Video Games Are Responsible For El Paso & Dayton Mass Shootings…According To Idiots With Power.

Video Games Are Responsible For El Paso & Dayton Mass Shootings…According To Idiots With Power.

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we’re gonna be talking about the shootings in El
Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. On Saturday at around 10 a.m., a man opened fire on a Walmart in El Paso, killing 22 people and
injuring dozens more. According to reports
from the El Paso Police, they began receiving calls
about an active shooter at a Walmart at around 10:30 a.m. Eye witnesses said that the shooter fired at people in the parking lot
before entering the building. Police reportedly responded to
the shooting in six minutes. And the shooter surrendered shortly after without incident, without
the police firing any shots. And according to investigators and police, they later found what they described as a manifesto that they believe
was written by the shooter. Reportedly it was posted on
the message board 8chan less than 20 minutes before the
police received the first call about the attack. That post was later deleted from 8chan, but people were able to find
archived versions online. The document has the first initial and last name of the
shooter, but of course, we’re not gonna be showing faces or names. We can say though that he
is a 21 year old white man. As far as motive, the author writes, “This attack is a response “to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. “They are the instigators, not me.” He says that he’s defending his country from cultural and ethnic
replacement brought on by an invasion. He also notably refers to
immigrants as invaders four times. Also saying that he’s against race mixing, saying the country should be divided up so each race has their own territory. The manifesto also concludes
with the author saying that their views predate
Donald Trump and his campaign and that Trump should not be blamed. And adding that the media
will call the author a white supremacist and
blame Trump’s rhetoric, which the author believes is fake news. Although I will say regarding that note, there have been a number of
people comparing the language in this manifesto to words that
Trump has used in the past, specifically talking about
invaders or invasion. – This is an invasion! We’re talking about an
invasion of our country. – Because you look at what’s marching up, that’s an invasion! That’s not, that’s an invasion! – Also people arguing that it’s not about creating hate but
cultivating and normalizing it. With many posting this clip of
Trump seemingly making light of violence against immigrants. – But how do you stop these people? You can’t, there’s (laughs) (applause) That’s only in the
panhandle you can get away with that stuff. – Then still regarding
the EL Paso on Sunday, officials formally announced that they would be treating the shooter as a domestic terrorist. US Attorney for the
Western District of Texas, John Bash making that
announcement at a press briefing. Also saying that the office was seriously considering bringing federal hate crime and federal firearm charges against him, which notably do carry a
possible death penalty. Separately, the El Paso
District Attorney said that his office has
already charged the man with capital murder. And there they will be
seeking the death penalty in any state level prosecution. As far as the federal
domestic terrorism case, that does depend on if it is confirmed that the shooter wrote the manifesto. And to that point, according to NPR, the El Paso Police Department
Chief said it looks increasingly like the shooter in custody wrote the manifesto. With The New York Times also reporting that a federal law
enforcement official confirmed that it was written by the suspect. Others have also pointed out the fact that the suspect was from
the suburbs of Dallas and that he drove nearly
10 hours to get to El Paso, which is notably a border town where more than 80% of residents
are Hispanic or Latino, according to the most recent Census. Which on that note, the
Mexican foreign secretary said today that eight of the people killed by the shooter were Mexican nationals. The foreign secretary
also announced Sunday that the Mexican government
will be taking legal action against the United States,
but did not specify what they would be doing. And just 13 hours after
the shooting in El Paso, a man opened fire in downtown Dayton. He reportedly killed nine people, wounding 27 others, among
the dead was his sister. And all that damage despite according to reports the shooter was killed by police just 30 seconds
after he opened fire. And right now there is
officially no known motive behind the shooting. Authorities are still
investigating the matter. Although it has been reported that in high school a hit list
as well as a rape list. But of course, as is always important with these matters, we need to see what comes from the investigation. According to reports, he
used a legally purchased, assault-style rifle fitted
with an extended magazine, which could hold 100 rounds. Reportedly he had more ammunition on him. There was a shotgun in his car. He also reportedly wore a mask and a bulletproof vest during the attack. And following this of
course, we saw a number of responses to these shootings. In Dayton, when Ohio
Governor Mike DeWine spoke at a vigil, he was met
with chants from the crowd. – (chanting) Do something! Do something! Do something! – Regarding doing
something, some were focused on the gun control aspect. We had presidential candidate and US Senator Kamala Harris saying, “Let’s speak truth. “Gun violence is a national
emergency in our country.” Ohio Representative Tim Ryan,
who is also a 2020 candidate, called gun violence a
plague and then added, “I’m calling on the President
to call Congress back “into session and Mitch McConnel “and Chuck Schumer to pass
the background check bill “and ban assault weapons.” You also had the likes
of Lindsey Graham calling for red flag laws, which
would allow a friend, family member, or law enforcement official to petition for someone’s
right to have a gun to be restricted if they believe that person poses a
threat or is dangerous. With Graham saying, “Time
