced an existential crisis maybe when like his best friends people who literally named him like their finishing move after him are experiencing wild success like I can only imagine it's probably difficult to deal with internally yeah you know so yeah I sometimes I read too much into that but no Cody had some had some savings but I don't have him in front of me but he had to paraphrase he said he said something like that echoes this the well-being of our wrestlers is paramount yeah and as well should be so they're looking to have their top talents Russell about half the number of matches it typical top of the card debit be wrestlers I think I saw somewhere the bear incorporated just wrestled his hundredth match of the year okay and I think that's the most in the company so far it is and yeah following behind him is the the revival mmm it's kind of interesting well they didn't put nice especially on how shows you know during the early part of year they were doing like half hour long matches with your own tables I know inside on top of that not only they're doing really long matches but haven't only a pretty high quantity of them because there's behind Baron Corbin and the number of matches mhm so that's kind of interesting it is interesting you wouldn't think there to be the workhorse of the company on a you look at it from like the the macro level including how shows I know but it's also kind of odd surprises like that your gender had the most matches well he was champion that year yeah you can ask – yeah you have your champion on the card every day but Baron Corbin I make similarly he's like heavily featured yeah but also bear Emily featured he doesn't like Seth wrestles the style I can see taking a toll on your body mm-hmm you know he does all the jumping and suicide dives and stuff like that whereas Baron you didn't do anything jumping yeah I might not be is I mean the wrestling's I take a toll on your body what was it how many I forget how many matches was the year Dean had like the most it was over 200 because they were like sending him he's doing like some days – were shows O'Brian one year I said like 225 matches oh my god yeah or something close to that it was an obscene number crazy number yeah here let's talk about this real quick because I think this is just amusing okay so uh this is from Pro Wrestling sheet you know Scott Hall was on xbox podcast and they were talking about who I got to listen to that yeah it should be great the segment of course between DX / outsiders and the OC and first of all they did confirm the initial reports that ricochet wasn't it was supposed to be in that spot but couldn't do it because of an elbow injury and then they go on to say how Pok xpac and Hall they had an issue with the segment because they thought it would come across as as the old-timers barring the OC and they actually address localize their concerns mm-hmm and were apparently overruled by whom they didn't mention is what a Vince Scott Hall had to say quote people didn't don't realize that is that everybody in that room when it was presented to us said well geez kind of bearing those guys it was addressed and it was overruled then xpac added we said it it's just like what are we gonna do say no we're gonna we're not gonna do it yeah yeah that's pretty funny the clicker talking about that would – Barry not want to bury people well you know they're old wiser ya know Scott Hall has a pacemaker I mean say Xbox that he's done with rustling – I saw that unless it's like a mini match oh it's gonna be annexed II said he would tag with that rule yeah which I agree well he's he's awesome seemingly he's the but here's the thing even when the clique were at their peak politicking in China you know get to the top of the card on a daily basis they always had good minds for the business mm-hmm they just in their heyday they use their good minds for the business strictly for their own advantage yeah nowadays they're removed from the business from a day to day basis they have to worry about get themselves over yeah but they always like I mean so they didn't stick specifically to necessarily the clique late they liked it you know I think they had a good mind for like who was good and they were all the good people on the company at the time yeah you look at what Halle Nash did over in WCW they're putting over guys like Dallas Page who because they liked what they liked them if they liked you they'd helped you yeah exactly but they also like people who are good you know I mean where was there ever an instance of them putting over somebody who like wasn't good or them not putting over something like they didn't like nobody like barely Shane Douglas I like Shane Douglas but I'm not sure if I was actually watching in a fan of 95 I've been a fan of the Dean Douglas yep I wouldn't probably it was not a good gimmick but it wasn't so much the Dean Douglas gimmick they had to issue with it was just they didn't like him I think anybody did though that means seemingly like didn't like yoga isn't like wasn't their story about Yokozuna on a bus and he looks at like friggin chain dogs us and says I don't see the big deal about you like in front of everybody I think that might have been a story that Scott Hall told in a shoot interviews Wow I mean I guess grain of salt but still yeah for some reason I don't know what the deal was with