Viktor Orban: “You are condemning Hungary”

Viktor Orban: “You are condemning Hungary”

President, honourable members, I know
that you have already made up your mind. I know that a majority will approve the report. And I know that my speech here today
will not manage to change your opinion. Still I have come here today because you
are not going to condemn a government but a country as well as a nation. You are going to denounce Hungary
that has been a member of the family of Christian European
nations for a thousand years. You’re going to condemn Hungary
which contributed to the great history of Europe with hard work and
shed its blood when needed. You’re going to denounce Hungary that rebelled and
took to arms against the biggest army of the world the Soviet Army, and shed its
blood for freedom and democracy and when time came opened its borders
to fellow Eastern German friends Hungary has fought its battles for freedom and democracy and I stand here today and see those are the ones to accuse Hungary who inherited democracy, who did not have to take personal risks in order to obtain liberty. They are the ones who want to condemn the anti-communist Democratic resistance in Hungary. Honourable members, I stand here in front of you and I defend my country because for Hungarians liberty, democracy, independence and Europe are questions of Honour. This is why I say that the report in front of you insults Hungary and insults the honour of the Hungarian Nation. Hungary’s decisions are taken by voters at parliamentary elections and you state nothing less but that Hungary is not reliable enough to decide what is in its interest you believe you know better than what Hungarians they need themselves. Therefore I have to say that this report does not give due respect to Hungarians. This report uses double standards abuses its power and goes beyond competences. Its methodology, its approval, violates the treaty. Honourable members, in Hungary democracy and liberty are not political issues but moral ones and you want to take a moral decision on the basis of majority in numbers and brand the country. To condemn a nation. You shoulder serious responsibility when for the first time in the history of the EU you want to exclude a nation from European decisions. You would strip Hungary of the right to represent its interest in the European family, where it belongs. We do have contentious issues and we continue to have them in the future. We have a different picture about the nature of Christianity in Europe, about the role of nations and national culture, we think differently about the essence and purpose of the family and we do endorse radically different views on migration. If we mean that we want Europe to be united in diversity, then these differences cannot be a reason to brand any of the countries and for it to be excluded from joint decisions. We would never go as far as silencing those who do not agree with us. Mr. President, you want to exclude a country which made clear decisions in the European elections in 2009 with a majority of 56% and in 2014 a majority of 52% voted for us.
we are the most successful party of the European Parliament. Our opponents, socialists and liberals are not happy to see our success. This is understandable, but to take revenge on Hungarians because they did not choose them is not fair and it’s not worthy of Europeans. This report was written by people who are not clear on basic facts. The report accepts that there was no investigation of facts, there was no official delegation sent to Hungary. The report contains 37 serious factual misrepresentations of which we sent a document of 108 pages to every member of this house Our union is held together because we settle disputes in a regulated manner. I have entered into accords and compromises with the Commission and the media law on the judicial system and on some passages of our Constitution. This report is a breach of agreements made years ago, if you can do this and you can breach these agreements, what’s the point in making agreements with any European institution. What you are doing here is a slap in the face of the Union, and of constructive dialogue. Every nation, every member state has the right to organise its life in its own country. We will protect our borders and we will decide who to live together with. We have built a fence, we have stopped illegal migrants hundreds of thousands of them. We have defended Hungary and we have defended Europe. This is the first case in the condemns its own border guards. Mr. President, let’s be straightforward with each other, Hungary is going to be condemned because the Hungarian people have decided that this country is not going to be a country of migrants. With all due respect, but very firmly I have to refuse the threats, the blackmailing, the defamation by forces supporting immigrants and migrants against Hungary and the Hungarian people. I must state that whatever your decision will be Hungary will not accede to this blackmailing. Hungary will protect its borders, stop illegal migration, and will defend its rights if needed. We will stand up to you too. We stand ready for the elections next May where people can decide on the future of Europe and restitute democracy to European politics. Thank you very much.

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  1. With Macron on his last legs in France,Marine Le Pen smells blood in the water. A Le Pen-Orban coalition will be nice for Europe.

