Victory Over Fascism! In Your Face Obama!

Victory Over Fascism! In Your Face Obama!

My grandfather freed the world from Nazism. The 9th of May was the most important day for him. Today, some Western countries cancel or even ban the celebration of the Victory Day Calling Russian soldiers invaders and murderers. Well… So we are the invaders? We are the murderers? Back In 1941 it was not only Germany that attacked the USSR. Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Hungarian, Finnish and Croatian SS Allies did not just betray their lands, but made a move to mine ones. Being Hitler’s whore, Europe easily dispatched its children. Today Europe is doing the same with another boss. It would be a different matter if Europe decided to unleash the war against us. It could be explainable somehow. No, not again. Europe itself was dying while licking Nazi boots at the same time. Ukraine followed us hand in hand to destroy the fascists I bet you know who ended WW2 That was my Soviet Army Who kicked out Reich’s armies from our lands. It was us who freed Europe. It was us who were manufacturing powerful arms Through unbearable conditions: Weakened women and children worked in factories Who saw off their husbands and fathers to the war. At the same time the USA Could not decide which side the country should support. We had to fight three-quarters of Germany’s army and their allies. It was us who continually were attacking the enemy And shortened the war’s duration by a couple of years. It was us who won! We lost 43 million people also 1710 cities and towns, More than 70 000 villages, 6 000 000 buildings, 32 000 factories and 40 000 miles of railways. Amount of MIA people is still not counted for sure. We lost it all or the victory. Our victory. The one that gave you and me the right to live. We lost a lot, but we will not lose our Memory and our martial prowess. If you’re going to desecrate our Holiday and our Honor Be sure to see how fast we’re going to take Berlin today. Happy Holiday, comrades!

4 thoughts on “Victory Over Fascism! In Your Face Obama!

  1. And France, Switzerland, etc….
    And unfortunately fascism/nazism isn't dead. That's the main point now.
    Then, the question is : Why ? 
    And where is the limit between patriotism and nationalism ?
    And behind this commemoration (1945-2015) an other is underlying : 1929-2008. 
    And behind WWII is WWI, imperialism and also bankers. 
    So, Huston, we've a big problem, but Huston doesn't answer, even if it's largely concerned and meddling in a lot of current wars and mostly responsible for the actual economy crisis and other dangers which are threating the planet. 

  2. My Dad fought in WW2……I find it extremely disturbing that the EU and the US cannot put aside politics to pay respect to not what is happening today but to the men who fought and died 70 years ago…today was about them.  My dad was a UDT in the navy fighting in china and Burma…He eventually went to Japan as a Manager for a Large American corporation I asked him how he felt about going to Japan after he once fought against them…he said…doesn't bother me …they had to do what they had to do and I was just doing what I bad feelings..we all were just caught up in politics of the rich

  3. its true the soviet union did most of the fighting against germany

    but the idea that V-E day is banned in western countries is ridiculous

    germany banned the swastika 

    and obama is black HE IS A MINORITY 
    thats like saying Jews came to power under hitler

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