US, Iran tensions: How did we get here? | Just The FAQs

US, Iran tensions: How did we get here? | Just The FAQs

The United States and Iran
have been lobbing threats, fighting proxy wars and
imposing sanctions for decades. We have the FAQS. It all starts with oil, for 50 years, Iranian oil reserves had been under control of the
Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. Then in 1951, Iran’s first
elected prime minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh, nationalized
Iranian oil production, a hugely popular move in Iran, but wildly unpopular with the American and British governments. The United States took notice of Mosaddegh’s nationalism and feared he was veering
too close to communism. So, the newly formed
CIA engineered a coup, ousted him and installed
Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, as shah. The shah saw to it that the
oil was once again regulated through the West. For the next 20 years, the U.S. propped up the shah and got Iranian oil at a favorable price. The shah spurred modern
economic development and progressive political changes, including allowing
women the right to vote, but it came at a cost:
autocratic rule and corruption. He created a huge economic gap, tried to rid the country of Islam and employed secret
police to torture, execute and stifle dissenters. In 1978, around 2 million
Iranians took to the streets, forcing the shah to flee to the U.S. Enter Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Khomeini turned Iran back
toward Islamic fundamentalism. He banned certain styles
of clothing, alcohol and western movies and
popularized the “Death to America” chants that occur in Iran to this day. When Khomeini demanded the
shah stand trial in Iran, the U.S. declined the request. In protest, a group of
Iranian college students took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran Fifty-two American
citizens were held hostage for a total of 444 days. Eight American servicemen and
one Iranian civilian died. Taking advantage of the
revolutionary chaos, Iraq invaded its rival Iran in 1980. The United States sided with Iraq and aided its president, Saddam Hussein. Back and forth conflict
and numerous proxy wars consumed the United States
and Iran in the ensuing years. After years of back-channel talks, a major breakthrough came in 2015: the Iran Nuclear Deal. Iran agreed to discontinue
their nuclear weapons program in exchange for a rollback
of economic sanctions. It was implemented in 2016
and adhered to by all parties, until President Trump
pulled the U.S. out in 2018. Tensions between the U.S. and
Iran have risen steadily since.

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  1. Iran has been a problem for decades and now is still a problem thanks to the stupid obama deal with Iran that he also left for president TRUMP to fix besides the rest of the messes OBAMA left….

  2. Using the Vox template of flash B role, fake charts, and bias information to pass as an "informative" is a sure way of losing credibility. Seriously? a "How did we get here?" in just two minutes and 24 seconds? Pathetic.

  3. From Saudi Arabia I say to you Iran is a terrorist country that is an anti-freedom country fragile and its weapons are old and rusty all of its 5 years old since the 1970s and its tanks are Russian sokhoi and its limited number and its budget supports terrorism and its people do not like it under the reign of Saudi King Fahd sent F-15c planes and destroyed Areas in Iran vibrant Iran has not responded to your day on Saudi Arabia ' only to support terrorist militias around the world that do not want people to prevail in security, safety and prosperity, but there is no use in military warfare. War is now a purely economic, media and political war that destroys their economy through sanctions, bans and free The military has ended its time if you are the strongest country you will lose believe me you will lose hardware and equipment and lose the finest men, but in the end the war will win only an economic, political and media war. America, during its alliance with 45 countries against Iraq, lost money and men and materiel until US President Bush said We have lost hope, Iraq (' military war ' make it your last priority "for us, war is always a sign of failure and the worst solution, so efforts must be made to avoid it," I oppose all wars, but I oppose the stupid war. A war that is not based on reason, but on desire, has no principle, but is based on politics

  4. Ilhan OMAR at it again now she's defending Iran and Yemen this woman is definitely on the wrong side she's really not for AMERICA at all she had proven it over and over again…..

  5. You left out the part where Obama sent them money illegally not to build a nuke but we weren’t allowed to inspect certain sites to be sure, which they continued weapons grade Iranian enrichment anyways and violated Obama’s “deal”. And if we pay every country on the world who threatens to build nukes, we’d be broke. How about you guys report the rest of the story and why Trump backed out? Or are you Fake news or propaganda?

  6. Well we got here by funding them, Obama giving them 1.5 billion and still walking around scott free instead of executed for treason as required by US law and H-1B industrial spy program which allowed their spies into all our companies so they could steal all our missile tech. That’s how we got here.