  2. every single one of these faggots talking shit while hes speaking should be shot.this is a well thought out man who gives respect and thugs in that parliament are a sign of extreme disfunction in that parliament and society in general.after what the eu did to that country and basically infiltrated it like the stasi implementing communist judges,teachers and doctrine hungary has the full right to declare war on the member nations who voted for their censure.
    i would have done as much,told them i was leaving and that hungary was at a de facto state of war with that communist bloc of faggetized dicksuckers.
    they are aggrivating and putting everyone in the world at risk of war.
    just so a dozen or so elites can have just a few quadtrillion more they cant possibly spend(wtf are they going to buy?the moon or saturns atmospheric gases?)and amuse themselves by puppeteering billions of peoples lives.doesnt being pure fucking evil get old after awhile?
    in anycase we have to stop these motherfuckers because they are never going to stop themselves.

  3. EU will not last. There will be other countries who will follow. You can govern Europe united not divided. It is scary that these idiots trying to tell a country how to live their lives. Very democratic EU.

  4. I respect Hungarian people greetings from Slovenia. We have our Orbana
    who is fighting for the family and the Catholic society was finaly able to
    draw up a government. Even those who are now must going to leave quickly because
     Slovenia is a Catholic country. And it will remain


  6. What a special snowflake! Such a hypocrite! He thinks he is very "unique and special" and can't take constructive criticism!

  7. This is a pure lie !!! He speaks very well (moralizes) ….. In this way, he also turns Hungarian Democracy lying! Unfortunately, with many people, you accept these lies in the country, abusing some of the self-esteem of the Hungarian Democrats, building your own dictatorship and glory, and building the image of the fidesz !!!! Unfortunately, it is precisely now that Imre Nagy has been completely defeated by his 56th role and the complete disruption of this political justice …. And the building of a continuous personal and party nomenclature, as crowned by the thousand years of Hungarian history.

  8. The migrants were not stopped, they were only diverted … But 90% of the text was a lie Anyway, the Hungarian people did not vote for democracy …. Against immigrants who would not come to Hungary anyway …. The whole text is a complex lie …… and moralize what he has not done …… It argues for the violation of the Hungarian people that the EU says to justify its own struggle in the EU. … If this false text is taken, the EU will accept things in a totally false way …. About the Hungarians.

  9. He talks about democracy ????? When a propaganda builds democracy and is created on a legal basis (through the establishment of laws and courts), it builds a dictatorial illiberal state.

  10. Hungary should get together with Britain and then tell the EU dictatorship. Here we are with out tanks, armies and fighter planes, there you're with your believes that you can rule over your member states, we will see what is left of you when our weapons and soldiers do the talking. Europe is needs a war again to rid itself of Soviet Union style European socialist government.

  11. We fight for God , Poland and Hungary… God bless Our friendship … you will never walk alone! Poland will always support Hungary!!!

  12. Funny how this dick and his fellow supporters talk shit with all the EU money coming in, if you dicks want to do your own thing, fine, but put the begging bowl away.

  13. Die ungarische Regierung hat angekündigt den neuen Familien Hilfsprogramme. 7 Punkten.
    1. Jede neuverheiratete Familie bei Haus/Wohnungskauf kriegt günstige staatliche Kredit 33.000 Euro
    -Nach den Geburt von ersten Kindes wird die Ratenzahlung für 3 Jahren ausgesetzt
    -nach dem Geburt von zweiten Kindes wird nochmal für 3 Jahren ausgesetzt UND das 1/3 von der rest Zahlung erlassen.
    -nach den Geburt von dritten Kindes wird die gesamte Restsumme ERLASSEN.

    2. Die bisherige "CSOK" Familien Heimbau/Kauf Begünstiging
    Wurde auf alte Gebäude ausgeweitet.
    …..Das bedeutet das die Familien die 2 Kinder wollen bis 66.000 Euro…..Familien die 3 Kinder wollen bis 100.000 Euro von Staat erhalten

    3. BIS jetzt ab 3. Kind hat der Staat 3.300 Euro von Hypothek erlassen.
    AB JETZT: ab 2. Kind wird 3.300 Euro
    für 3. Kind wird ca. 13.000 Euro Hypothek
    ab 4. Kind weitere 3.300 pro Kind Hypoterlassen.