that I don't know either I don't know no either I forget it was Bob wasn't it was it was Bob Holly uh he just seems like a grumpy guy period so I'm I would be surprised he just didn't like it why was Bob Holly not a reunion where's he been he's never on those things uh still wrestling is he looks great yeah he looks pretty much the same he looks literally the same yeah it looks like the same person yeah thank goodness gracious yeah he doesn't look the same person yeah I really need to listen to that I love listen to anything Scott aw hell yeah man really we don't want to bury them apparently he was at the Fort Center this week do some guest instruments awesome here's a cat a Provo Majan you get a toothpick and you put in your mouth and he started out I said hey hey oh yeah people really like surveys you filled out a survey WWE sends out these surveys all the time you think I had a hand in another one for the network anyway it's like about some depressing stuff real quick all right that's sad mug shot yes Jimmy USO's moksha week stop with the drinking and driving well this is the first time he's got arrested for that his brother got arrested for it before oh whoops who's the other one my dad but he got arrested prior because he's Guerre enough growed up with the cop take his shirt off while he was drunk yeah but he wasn't driving in that instance now can a me with a man who's driving anyways there's some additional details about his arrest for a DUI and unlawful speeding buoy in Pensacola Florida apparently this all kicked off at once this is from a Wrestling Observer apparently everything kicked off from the legal side at 1:30 in the a.m. when there was an off-duty cop you noticed that is a vehicle driving over a hundred miles an hour and then drifting on the road not safe yeah dude that's not good apparently this car eventually pulled into the parking lot of a sports bar about time on duty I'm sorry Mike his second am I to believe that he was driving drunk to a bar I mean if you want to make that connection I guess you can but then by the time an on-duty cop arrived left I guess the the the deputy later caught up with the car on a different Highway and it was going 86 in a 45 zone that's way too fast and it came close to hitting another vehicle no good car was pulled over he said again this is Courtney newbs newsletter at the deputy denoted that quote phatu had issues holding its license registration proof of insurance he had bloodshot and watery eyes droopy eyelids dilated pupils and slowed slurred speech and cord the deputy and deputy could also smell booze from the car ouch asked Jimmy USO to step out several times when he did apparently unsteady and then I guess the deputy said hey come over here to flat areas parking lot do a field sobriety test initially Jimmy agreed but then apparently once they got there he was seemed confused didn't know what's happening you ever done you never done that the backwards ABCs put in yours well never had to you on because I was pulled over by cop yeah is that what you mean yeah no I'm nervous I Wow yeah that was I was stone-cold sober though well that's good I was dancing my way through that I was like he pulled me over because of his busted taillight because he asked me he's like were you coming from I was like I'm coming from that bar over there but I didn't drink anything yeah and he's like okay when I step on out and do this I was like no problem Z whatever yeah I was doing it like z Y X W you the no V then u u T s are you yeah P om l lk j i8 h g e d no f f e d c ba I was doing this stuff staying on one foot while you're doing all this I was doing the so fresh so clean dance [Laughter] so anyways it all led to Jimmy gusto getting arrested for DUI apparently became uncooperative then he got in the police car then said he was uncomfortable in that police car and wanted to talk to another police officer is there more plush car please doubtful dur and then this last little detail quote the arresting officer said he had to roll down his back windows do the over boiling over roaming smell of alcohol in the car mm-hmm issued a statement quote Jonathon fought to was responsible for his own personal actions the blanket statement never a talent these days arrested for anything booze related so Larson that brings up the the question how far can you go before you get fired by WWE I think isn't I think probably you know murder or like sexual assault you know like that that's crossing the line yeah anything before that I think your problem assault on like an old person maybe yeah someone who got into a fight with like gerald briscoe backstage no you didn't know they'd be fired you think so yeah Wow yeah yeah that's assault on an old person yeah yeah maybe hello I hope at least this is something that makes you from a PR standpoint pretty untouchable because then it's like you're not really gonna worry if a.w gonna pick them up are you mmm-hmm but yeah these days they're gonna let you get away with a lot probably I mean this is this when the within the last year this is Jimmy's second alcohol-related incident first DUI but nonetheless I'd hope someone at least go up and talk to him and say hey you got to deal with this yeah no kidding like that's what Ebers for holy moly no you know especially they just signs huge into contracts I get it driver I know get it by a driver I'm sure