  8. What a stupid question, we got here because you the fake news media constant disrespect, demeaning and undermining President Trump got us here. You rather show respect to our enemy than to our country's President Trump.

  9. Happy days are a coming .when everything goes electric these Muslim countries will be fucked nobody will want there useless oil they will just turn to dust…

  10. No one is buying this bull shit anymore. We've been lied to with every other war. WE have been the aggressors , not the Iranians. We've been sounding the war drums forever with Iran.. remember Mccain saying "bomb bomb bomb Iran" or John boltons blatant warmongering. This wont end well if you continue to shit on the people, either in US or Iran

  11. Just the FAQ's? Does that mean…

    Forget Answering the Questions? or
    Forgery. Avoidance. Quitting.
    Frequently Avoiding Queries or
    F the Answers, Quick! or
    Fracturing America's Quest or
    Fragmenting Answers Quixotically or
    Fluffy & Asinine Quips or
    i'm done

  12. How did we get here?…NSA Bolton and his endless decades long thirst for war with Iran, along with chickenhawk Hannity goading Trump into a war also….I think they'll get their way soon…I've been saying for the longest time that a Fox 'News" run foreign policy will result in the return of the flow of dozens or even hundreds of flag draped coffins returning to be offloaded in the middle of the night at Dover AFB.

  13. Fake news

    "They agreed to discontinue their nuclear weapons program" that is 100% bullshit it was a pause no discontinue they just agreed to stop progressing it for 9 years and the money they got went directly to know terrorist groups who Iran supports. They also continued to progress their ICBM (you know those missiles that deliver nuclear weapons) while also self verifying they where not working on nuclear weapons. All they had to do was say no, we are not working on nuclear weapons and that was it no outside body verifying and to do a in person check you needed to give them a full 1 year notice and tell them which places you where checking. This whole video is just sad propaganda and lying thru omission, it's dishonest and sad who they try to spin it as "Iran agreed to never develop/own a nuclear weapon when it was just a pause for 9 years than gave them legal right to create one after thru the UN.

  14. You forgot about the part where Iran interfered with the 1980 US election between Carter and Reagan. It isn't just by chance those hostages were released January 20th 1981, the same day Reagan got into office.

  15. Wow… "US, Iran tensions: How did we get here?" … aha, well let's see… Predator drones, total support to Israel, etc, well you the math. Don't get me wrong, i love the US… but really, were you expecting love from Iran?

  16. America is always butting in everything and try to act like the hero but they just do it for their own benefit 😪

  17. Your news organization sucks you're so one-sided I don't give a shit about Trump but I do care when you guys are so one-sided

  18. NO WAR. IT WAS UNMANNED. Mind you, my opinion would differ completely if those were American lives and not just pieces of Technology. Middle and Lower class hurt from wars while the upper class elites benefit. No WAR!!!!!

  19. Well we stole oil gold diamonds and other gems as well as opium from these 3 world. At first we traded weapons. Then we gave nuclear plans. Then we gave technology and more weapons which they threatened us with. I mean ask Oliver North. He knows the story. Now we want to go into a Holy City and loot the last remaining stronghold and gate to Jerusalem. It's fucked up but the have gone too far to turn back now concluding with China Russia UK and others who eagerly await a return on their investment. We send in gun home troops under the guise of war and let them kill a few women and children just satisfy their blood lust. We show images to ignorant American citizens who actually fear a pending non existent terror threat. We inact terror on ourselves if it makes the middle east look like more of a threat and we can get more stupid Americans to believe it. So yea here we are today

  20. What a pathetic misleading rundown. Here it is very simple … Iran has always been run by radical Islamic freaks that would like to wipe out Israel and any country that does not come under their strict religious regulations. The US is a powerful country that stands against their aggression and the leaders of Iran hate us for it. If USA TODAY would pull their head out of Obama's rear they would see that the deal (with money) that Obama made was a horrible agreement that did not stop anything except the US sanctions against Iran. Horrible video USA TODAY.

  21. Um we’ve been here dude 😂 remember 9-11, the big cash giveaway, taking our sailors hostage, oh and this is about the 20th drone shot

  22. The only one who will destroy Iran is JehovahGod Himself, Ezekiel 38, along with Turkey, parts of Africa, Lebanon, for attempting to attacking Israel. God won’t allow them, but will warn the world JesusChrist is on the throne. That’s why President Trump isn’t going to attack them militarily. Gods going to show His hand in destroying Israel’s and America’s enemies.