    4. Frauen die 4 Kinder geboren haben, werden von
    Einkommensteuer befreit -lebenslang

    5. Für Familien mit 3>Kinder bei Kauf einen Großen Auto hilft der
    Staat mit ca.13.500 Euro

    6. KITA Bau- Programm . Dieses Jahr 10.000 nächstes Jahr 5000,
    übernächstes Jahr 6000 KITA wird gebaut.

    7. Kinderjahr für Großeltern .

    +1. In 10 . und 11. Schuljahr wird für jeden Schüler 2-2 Woche Auslands-sprachkurs von Staat finanziert

  14. Total EU spending in Hungary: € 4.049billion. Total EU spending as % of Hungarian gross national income (GNI): 3.43 % Total Hungarian contribution to the EU budget: € 0.821billion. most of this money just lost in this corrupted country and ended in Viktor Orbán and his gypsy firends' pocket. the second most populated city by hungarian people, is actually London. he us to be a communist politican when Hungary was invaded by soviet russans. WHAT A BIG LEADER! he has some ideas that are actually smart and the EU should take care much more about this opinnions – even these are supported by many people around Europe, but don't belive Viktor Orbán is the answer. The only reason he is fighting with EU is Hungary won't get more momey from there, so he won't able to steal.

  15. Orban en tud ir? Ir most sezemily Jo Isten? Mik gok egy Isten jo? MI?  With science fiction from say is planet normal? New program? Music real in future how? Got me right and's? Translator?


  17. Illegal immigrants in this many numbers to small countries like Hungary or Slovakia Chezh or Serbia is just not acceptable. They first of all have nothing to give them and on the other hand can’t afford this kind of situation. Stand up tall Orban and let them know what’s up!

  18. Soldiers of George SOROS in EU politics => paid TRAITORS against all EU : 
    Angela MERKEL,  Emmanuel MACRON, Jean-Claude JUNCKER, Alexis TSIPRAS, Cecilia WIKSTRÖM, Dimitris AVRAMOPOULOS,  Guy VERHOFSTADT, Donald TUSK, Martin SCHULZ, Frans TIMMERMANS,  Jean ASSELBORN, Ana GOMES,  Mark RUTTE,  Federica MOGHERINI, Sophia in 't VELD, Ska KELLER,  Gianni PITELLA, Matteo RENZI, Charles MICHEL, Nils MUIZNIEKS, Lopez AGULIAR, Judith SARGENTINI, Claude MORAES, Peter NIEDERMÜLLER,  Antonio GUTERRES, Viviane REDING, Pedro SÁNCHEZ, Antonio TAJANI, Alexander STUBB, Margaritis SKINAS, Annika Strandhall, Annie Lööf, ….

  19. Dont stop fighting the bastards, Hungary! Soros wants you to suffer with the rest of Europe. Sadly Sweden and Greece have fallen, and the UK, France, Germany and all others will follow unless we all win this epic battle against the globalists. Huge respect from London. ♥️

  20. Damn the UN,,,it has NEVER helped, it has ONLY HURT FREE NATIONS and will continue until there is ZERO FREE NATIONS LEFT; the UNelected, the UNaccountable exerting their agendas!

  21. EU should realise this man is defending not only Hungary but the whole Europe. However, soon there will be not too much left to defend in Western Europe anymore. Europe is not US or Australia… that degree of multiculturalism will never work here. We are happy to accept immigrants, but only those who agree to fit in our culture and respect our traditions and beliefs. I'm glad Hungary has a leader who stands up for his people and is not afraid to speak up. All the support and respect!

  22. He who cried "Liar" should stop, retreat to a quiet place, place the muzzle of an AR-15 in his mouth, and, sobbing ever so softly, squeeze the trigger with a manly resolve.

  23. I love this guy! What courage to stand up to the tyrannical leftists who want to destroy Western Civilization via unchecked Third-World immigration. Hooray for the people of Hungary! Stand strong against the leftist destroyers of European Civilization.

  24. The EU is confused. It wants to defend LGBT rights 🏳️‍🌈 and yet at the same time actively welcomes a certain ideology of ‘peace’ that recently introduced Stoning to death in Brunei.

  25. Hmmm this guy is painted to be an arsehole and painted to be hated by his own but as I see time and time again the sinister EU politicians are twisting everything they don't agree with. It's becoming sooooo in your face now, they must fall soon.