you can probably afford somebody who's like $45,000 a year hmm you know just get a driver yeah I mean you don't have to do that you can spend that kind of money just get a lift yeah sure yeah you want to go to from bar to bar to bar you got a lift yeah party pants like they're younger than us like their kids are supposed to know this stuff these days oh that's crazy it is crazy I don't know I'm gonna man I'm gonna get it going on a wedding tonight there's a good chance on me you bring home yeah lifting home very responsible you know it's just it's it's like I've had a couple beers I don't want to spend $10,000 on em yeah why risk it right exactly and it's not just the money you'd have to spend it's also you're putting your life that's the biggest thing here is boy that is a beauty ya know they're on sale team that's beautiful how much no no no they look good boy those are pretty sure they are pretty anyways looks like like Enterprise nacelles in the back you know look at that part of it you know they said he came as the official shoe of BB wrestlers like everybody has a pair no this particular cut away but that next shoe that's beautiful that's what drew is wearing in the ring these earthen are they comfy yeah they're all right I've tried to pair all right yes they're maxed 270 by the way you like almost hit somebody yeah that's me that's not cool you're really you're really freaking playing with fire that's not cool can't do it that's not cool should be doing it while I was gone didn't a Jeff Hardy get arrested for public drunkenness in public that's different you're just hanging out in the park and you're like drunk I don't really think that should be like an arrest a bull offence we were driving around Edinburgh I don't think it is in the UK we were drying around Edinburgh we saw this dude there is a ton of people out there just obviously just drinking and just walking home you know well I guess I went over the situation I forgot where exactly he was at where if you're if you're drunk in public but you're cool like you're not causing a ruckus you're not bothering anybody mm-hmm they'll let it go but if you're drunk in public and you're bugging people oh yeah then you're gonna get you're gonna get ticketed for yeah that'd be my guess like if you're drunk in public and was he like dropping twists of fate on people and I don't know Swanton bomb on everybody so I'm trying to enjoy a lovely dinner in the waterfront there in South Carolina yes on the awning of this particular establishment right through the table like this was a very fine lobster tail yeah I can't eat it now because you dropped the Swanton on it on the other hand it's like being front row that's pretty impressive yeah the difference is when that happens you pay for that ticket you know you're getting it you think when Jeff Hardy went I've been did the Swanton on to the restaurant table he said this is for the Juggalos and Douglas no he didn't do that you did this again twice in what a year and a half he's got arrested for drink or later things and considering his history of substance abuse what was that one like the before this was that for drinking what was that drunk driving out they can't be doing that man yeah get a lift yeah just get a live again shit makes light of it because he's had serious issues in it oh yeah for sure he tried to wrestle sting all messed up yeah I didn't go over one no let's take some questions steve-o first Sam Stewart thank you Tom talks rubbish more going in review we're waiting to see how that fits into the puzzle of what we got coming up here yeah I think it's reasonable thing we could do it on a monthly basis but we'll see we'll see again it's the kind of thing that like people aren't necessarily clamoring for yeah and the stuff that we have planned I think will generate quite a bit of excitement yeah I think it might be a more demand yeah right but you know you never know yeah anything's possible retard see I know we tell you this all the time but thank you for all you do let yesterday I lost my mom to cancer and your show is welcome distraction sorry you'd hear that rich really sorry you know rich that that that's so sad I'm so sorry also I kept on meaning to do this but Tim black also lost his mom this past week and our hearts go out to him y'all are just amazing members of the community and that's that's awful we're so sorry to hear that let's see here okay Greg Morris has a question a conundrum go to prison for one year or go to prison with a Rubik's Cube and get out when you solve it out rubik's cube yeah I can do that listen here I think I could do that in probably 24 hours yeah like just that without sleeping I'm in prison I'm not gonna be sleeping yeah I'll just be sitting there doing Ruby was cute yeah yeah yeah they're not that difficult you know I don't think I've ever spent more than five minutes miss around the group's cute I don't know if I were a solved one but I'm sure I could yeah I've been able to get like a couple like Bama has one she loves it yeah she's never solved it because she's four but like I picked it up I'll dick with it and I'll get like two sides mm-hmm you know mm-hmm Michael Forbes the Seth Rollins better as part of a group such as shield and authority seems a week and just doesn't work for me when he's by himself he works no he works best when he's a badass with a chair he