to do more than pray. “Time to enact common-sense legislation “in Congress to empower states “to deal with those who
present a danger to themselves “and others while respecting
robust due process.” Adding, “May not have mattered here, “but red flag laws have proven “to be effective in
states that have them.” You also had a lot of people focusing on condemning white nationalism because of the shooter
in El Paso’s motives. Many, as was mentioned before, specifically pointing to
President Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Also notably around this line of thinking, there is a now viral clip
of Beto O’Rourke responding to a question. – [Interviewer] Is there anything in your that the President can do now to make this any better? – What do you think? You know the (bleep)
that he’s been saying. He’s been calling Mexican
immigrants rapists and criminals. I don’t know, like members of
the press, what the (bleep)? Hold on a second. You know, it’s these questions
that you know the answers to. I mean connect the dots
about what he’s been doing in this country. He’s not tolerating racism,
he is promoting racism. He’s not tolerating violence,
he’s inciting racism and violence in this country. So you know I just I don’t know what kind
of question that is. – We also saw other 2020 candidates making similar statements. Cory Booker saying,
“Trump is giving license “to this kind of violence. “He’s responsible.” Pete Buttigieg saying,
“White nationalism is evil, “and it is inspiring
people to commit murder, “and it is being condoned
at the highest levels “of the American government.” Also, on the right, there were others condemning
white nationalism. But they were of course largely
leaving Trump out of it. Texas Representative
Dan Crenshaw tweeting, “Violence against another human being “because of their ethnicity is one “of the most disgusting
forms of evil that exists. “It must be rooted out. “White supremacy has no
place in this world.” Texas Senator Ted Cruz saying, “We must speak clearly to combat
evil in any form it takes. “What we saw yesterday was a heinous act “of terrorism and white supremacy. “There is no place for this in El Paso, “in Texas, or anywhere across our nation.” Although very notably, there
was a Republican state lawmaker from Nebraska by the name of
John McCollister, who tweeted, “The Republican Party is
enabling white supremacy “in our country. “As a lifelong Republican, it pains me “to say this, but it’s the truth. “I, of course, am not suggesting “that all Republicans
are white supremacists, “nor am I saying that the average
Republican is even racist. “What I am saying though is “that the Republican Party is complicit “to obvious racist and immoral
activity inside our party. “We have a Republican president “who continually stokes
racist fears in his base. “He calls certain countries shit holes, “tells women of color to go
back to where they came from, “and lies more than he tells the truth. “We have Republican
senators and representatives “who look the other way and say nothing “for fear that it will negatively
affect their elections. “No more. “When the history books are written, “I refuse to be someone who said nothing.” Also, in all of this, we saw
a number of people trying to blame video games. – How long are we gonna let, for example, and ignore at the federal
level particularly where they can do something
about the video game industry. – I were a betting man, I’d say that he probably logged six to eight hours a day playing one of
those you know Fortnite or one of those video games
where you’re doing nothing but dehumanizing people by
blowing their heads out, blowing their heads off, one
after another after another. – The idea these video games,
they dehumanize individuals to have a game of shooting
individuals and others. I’ve always felt that is a problem for future generations and others. – What about video games? So many of these school shooters and others have been sort of raised on a diet of violent video games. – [News Anchor] And the games we play and the people we interact with in person and on social
media that send people into spirals or into dark places. – And I see a video game industry that teaches young people to kill. – When you look at these
photos of how it took place, you can see the actions
within video games. – This also including this
morning President Trump. – We must stop the glorification of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome
and grisly video games that are now commonplace. It is too easy today for a troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. We must stop or substantially reduce this and it has to begin immediately. – Right, and so in general,
we’re kind of seeing that scapegoat that
we’ve seen before, right? It’s, ah, it’s that rap music. Oh, it’s the movies, it’s the video games. And a small following part
I will say is my opinion. It is amazing and infuriating to me that there are people in positions of power, whether it be speaking to millions of Americans or the fact that they are actually in our Congress or they are our President
of the United States and they are more than willing to jump to attention and take action to ban a digital video
game weapon and violence than to focus on the mass violence and in one specific
situation, in Dayton, Ohio, that reportedly the shooter and murderer in that situation even
though they were stopped in 30 to 60 seconds had a weapon that was capable and did
kill nine and injured 27. Even when thankfully you
had good guys with guns, law enforcement with
guns to stop this killer. To make this about video
games is a disservice to those who died, their friends, their family, those who have died before, those who inevitably die in the future due to whatever inaction or
falling short we’re going to see here. Right I think it’s
ridiculous that the ESA, right, the Entertainment
Software Association, had to release a statement today saying, “Violent crime has been decreasing “in our country at the very time “that video games had been
increasing in popularity. “And other societies, where
video games are played “as avidly do not contend
with the tragic levels “of violence that occur
in the United States. “Study after study has established “that there is no causal link “between video games and