  26. What fuckwad yelled liar a few times there? Dumbass doesn’t realize most wont understand him and that he’s a disrespectful prick.

  27. Greeting from Croatia,you have oure big suport!!!
    Oure govermant is instaled by soros but they will soon be gone!!
    Keep on fighting Orban!!!💪

  28. Hungary was strong to fight the Soviet Union. You must stay strong and fight the European Union and fight for your Country#’s right. God bless Victor Orban

  29. Best part was when he said:
    "We built fences to stave off immigration hoards and now, for the first time, the european union is denouncing its own border guards."

  30. President Viktor orban, v r with u from Malaysia. Very proud of u n your firm stand against all these invaders

  31. i am Hungarian i have a garden on my motherland heritage from grandfathers who stood up everytime face to invaders even they have chance or not to win,and i have a traditional Hun bow with arrows by what i will defend my garden on my motherland against someone who come without saying can i come in please,this why Mr Orbán speaking like that because he knows i will do that.

  32. Orbán V. ez tényleg egy kituno beszéd és érvelés az igazság melett volt ! De gyanakszom , hogy a farizeusok , akik tobségben vannak , ezt legalább elismernék ???? , Sot meggyozodésem , hogy jóváhagyni biztos nem lesznek hajlandok !!!!

  33. Respect from India, we are suffering with multi culturism and the pseudo liberalism. The future of Europe is burqa and Quran, but Hungary belongs to Hungarians.

  34. The EU election will be a Election where we choose between bureaucratic dictatorship or national democracy ”
    Vote for National Democracy – If You Don't Want Neoliberal or Jorge Soros Sharia Laws in Europe!
    Nation, Nationality are not things that can be traded with. They are spiritual things.
    Viktor Orban is a HERO💪👍❤️🇲🇰❤️

  35. I love him! I so so so wish we had a leader like this in Canada!! But we do not. We have a left wing wimp who is destroying our country. I admire Mr. Orban – he stand up for his country, his people, his heritage, his history, all of it!

  36. Yes, the European authorities are betraying the peoples of Europe on both fronts. They are failing to defend the security of our countries from being overwhelmed by immigrants with completely different cultures and values from outside, and failing to protect us from a German-Vichy hegemony taking over Europe from the inside by political and financial maneuvering. What Hitler and Stalin tried to do by force some now want to achieve by stealth. The creation of a European superstate, instead of an alliance of countries in dialogue but with their own nation sovereignty respected, is spitting on the memory of those who paid so much for our independence and that of those who died in the Nazi and Soviet death camps. This is not to mention the financial betrayal of the south European economies, through being forced into the straightjacket of German economic models.

  37. qué sabrán estos burócratas deBruselas sobre democracia??? La Union Europea es una multinacional apisonadora de soberanias e identidades. MetEROSLA por el culo. VIVA ESPAÑA Y HUNGRIA

  38. Remember the landlocked Hungarian Admiral Miklos Horty who was a friend of Benito Mussolini. Hungarian leaders and their supporters are still more comfortable with fascism than liberalism.

  39. Why does Mr Orban bother with these bullies at all? Free Hungary! Join your neighbors and create your own Eu

  40. nder Article 2 TEU, the EU is founded on the shared values of democracy, the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights (DRF). Article 7 TEU establishes two mechanisms (preventive and sanctions) to enforce EU values in cases of systemic violations and to sanction Member States departing from them. The sanctions mechanism empowers the Council to suspend certain membership rights of a Member State, including voting rights in the Council in cases of a 'serious and persistent breach' of EU values (Article 7(2) TFEU). However, these mechanisms require a high decision-making threshold in the Council and in the European Parliament (when Parliament is called to participate) and rely heavily on Member States’ willingness to take action.

    The European Commission and the Council have set up some instruments to strengthen the rule of law in the EU. In March 2014, the Commission adopted its Rule of Law Framework consisting on a structured dialogue between the Commission and Member States that will be activated when national authorities are taking measures or are tolerating situations which are likely to systematically and adversely affect the rule of law. Until now, the Commission’s Framework has only been applied in relation to the situation in Poland. In December 2014, the Council established an annual dialogue among all Member States to promote and safeguard the rule of law in the Treaties’ framework, with several dialogues taking place under different Presidencies on thematic issues.