doesn't work best when Becky Lynch is slapping him on the ass mmm-hmm that's probably when he doesn't work googly eyes and when he's trying to do it silly Brock Lesnar impression it's off-putting when somebody puts somebody on a pedestal you know nobody wants that yeah she's gonna get tired of that I know that relationship is not gonna lie it's not gonna go good telling you he seems way more into her than she is into him but he seems like that also I'll say he seems like the type person that think that he can't keep his cards close to his vest but to begin with yeah he's very unlike that's pushy this last week at the bra closer's thing he was like man he seems so nerdy yeah I know but I think that's just let's say he's entirely nerdy I think he's just he's just he just words his emotions on his sleeve Morris putting people like mystery dude oh I agree especially eight from it coming from a performer there'd be some mystique mmm I agree yeah let's see here PB samurai what inventive title should AAW have to keep up with the litany of titles in WV in new Japan should they just have like a normal mid-level title like an Intercontinental Championship or should there be something more inventive like for example gift of the Gods it's kind of an inventive yeah yeah championship it'd be kind of cool if they can find a creative spin to like the X Division time something that's based more on wrestling style as opposed to weight division innovative wrestling yeah I think I agree with that because you know if the focus so much is on the in ring product and there's so many of the wrestlers in all eat are very innovative sure yeah I do some really interesting stuff yeah something along those lines I mean yeah that was one of things like I didn't watch TNA or impact on a regular basis but I did always appreciate their X division the division title and what you could do with it yeah the plan option Plan B the option B option sequel is it there remember I don't know what it's called Andrew a got my Hell in a Cell tickets who y'all going he's from Elk Grove oh cool you should hook up with mr. dope you guys could be friends cuz he's also an elk Grove we decided not to go because we'd lose money if we went or as if we stayed here in stream streaming paper he was such a huge part of what we do now that we can't just not do it anymore pretty much yeah but on top of that if this was like a must go to event we would probably yeah if it were SummerSlam we'd get we would justify it but I'll be honest with you I've been like I'll just say this I've been underwhelmed the last couple WV shows have been – mm-hmm and it didn't get me excited to go to Hell in a Cell No so in that case it's like man if I'm not super into it why did you just raise your brows Oh scarlet Bordeaux is gonna be doing a signing oh that's cool we were next to her when she was doing a signing up yeah our guests let's see here she's free agent asks why was one know if that's a indication of her wrestling future how is she gonna be gonna aid yeah gently except it's got a couple question Vega should manage more for ie AOP Bianca Bel Air Aaron Davari of those names I ALP would be cool but I Bianca doesn't need a manager no Bianca definitely does nothing devoured you don't even I'm not opposed to her managing people I'm not huge on any of those names that Mister generally accepted gave us though give us somebody who you'd like to see who do you think does Lena Vega would be strong hey you know it'd be cool I know there's obviously some some obvious similarities but Garza jr. oh yeah angel Garza that'll be cool that'd be fun that'd be fun let's see you're Anthony Valentine what fun wrestling in W Steve W stars by the way W Steve W finale coming up next week ooh details to be announced fun wrestling will be returning the following week fun wrestling WCW stars you want to see come to life and join w WAW he says his pic of course it's fun blumpkin be alarm strong I can't a competition shouldn't be doing the bloom khun's I don't think TNT is gonna like pumpkins you in the blumpkin thing bill Armstrong lots of good one is first of all is he or is he not spaceman secondly has he been affected by the Martian parasite it seems pretty obvious that the answer is yes Miriam I want to see go not generally accepted again what star from each show would you have her Oh from have her managed that's continuation the priests oh yeah yeah yeah so smack down her de andrade on raw she should manage both andrade and her husband alistair blown oh there you go now Alistair does not need a no he doesn't Andrew a first ever be event you went to his was a bash at the beach 2009 mine was a raw in 1998 davis california like two weeks after the Royal Rumble I think mine was a WCW nitro but I was like about Slater I think that's the case yeah David de la Cruz with the past two aew pay-per-views the main matches have been focused on the Bucks Kenny and Cody and have been the longest matches of each pay-per-view do you think as everybody is excited for aew no one calls it out like they do with Triple H or takers matches what's usually there's an event is the longest match on the card typically the problem with Triple H of takers matches they're like old yeah they're not exciting matches he'd be like saying no like nobody calls it out when like Seth has a long that yeah I mean he's yeah he's like their