  23. Greeting – we are at Peace – there is no enemy therefore we are all friends – universal Peace must be achieve before we can go to other solar system – no more warmongering specie is allowed to travel freely to abuse low life form to slavery – understood? – love you all

  24. I guarantee you we’d stop having problems with Iran if we kept ourselves in the Nuclear deal. But nooooo, Trump wanted to flex.

  25. Lies. The king was a good man. This documentary is apologizing for blood thirsty Muslims. Pure propaganda.

  26. China funded Iran nuclear power and trying to stir up tensions in Middle East. So that CCP can rule China for another ten or twenty years. One more factor.

  27. Unofficial definition of diplomacy: The art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they actually look forward to the trip.

    President William Jefferson Blythe Clinton: "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is.”

    "How did we get here?"

    In 1979, the new government of Iran declared war on the U.S. and instead of acting directly, American politicians pussy-footed around hoping someone else would do something about it or just pretending that Iran was not at war with the U.S. and that the Iranians would get tired and forget they were at war with America and start acting nice again.

  28. it's iran not Afghanistan, New York and Washington will get bombed if America dares. Iran will retaliate on American cities. Mujahid army of Iran far superior than army of America.

  29. Your government and those who own the press want you ignorant and naive on foreign policy. It's hard to continue an empires military adventures in a democracy when the citizenry knows their stuff.

  30. He kept acting all tough but then something happens and he backs down. I’m not asking for war just saying

  31. Seems like the liberal media has to demonize the same country that gives them the right to speak out against the government

  32. The MSM war whores like USA Today sell war propaganda to the public daily. May your publication go bankrupt.

  33. You are missing a lot of details… and let’s be real about this Iran never gave up their nuclear work all it did was perhaps slow it down a little and even that may no be true.. the plain and simple fact is IRAN can NEVER be allowed to have nuclear weapons nor can North Korea.. now if you have a desire to die from a nuclear weapon then by all means condemn what trump has done.. Obama did nothing to stop them but he did send Iran a plane full of case to help fund terrorism.. these are FACTS

  34. Iran will start WW3……but "they" will end up wiping out the middle east. Sad but, he is not acting in the interest of his people or the Middle East. The surrounding Middle Eastern countries should intervene and stop/dialog /put some sense into Iran. Beautiful people will die….sooo UNNECESSARY! (Pride,arrogance, haughtiness is satan's character. …. whosoever follows him, loses in the end).

  35. As per the same guild book, it's Trumps fault. Let them have nuks, and see who's fault it is when we have to go clean up the mess. You guys will be crying for us to fix it.

  36. Yeah, Obama made a deal. He lifted sanctions and gave the country 600 million dollars s year. WoW. What a deal for America. Trump took that away and I'm glad he did. Iran has been pissing on American people for years. Screw Iran.

  37. DOWN WITH USA TODAY. DOWN WITH PROPAGANDISTS AND COMMUNISTS. Propaganda is a legitimate military tactic (attack) used in war. Propaganda on Americans IS war on Americans. Those who intentionally propagandize for political expediency/benefit/preference are traitors attempting to hi-jack the natural/lawful democratic process and need to be declared traitors. Place bounties on the corporate officers' heads. Enough is enough. Zero tolerance for ACTIVE treason, which includes any intentional attempt to sabotage/coerce/intimidate/terrorize/manipulate *through fraud/deception) American voters is a blatant attack on the democratic process itself. It's time for zero tolerance for traitors.

  38. Americans creat khomeini and creat revolution because the shah was becomming more and more powerful and threating usa that we increase the oil price but the revolution gets out of usa control ..back then the saudi arabia was a desert after iran revolution usa found another miliking cow(saudi arabia) and now we are here

  39. As iranian I telling you mosadgh was important what not as important that USA shot down iranian airplane and killed more than 250 people including women and children, support Saddam for war against iran, sanctions on iranian people, support isis and destroyed all middle East, support Israel and killed million of middle Eastern people, support Saudi house who killed lots of shia and sunni and create isis, and…
    The hate between Iran and US has lots of reason.

  40. Let me draw a picture by hand of where the us drone made an incursion on iran air space and shot down lol. I have a hard time putting any worth in that.

  41. This video says, "(the Shah) tried to rid the country of Islam…." ! (at about1:00) I most seriously doubt that.

  42. The US will soon become the first democracy to be overthrown by its own elected government. If Americans don't do it with a vote, then the rest of the world's militaries will come and do for you.

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