    Parliament plays an important role in EU values’ enforcement. In June 2015 it urged the Commission to propose a EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights, as a tool for compliance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Treaties. In September 2015, Parliament urged the Commission to implement and improve the rule of law framework through clear application criteria and by ensuring an automatic triggering of the Article 7 procedure if the framework failed to resolve the situation. On the 25 October 2016, Parliament addressed recommendations to the Commission on the establishment of an EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights (EU pact for DRF). It invited the Commission to submit, by September 2017, a proposal for the conclusion of a EU pact for DRF in the form of an inter-institutional agreement. The new mechanism should integrate and complement existing mechanisms, it should be evidence-based, objective, addressing Member States and EU institutions and including preventive and corrective measures. A panel of independent experts would annually assess the state of DRF in the Member States, as well as develop country-specific draft recommendations. In consultation with the panel, the Commission would draw an annual Report on the state of democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights in the Member States that would be published and discussed in an annual inter-parliamentary debate. Parliament also requested the Commission to present, by June 2017, a new draft agreement for the accession of the Union to the European Convention on Human Rights and proposed some relevant changes in the current Treaties aiming to reinforce the rule of law within the EU.

    The European Commission replied on 17 February 2017. It supported the EP’s objective, welcoming the proposal for an inter-parliamentary dialogue on DRF between the EP and national parliaments. Yet, it was reserved towards suggestions for Treaty changes and questioned the need and the feasibility of an annual Report and a DRF policy cycle prepared by a committee of "experts", along with the need and added value of an inter-institutional agreement in this area. The Commission reaffirmed its full commitment to the EU’s accession to the European Convention on Human Rights, while also emphasising the complex legal and political issues related to it.

    In December 2017, the Commission activated for the first time the preventive mechanism provided for under Article 7(1) TEU. It made a reasoned proposal for a Council decision on the determination of a clear risk of a serious breach of the rule of law by Poland. The EP had earlier consistently voiced concerns over the situation in Poland, addressing it in its resolutions of April 2016, September 2016 and November 2017. In March 2018, it adopted another resolution, by which it supported the Commission's proposal, and in September 2018, it sent an ad hoc delegation to Poland. The delegation presented a draft report on November 2018 and a hearing took place at the LIBE Committee to discuss the situation in the country. In September 2018, a second Article 7(1) TEU procedure was triggered. In this case, the European Parliament voted a resolution calling the Council to determine the existence of a clear risk of a serious breach of the values on which the Union is founded in relation to Hungary. This resolution was preceded by numerous others adopted by the European Parliament between March 2011 and May 2017 and it made reference to concerns related mainly to judicial independence, freedom of expression, corruption, rights of minorities, and the situation of migrants and refugees in Hungary.

    Finally, on the 14 November 2018, Parliament adopted a resolution calling again on the Commission to propose the adoption of an inter-institutional agreement on a EU Pact for DRF and to consider linking its proposal for a regulation on the protection of the Union’s budget in case of generalised deficiencies as regards the rule of law in the Member States (See the specific Legislative train) with that mechanism. Although the Commission has not followed Parliament’s call, in a 3 April 2019 Communication it invited the EU institutions, as well as relevant stakeholders, to reflect on the possible ways of reinforcing the rule of law within the Union and announced that its proposals to achieve that goal would be published in June 2019.

  41. Hungary was dominated by the Muslim Ottomans for centuries. The Hungarians do not like more Muslims inside their borders. Notwithstanding this Mr Orban supports Turkish membership of the EU. That means Turkish Muslims can freely enter Hungary and the rest of the EU and Turkey becomes the largest or second largest EU member state. Please explain.

  42. The EU doesn't care about Europe or any European identity, they want globalism/socialism. The left thought they had it in the bag. Then here in the US Trump won, countries like Hungary and Poland said no. The elites in the UN and the rest of the globalist cabal are furious. They thought global socialism was in their grasp and now they see it slipping away. They invisioned the Roman Empire on a world wide scale. They knew it would never be accomplished by military means. They can't believe that the common people aren't stupid enough to let them accomplish their goals through political deception.

  43. Kick out illegal muslim immigrants otherwise they will capture ur country…. We the Hindus in Bharata are the great sufferers…

    Long live Orban…. Thank U….

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