Valley of the Boom: Trailer #1 | National Geographic

Valley of the Boom: Trailer #1 | National Geographic

– That little A and At? See, that’s what I said. Mm-hm. Um, Katie said she
thought it was “about.” Yeah. Oh. MAN: But I’d never heard it. KATIE COURIC: Or
around or about. MAN: I’d never heard it said. I’d always seen the mark
but never heard it said. Yeah. What is internet anyway? KATIE COURIC: What do
you say to that, Allison? MAN: What, do you
write to it, like mail? No, a lot of people
use it and communicate. I guess it’s becoming
really big now. But Allison, can you
explain what internet is? My name is Darrin. I’m an investment banker. In the mid-’90s, Wall
Street has finally got a new favorite super model. [beeping] [dial-up tones] Silicon Valley! One word– “Netscape.” Netscape? They have zero concept
of what Netscape is. They don’t even know
what the internet is. Pixelon is number one
in internet broadcasting. It’s a social network. People will want to log on. I guarantee. It’s very addictive. [phone ringing] OK, let me break it down for
you in the simplest of terms. This is the beginning of what
they call the browser wars. NASDAQ is pumping. Why don’t we have a price? Refresh your page. $71 a share? You got to be–
are you kiddin’ me? [cheers] It’s the biggest
IPO since Microsoft. I’m going to liven
things up a little bit. [beatboxes] People are going to
be throwing money at us. [pop] We are going to be very
wealthy and very famous! We are the top
browser in the business. Congratulations. [tired cheers] It also makes us a target. [gun cocks] [gunshot] [casing clinks] Microsoft owns the internet. Did they just threaten us? I’m going to bring
in a couple of experts. Netscape changed the game. We were at Microsoft’s mercy. We were the new
kid on the block. They were deathbed
competitors. [bubble pops] So that happened. We’re out of money. What about the
technology I created? Goddammit! [inaudible]. Pixelon was a joke. MAN: We have 90% of
the browser market. You’ve also got Microsoft
breathing down your neck. Good talk. I created something that
you all now use every day. You’re welcome. “Get big fast” was the mantra. We are running a
billion-dollar company. They wanted to
take it on the train even though they didn’t know
where the train was going. People are hoping for– –a better tomorrow. [cheers] MAN: And that’s
what we are selling. So let’s keep it up! [shouting] [ringing and beeping]

85 thoughts on “Valley of the Boom: Trailer #1 | National Geographic

  1. Oh wow! I am so going to watch this once it comes out! Brings back a lot of nostalgia in the early internet days. The legendary 56k modem… that sound stays with you for life, in your head. Still, did not use IE 🙂 Thanks for sharing National Geographic.

  2. Mas afinal em que consiste este instrumento de comunicação?? Estamos conectados , entre o que sabe que o está acontecer, hoje não nos podemos queixar …caímos todos na rede..informação, comunicação e tecnologia….a origem da onda que se formou, cresceu estatelando-se na areia até chegar a nós…apesar da [email protected] encurtar distâncias mas a erosão desgasta …e no entanto ainda o pobre e esforçado carteiro de Kant continua ainda a ser nosso carteiro… esperamos sempre ansiosos por novidades??

  3. The Internet is a social network that you can access. Through many different browsers. But the questions here is, which browser will you need to download in order to receive the Internet? Macintosh was the 1st computer, and the Internet was created from there. How is can remember this is amazing even to me!

  4. With the internet being a huge part of daily routines, it's hard to imagine life without it. What are you looking forward to the most with the upcoming series, Valley of the Boom?

  5. "A group of young techs, caught up in a dangerous world of binary betrayal and mainframe madness!" sez Ebert. 👥👤👥

  6. I still say it was named after a guy ‘Macintosh e’ who changed the spelling. His favourite fruit being apple was well known at that time so he shorted it more to Mac. Do you remember the apple with a bite out of it? Then a few years later he changed the name all together to ‘APPLE’ now every one on the Internet tries to find the start of the first BYTE

  7. Excited to watch! Looking forward to most? Seeing/hearing portrayals of naysayers and how they were wrong, especially when the Internet was hard to grasp (even for those in Silicon Valley at the

  8. Honestly, this looks like it could be good. I'll be watching. I remember that time, but it all took off so fast I sorta forget that I lived through this milestone.

  9. Browser Wars? Like the Netscape vs. Microsoft Explorer issue? I remember this. It was fun having internet when it was a novel thing. I remember I had internet, and maybe three other friends of mine had it. I had AOL. I tried Compuserve, Prodigy, and AltaVista. I started out using an ISP called Delphi. I'm sure there was an ISP named Earthlink, right? Back then, Yahoo was actually good.

  10. I remember as a teacher having access early on to the internet. I logged on and they told me to do a search for any word. I looked up the word "library" and got 9 results. I thought it was useless. I kept trying periodically. It kept being pointless. There just weren't enough web pages or sites yet. So I didn't jump on the bandwagon for a few more years. When I did, I used Earthlink. They were a new startup So figured they were hungry and would do a good job. They had great customer service. One of the first things I did was join Napster and for 2 years I downloaded music. 🙂 STILL have the over 5000 songs I got there. It took overnight to download about 12 songs. LOL

  11. Worthy topic, but the trailer makes this one look silly and dumbed down for the short attention masses. I suspect The Big Short may have been a bad influence. Show more respect for your audience. Thanks

  12. Hey did u ya'll see that guy 1.25 min in writing the check wow! looks like a young Denzel with a beard. Hope he gets more screen time.

  13. Reminds me of how blockchain technology is being treated nowadays $QNT quant network is breaking down those walls and connecting blockchains like TCP/IP did to evolve the internet to what it is today. If anything look up their CEO Gilbert Verdian and see if his resume doesn’t make him the most qualified and connected to pull it off.

  14. interesting story that needs telling, but this is dreadful. the docurama elements are not too bad, but the pathetic 4th wall bits were absolutely terrible and made the program almost unwatchable. how nobody in the room pointed out these bits were a, not funny and b, got in the way of the story escapes me and shows the incompetence that exists in showbiz. hopefully a grown up will remake the story.

  15. Is the production crew and actors on this show all on adarol? It's completely exhausting to watch. Slow down for goodness sake. I've been in the tech field for 20 years and I've ever met anyone that jittery.

  16. I know Pixelon was the precursor to YouTube and all the video sites that followed. But before there was LinkedIn there was?

  17. I remember when using a phone book was more efficient than using the internet, oh how the times have changed.

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