UNV – Let's volunteer!

UNV – Let's volunteer!

volunteerism is a two-way street UN volunteers bring a series of skill sets ranging from health gender education to climate change resilience building and also some creative innovative solution through technologies and etc while they contribute with their skill sets they also take away something meaningful that they've been seeking in their life from interacting with communities our volunteers are annually serving in over 120 countries in different profiles last year in 2015 close to 7,000 UN volunteers served in different UN offices globally since last year we've seen a sudden and continuing growth in our program at the request of number of a UN partner agencies so I'm here to assess the situation and how we can better support based on the needs in Serbia so I've had a number of good meetings with UN partners as well as civil society organizations to discuss a number of issues around the volunteer mobilization and also promotion of volunteerism more programmatically you know these days the world is changing around you look around you there's a lot of creative initiatives led by young people and also retired people so we value contributions from across all age groups basically and my message to volunteers or wannabe volunteers in Serbia and in globally is be the change you want to see and so let's volunteer you

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  1. How to volunteer in UN and i m experience in QA /QC experience in Mechanical /Metallurgy in EPC /Construction company for more than 12 years

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