main featured player yeah he's active all the time he put on exciting matches the same with Cody Kenney in the bug yeah if they were put on boring matches than I think people be calling their the featured attraction yeah it's called Olly wrestling yeah where's the elite come from they're the they're Deeley they're the elite they're the elite um Tom talks rubbish I'm putting together a charity event can you help I guess it is an email stat Steven Larson at yes and it's an email we'll see send us some details Blake Elizondo do you think aw we'll run into management issues in the future all the guys gonna get along fine so I don't see why I mean I guess anything's possible anything's possible but I mean if they if they all share a vision of what their company they want their company to be then I'm gonna say no no management issues now they can get along swimmingly for the next thirty years I honestly don't know issues or he can't tell you know it's gonna have in the future I mean people are complex individuals oh let's see here Aaron's again I love these looking into the future questions in the year 2000 Sandlin 2019 will we see an HBK match this year no you seem interested all he seems like he regrets doing the crown jewel show can have yeah well but yeah no I agree the only thing he's gonna come back no no I don't think is it all Rory Morris do you think 205 merging with NXT if that happens might see guys like gargano rowdy etc get pushed less in the main event because they fit that division or will they use as a second midcard title with bigger guys going for the North American Title I think it'll be its own division I don't think you'll see a lot of crossover but like where it you wouldn't yeah I think you would in the undercard but not the main event seeing them yeah yeah no that wouldn't be a concern for me although a couple people have pointed out and in fact just I think yesterday ACH Jordan miles took on dragula oh yeah yeah the cruiserweight championship we were talking about that yesterday on the show what do you think he's gonna do that's a very like that's a narrative the Bible here comes out of the finals or if he wins yeah he could go get right for the cruiser title nope and they might be teasing that right now yep tested it out and the house show circuit let's see here Anthony Tobias oh yeah we didn't mention this thoughts on the three announced names for the super jacob t JP yeah that's cool TJ Perkins I think that's great yes he's been sort of a guy who's been gone from WBE he's done some stuff in mlw yeah but he's been kind of under the radar yeah yeah yeah yeah end up with any of the big names no he has a history of wrestling with new Japan too so mmhmm yeah he's one of the guys who was suicide mmm-hmm wait did he show up an impact I feel like you might have I think you did anyway anyways him it's yo and show or just yo I don't know and then juice and lagers on the tour to he will be fighting but not in the tournament right yeah so that's cool no I think that's great I would love to see what TJ if he can do a non-stop player going to New Japan in Pennsylvania how was Tana ha live he's the ACE he's the ACE go hey hopefully he ends the show with the rippin air guitar solo he is as as advertised charismatic and godlike in person as he appears to be on the TV do we give him high fives I feel like we did it sounds like the song we might have done I know we both got fist bumps for tonight tonight oh that was great oh uh Ryan haft I'm sorry Ryan he says can we ever get a going in raw minecraft let's play he says it's popular again and watching you guys play Skyblock which I don't even know what that is I mean he says would be hilarious I'm sorry Ryan the only game that I'm gonna play these days is red dead – – W 82 K 19 or what else do I play WCW versus individual world tour GTA online has a new oh they open the casino finally they open the casino I just wanna do that – bet in the ponies why don't we do that for the friend oval channel because I opened up online the other day and it automatically went into that I was like oh no no I don't wanna do this now I'll do like so you know on a livestream thing yeah I said can you just free players there is the casino thing just like a story option I have no idea but I know there is a story option there they haven't I just want to go and gamble well I'm sure it's open it's all open well I'm sure you can go and gamble on time I want to go and gamble I wanna go play some roulette I wanna gamble on put some money on the pony sure you can do one after I lose all my money I wanted to put sticky bombs well let's play it for friend oval see we have time next week all right people here in chat Nick Feiler Melvin Jax and confirmed TJ P is with impact yes oh cool okay but it's so but the new Japan there's London New Japan still want some in the Super Jacob I thought they hated impact because of Jefferies and people in New Japan that might dislike impact as universal though let's see here Diet Kyle would you be okay with more multi man slash of women matches if it meant we actually got to see more superstars on TV or do you think creative can handle that sort of thing I would actually be okay with that if it meant we got to see more people on TV I would to a degree but I wouldn't become so commonplace that it kind of becomes the norm you I would want yeah I know and