24 thoughts on “Vijay Prashad: The Foreign Policy of the 1%

  1. The Saudis and really most gulf arabs are traitors to Islam .

    Most Pakistanis now believe this and have moves into Iran’s camp.


  3. I'm so sick of the wars and we need help to overturn this corrupt government of America…America the bully of the world.

  4. what makes vijay prashad fearless. usually many immigrants are scared to speak their mind in America.

  5. When Vijay Prashad speaks on the Bernie Sanders movement (starting about 4:30) as being not quite like the "Jackson movement which picked up from extant social movements, grassroots organizations and built a rainbow from there", which "Jackson" is he talking about?

  6. Don't think he heard about the enormous Desert Thunder military exercise. Seems like a big gap in the "glimmer of hope" part of this talk.

  7. Unfortunately he's mixed his metaphors. the little red book would mot likely be found in Bernies chattels.

  8. Anyone NOT open up a new tab around 19:45? Lol, brilliant. Good insight, especially clear points about why controlling intellectual property has so much weight behind it. So obvious on one hand but valuable precisely because of this plus the lack of it being articulated

  9. I hear a lot about foreign policy of the 99% in terms of domination, what role does exploitation play in the calculations of he 1% and 99% respectively

  10. In 2010, the 500 largest companies in the United States, otherwise known as The Fortune 500, generated $10.7 trillion in sales, reaped a whopping $702 billion in profits, and employed 24.9 million people around the world. UNFORTUNATELY THESE FACTS DO NOT TELL THE FULL STORY – LOW WAGES FOR THE 24.9 MILLION AND EVERYTHING FOR THE 0.1%

  11. The Real News is the awesomest for bringing attention to this!!!! I love you all, and Chris Hedges, Mint press, and Code pink (when they aren't pink washing Israel) You all are modern day heroes. peaces

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