real world violence.” And that is something that
we have seen backed up by academic research. And as some have pointed
out, you could make some sort of argument that violence in video games in some way maybe it desensitizes us. But you could even more validly and effectively argue that the thing that desensitizes us
to violence is the fact that you saw this news the first time and the second time
and you were horrified, but you were not surprised, that this is so not a rare occurrence that when Joe Biden and President
Trump separately were talking about the shootings, they
named the wrong places. – May god bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo. – Now on the note of President Trump because I did jump to include part of the video of his address to the nation, this morning before
President Trump did say – In one voice, our nation
must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. These sinister ideologies
must be defeated. Hate has no place in America. – He tweeted, “We cannot let those killed “in El Paso, Texas, and
Dayton, Ohio, die in vain. “Likewise for those so seriously wounded. “We can never forget them and those many “who came before them. “Republicans and Democrats
must come together “and get strong background checks, “perhaps marrying this legislation “with desperately needed
immigration reform. “We must have something
good, if not great, “come out of these two tragic events.” So seemingly, they’re
holding the background checks that he is proposing hostage unless there is also immigration reform. And this of course notably is
coming out after the reports that the El Paso shooter had
an anti-immigrant manifesto. To me personally it seems
like a weird hostage situation after an act of domestic terrorism. And then the president
seemingly used these shootings as a way to attack the media, tweeting, “The media has a big responsibility “to life and safety in our country. “Fake news has contributed greatly “to the anger and rage that
has built up over many years. “News coverage has got
to start being fair, “balanced, and unbiased, “or these terrible problems
will only get worse.” Which I think part of the argument against Trump here is it’s not unfair and it’s not unbalanced to put things that you said on a TV screen. And I’m not saying all
news coverage is fair. That is a far cry. I’m talking about historically, the President has called things fake news when it is just negative. That does not automatically
make it biased, unfair, untruthful, but to continue
with the President’s address, in addition to talking
about violent games, he mentioned reforming mental health laws as well as directing
the DOJ to work closely with local, state, and federal agencies, as well as social media companies to detect potential mass shooters, and passing red flag laws
to prevent those judged to be a danger to society
from obtaining guns. And notably not included in this address was the idea he floated of pairing background checks
with immigration reform. But ultimately, where I want to end this because everything is still updating, things are still developing
as I’m filming this video. What I want to do here is I wanna look at some of the heroes that have emerged from these awful tragedies. One of the most widely circulated stories from El Paso was the story of Jordan and Andre Anchondo, two young parents of three who died saving the
life of one of their children. According to reports, Jordan died directly shielding her baby
while Andre died trying to shield them both. And reportedly, the baby
was injured but lived because his parents saved him. Another being hailed as a hero in the El Paso shooting is a man by the name of David Johnson. He reportedly stepped in front of the gunman to save his
wife and granddaughter, both of whom survived. Also people have been pointing to the actions of a solider
named Glendon Oakley. He was reportedly at the mall
at the time of the shooting and in an interview with
a local media outlet, Oakley said that he heard the gun fire and he ran towards a playpen
where children were playing without their parents and then grabbing as many children as he could to move them out of harm’s way. Also there was El Paso’s
community just in general. According to reports,
after the city of El Paso and the police department tweeted that they needed blood donors, there were reports and
videos showing hundreds of people outside waiting to donate blood, which was just amazing to see. And in Dayton, of course,
officials are hailing the officers who killed the shooter as a hero. With the city’s mayor saying they saved, “literally hundreds of lives.” Which honestly I think there is no doubt. Also in Dayton there were reports of a nurse named Kayla Miller who stopped to perform CPR while dodging gunfire. And according to reports, witnesses said that she tried to resuscitate five people. Also for those that are not local that are looking to get involved, there have been funds
created, like this one from the El Paso Community
Foundation set up to help those impacted by the shooting. That’s where we are right now. I know more stories are coming out. We’re learning more,
including about the victims. But for now, that’s where
this show is going to end. On a personal note, what I
will say is I hate today. And as not surprised as many of us are, it never feels normal,
nor should it feel normal. I know you’re exhausted, but what I say is remember
what this feels like. There’s so many things
constantly happening and they’re easy to forget, but remember what this feels like. And then remember who’s
blaming video games rather than thinking of real solutions. And remember who’s still
saying it’s too soon to politicize it when
there’s not even enough time to breathe between mass shootings. And remember it is okay to
feel exhausted right now because this is not normal, but do not let that turn into apathy. Do not disengage from what is happening because holy Toledo, it’s gonna
matter what you think soon. It’s going to matter what you
want to see in this world. And that’s where I’m
gonna end today’s show. Thank you for watching. I love your faces. If you have someone in
your life that you love, let ’em know today ’cause you don’t know if there’s gonna be a tomorrow. But if there is one for both
of us, I’ll see you then.