you want it to like matter like if they're gonna be on TV you want them you want it to matter well totally I totally ignored discord so I'm gonna go to discord right now cool got some confirmation that in GTA the casino stuff you can just gamble from carsten says played some blackjack and then Jose F says the GTA Casino got banned over 50 countries James Rodriguez points out that you can gamble in red dead – you can play poker telling you man friend oval Alex C is in discord he said is the Friday stream gonna be somehow even more children Thursday stream it's so chill I don't even know if you're in here today well I just got here yeah let's see here half tea how would you repackage rusev now that he's been off for so long he can use a gimmick refresh just haven't come out and his speedo he uses in those long Lana's photographer because she's all over that Instagram in her skivvies and so he come people would love that they tune in it would be like their own smoke show yeah like Lana comes out wearing not a lot yeah and he's got like his camera photographer yeah okay now bend over you know as blood-and-guts TV right there Mason do you think we'll get a all the UK shown under two years how long do you think it'll take they spoke in a couple times about one to have shows United Kingdom so I'd be shocked they didn't have at least one with the next couple of you great man and be awesome let's see here Mike fiend hope you guys go to the dc-to-dc for the show I live in Baltimore so I plan on going it's gonna be a hot ticket maybe we'll get that press I'm as Cody emailed us yet about our press pass no bummer I shot my shot you did what else you want me to do let's see here Jimmy Thomas legit underboss I checked out the new network I like the superstar profiles but there's no Cody or Enzo but there is an Ellsworth it's interesting oh but apparently the profile picture for Dexter Loomis is awesome oh I want to check that right now yeah let's see here Greg Morris offers another conundrum he says you can have ten million dollars but you can never leave Ohio never is a long time I would say no I can't just you can't like you can't go on vacation anywhere than Ohio yeah it's a notice I'm never never never let's see here WB network superstars where's Dexter Loomis current yeah it's pretty cool he's got like some overall he's got overalls or or it could be like an apron oh yeah yeah you could be cooking anyway let's see here so we already have Oh Kody is there under Stardust interesting that's interesting that is interesting Wayne maker says aw would struggle to get a venue to run here he says York Hall has a deal with Rev Pro and New Japan I'm sure there are plenty of places in but the Royal Albert Hall or the Oh – OH – is probably a debit B thing what about Wembley Wembley Arena I don't know yeah Wembley they're gonna run out Wembley Alex II says Craven Cottage for their version of SummerSlam would be quality there you go Mason says I'm really worried Mason is blind he says I'm really worried the new update will make it really hard for me to use the WB network right now it's really accessible and I'm worried it won't be well hopefully it will be yeah I hope so hopefully they'll they'll figure that out anyways there's already a bonus episode up now oh no wow ask Steven Larson went up this morning in live super cool you're looking at Southwest flights to DC yeah I'm just checking it out all right anyways I want to say thanks to everybody we appreciate if you guys have a good weekend yes we have a count-out which we've yet to figure out yeah we got to fight on that as soon as we're done with this no no that is yeah I don't know and then on Sunday of course we got Matt chat thanks to everybody for hanging out we appreciate it yes next time we'll talk to you later goodbye be a part of going in raw today at forward slash Steven Larson starting at $1 a month you can enjoy going in raw ad-free gain access to the daily 30-minute going in raw post show exclusive merchandise and so much more support going in raw today click the link in the description

25 thoughts on “Vince Blasts AEW | WWE Avoids Financial Catastrophe? | AEW TV Details! | Going In Raw Podcast

  1. You really hate WWE don't you? Do you not realize that if AEW becomes the only big one we'll have the same problem we have now with WWE? I want them both to do well, and Impact too, and ROH and New Japan, AAA, CMLL…the more the merrier.

  2. I would say the only thing "sophisticated" is WWEs production, but they dont even have pyro weekly. Illogical booking and barely any star building, isn't sophisticated. Yeah AEW has made mistakes. Cody not putting his hands up, badly rigged chair, the buy ins. Its a baby promotion. They should have some leeway for now. Yet their storytelling is way more sophisticated. There should be blood in wrestling. Used sparingly and correctly to tell the story, and maintain suspension of belief.

  3. Vince calls AEW "blood and guts" wrestling
    Forgets that he nearly killed Mick Foley for the better half of the mid to late 90s.

  4. I Honestly agree with what Vince is saying about the Bloody stuff.. I have no interest in Wrestlers cutting and hurting themselves in that way..

  5. Vince has NO idea what he is talking about! Those comments just show how out of touch Vince McMahon is.

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