27 thoughts on “(Un)Welcome: Sweden's rise of the right

  1. They're all afraid to say the obvious: MUSLIM. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. And this is headed your way America. Liberals will get what they want . . .RAPED.

  2. Housing isn't equalized to the influx bad math in Switzerland i think not i smell corruption mishandling of money must be pinned on trickled events

  3. The goverment has been leftist for so long and the people are feed up with them working for the immigrants to get free things that the natives have to work for. No one likes muslims. Than we have the idea that sweden needs to be swedish. But nope than you are a far right person and pushed aside. The only ones that are hearing you out, that is the right people and the really right people.

  4. Send them back their culture wont co exsist with yours.rising crime rate mass rape,people do crimes deport,people work and try stay

  5. I happily await the day when the mainstream media is arrested for treason against the Nations. But, never forget that most of this vermin are but pawns, the real enemies of the People, of nature, or reality are those who dwell within the shadows / Revelations 2:9 / Our time is Near 😉

  6. Here's the connection needed to understand the incident that took place w/ A$AP Rocky and his entourage who PLEADED NUMEROUS TIMES W/ THE AFGHAN MIGRANTS TO LEAVE THEM ALONE….

  7. Sweden has already changed from being one of the safest countries in the world to rape capital of Europe. Thanks to the liberals

  8. The right? If your country does not want migrants, immigrants or refugees it has no obligation to acceot them, cry if you want, its the truth, thats why i respect hungary and Poland, much love from the 🇺🇸

  9. They learned what a first world country is like when they set foot in Sweden. Compared to the sinkholes they all come from🤨

  10. American Democrats should consider this when they throw their INSANE ideas at us!! We don't want these bottom-feeders here!!

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