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  48. If video games cause mass shootings then why aren’t there more. What I’m saying is that billions of people play these types of games and not just kids, there’s also adults. If video games were the cause there should be more shootings and not just one here and there or two in a row.

  49. im so triggered about this, video games are not the problem its how you raise your children this is so stupid.
    something i noticed all these old people say is "video games" they dont name them any game (only 1 person named a game and that is fortnite are you kidding me if your gonna attack the gaming community atleast pick one that doesnt look like a cartoon jesus just say GTA V then i get where its coming from and i can atleast see you did some research but i can bet you they cant even name 5 shooter games because they dont do research in the gaming community and so they just wanna have an escape goat.
    oke i got my rant out of the way thank you for reading :]

  50. Spends three minutes talking about the El Paso shooter. Less than one minute on the Dayton shooter ignoring all the evidence linking him to being antifa. Phil has now shown he truly is a far left shill.

  51. I fear sending my 5 year old to school. I live in a country where they installed huge prison like gates just weeks ago to protect the children from this sort of thing. Here we are pointing fingers across the isle in congress and waving our fists at "the media". We should be DOING something. Our lawmakers are FAILING US. Don't talk about the tragedies and send thoughts and prayers, look at the facts and look at the evidence and do something about the cause. Fix this so I don't send my daughter off to school every week fearing what likely could happen. Don't let another parent in this country cry on T.V. just begging for their baby back.

  52. i guess all fortnite players are future killers so that 13 years who one needs to go to jail today (i cant anymore with this video game is making people evil crap)

  53. I really appreciate that you don't show the names and faces of spree shooters and other people that commit mass atrocities Phil, more places should follow your lead.

  54. the military teaches people to kill !!!!! cops teach other cops to KILL !!!! kids play video games and blamed for killing !!!! with no data to prove it !!!!!

  55. It’s not video games, it’s partly gun control, but in my opinion it has more to do with mental health, nobody in their right mind goes out to kill in mass. Something needs to be done about mental health

  56. You handled this with absolute grace. Excellently worded.

    This is why you are trusted to be my one and only news source

  57. You handled this with absolute grace. Excellently worded.

    This is why you are trusted to be my one and only news source

  58. You handled this with absolute grace. Excellently worded.

    This is why you are trusted to be my one and only news source

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